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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Kingavent


    In this short amount of time, the base had increased by three levels.


    Leopin murmurs as he looks up at his home, surrounded by light.


    “Could it be that adding more people is a shortcut to increasing the level of the base ……?”


    Currently, the only official residents of this base are me, Mark and Tom.


    Leopin decided to live alone when he was driven to this land away from his residence.


    I had resigned myself to the fact that the only involvement I would have with my classmates would be in class. ……


    “‘If helping out at the base counts, then I guess we can get more residents.


    Then, let’s call out to Akemi  ……”


    Leopin looks towards the living quarters, where Akemi would be.


    Then, a figure glimpsed behind a tree around the entrance to the forest.


    When I look at it, it retracts with a “snap!


    But even though they could hide their body, they didn’t seem to notice that their tiny cocked hat was peeking out.


    Hiding behind a tree is Kurumi, a pastry chef girl.


    The girl usually carries a bag of sugar with her, but today she had replaced it with a small shovel.


    “Wow, …… I’m helping Chef Leopin with his, oh, ……!”


    But just as she said that, the girl’s face turned as red as an apple.


    “Mmm … Mmm, I can’t! I can’t! Ah … After saying that, I’m gonna go in front of Leopin!”


    The “such and such” that the girl was concerned about was this one word that she once said when she was forced by Yes Man to change the name of “RPG Candy”.


    “Oh, ……, I refuse!


    These candies are a treasured recipe I learned from Chef Leopin!


    To me, Chef Leopin is much greater than a superb confectioner: ……!


    Of course, it’s more than just a vice principal. ……!


    Besides, he’s more important to me than anyone else!”


    It is the first confession of love in a lifetime for the girl.


    I thought that Leopin would not be there, but shortly after this, Leopin buzzed the yes-men with a log.


    “Also …… too, if Chef Leopin had heard about that ……!


    Wah, wah, wah, I …… am so embarrassed, I’m dying!”


    The girl crouches down in the shade of the tree, presses her face, and squirms like a little child.


    Because of this, she didn’t notice people approaching nearby.


    A voice pours down from above her head, “Yo”, and the girl flips over, “Pyaka!


    “Well, well, well, you’re one of them, aren’t you, all tipping over today.”


    “Oh, ……, Chef Leopin!”


    The girl covered her eyes, which were hidden by her bangs, with her hands further and looked at the boy through the slight opening.


    It’s as if you’re looking at a celestial body that if you look directly at it, your eyes will get hit.


    Yes, for the girl, the boy was now a brilliantly shining presence like the sun.


    The boy, who had too much glare and even a halo, crouched down and held out his hand to me.


    “What are you doing here?”


    The girl gives a drawn out reply, “Ha, ha!” as she is helped up.


    I’d say something, but…


    “Oh, …… that, that, that, that, …… that, that, that, that, ……!”


    I can’t find the words.


    The hand that is still clasped by the boy is unexpectedly pulled.


    “‘You’ve got a shovel, which means you’ve come to help me work the fields, haven’t you?”


    The boy’s face smiled, “That helps.”


    It is beautiful as if the girl’s vision was covered with gauze.


    “Le …… Leopin, Chef ……


    It was enough to make the girl feel flustered, as if she had no feet on the ground.


    ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◆


    The boy didn’t know.


    That there is more than one person to love.


    From the shade of the tree where Kurumi was hiding, there was another girl in a tree further towards the entrance of the forest.


    The girl is trembling to the beat of her heart, as if she can’t control her raging heart.


    “I bought the best shovel from …… the store, and I didn’t …… forget anything, did I?”


    In both of the girl’s hands, she was holding a heavy iron shovel, not just for farm work, but for military use.


    This was the first time she had ever held anything heavier than a sorcerer’s staff.


    “Oh, I hope my hairstyle’s okay, and I need to make sure my makeup is on.”


    The girl uses a silver shovel as a mirror and adjusts her hairstyle.


    This was already the tenth time she had been confirmed on this spot.


    I pull lipstick from my uniform pocket onto my lips and brace myself.


    ” …… All right, that’s a batch! Now I can make it look like I just happened to be passing by the field and ask for Leopin. ……


    No, no, no, I’m not going to call out to him, I’m going to have Leopin call out to me!”

    ‘Whoa, it’s Carol! You’re finally here, I’ve been waiting for you!


    Wow, that’s one fine shovel! It’s a far cry from those other girls with their toy shovels!


    Please, help me work in fields like this!’


    ‘Hmm, if you’re going to ask me that much, I might as well help you.’


    The simulation in Carol’s brain was perfect.


    The woman is turning left and right, and her fantasies have already grown to the point where she is being hugged by Leopin.


    Suddenly, the girl’s heartbeat jumped up a notch.


    Because I saw a boy walking towards me from the field.


    “It’s …… Leopin! Leopin, it’s coming this way!


    Could it be that you knew that I (atashi) was hiding here!”


    She’s usually known as a cool girl, and is even feared by some because she says everything in a straightforward manner.


    But when it comes to the boy, her mind is instantly stirred.


    “Yeah … it’s dangerous! An emergency has occurred! Hairstyle, makeup, facial expression! Is it okay, is it okay !?”


    She hurriedly dressed herself for the eleventh time and created a sullen expression.


    I’m sure you’ll be able to figure out what’s going on.


    “It’s …… perfect! Now I can make peace with Leopin. ……”


    However, the person I love stops in front of me.


    “What ……? What’s wrong, Leopin ……?”


    When she peeked in suspiciously, she saw that there was another girl in a cocked hat hiding in the woods, and Leopin was crouched facing her.


    A few moments later, Leopin holds hands with the girl in the cocked hat and walks back into the field.


    The gal girl who hadn’t been noticed was screaming in her mind as if she had been abandoned.


    –Le- …… Leopin, Leopin, Leopin, Leopin, Leopin, Leopin, Leopin!


    I’m right here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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