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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Kingavent


    Thanks to the help of the two classes, the field work became even more lively and fun than usual.


    Monaka and Kotone don’t mind getting dirty, but they are working hard at tinkering with the soil.


    Then, Ma-chan and other members of the “Merchant Union” arrive.


    “Leopin-kun! I came to help with the field work! … that? Is the field more lively? There were other people besides us who could help.”


    “Oh, she heard the rumors and came all the way here, she may be a bit stiff for you guys, but I hope you get along.”


    “Hehe! Leopin-kun has already surprised me so many times, I won’t be surprised by anyone else’s presence!


    And there aren’t many things that would surprise me more than slapping Master Payper!”


    Ma-chan, with her classmates in tow, rolled up her sleeves and headed for the field.


    But as soon as they saw the guests spread out in the fields.


    The Merchant’s Union fell like dominoes, all falling on their asses at once.


    “Why, why, why are there people from Class 1-2 and Class 1-19 here?”


    “And Monaka-sama and Kotone are here too!”


    “I knew that the two of you were close with Leopin-kun, but I didn’t expect it to go this far. ……”


    “Oh oh! What the hell is that !?


    The two of them are promised to become “Princess Miko” and the  “Great Saint” in the future …! “


    “I can’t believe you’re working in the fields!!!!


    The members of the Merchant’s Union roll further back and dexterously get into a kneeling position.


    They looked up at me with a frightened look on their face, wobbling and shaking.


    “Hey, Leopin-kun! No, Master Leopin!


    Gosh, gosh, I’m sorry!”


    “I don’t know, I didn’t know that Leopin-sama was capable of giving orders to Monaka-sama and Kotone-sama!”


    “Please forgive me for my repeated rudeness…”


    I was kind of surprised.


    “Look up, everybody, and don’t get down on your knees, I’m just an unemployed guy, I’m not a big shot.”


    “I’m sure it’s a lie! How can Monaka-sama and Kotone-sama take advantage of a mere unemployed person?”


    “The only students who can talk to Monaka-sama and Kotone-sama at this school are the Sage and Brave ones!(If my memory serves me right, there is a class full of jobs like “Hero” or “Braves”)”


    “No, Monaka and Kotone don’t change the way they interact with others based on their status or occupation, and they will treat everyone with open arms.”


    I called out to them both.


    “Hey, Monaka, Kotone!”


    Those who are astonished, “Oh, that’s it !? Calling them like dogs …!?”


    Far from worrying about Monaka and Kotone, they rushed to me with joy like a puppy.


    “Monaka, Kotone, here are the guys from Class 1-9, the Merchant’s Union.”


    When I introduce them, the members of the ‘Merchant Union’ get down on their knees even harder.


    Monaka and Kotone sat on the floor beside Maachan, wondering what she was thinking.


    “You’re all trying to thank Leo-kun, aren’t you?”


    “‘Then let us join you.


    I’m so grateful to you, Master, that even if I did it three times a day, morning, noon and night, it wouldn’t be enough.”


    “And now, ladies and gentlemen, please join us!”


    “Master, thank you for always guiding us!”


    As Monaka and Kotone led the way, many men and women bowed deeply to me.


    “Oh, my God. ……”


    I’m scratching my head.


    The wall of the house beside it began to shine like a gold screen again.




    LV 5 ⇒ 6

    Scale Ordinary marginal village ⇒ Ordinary village

    Population 1

    Beasts pets 3

    Bystander 21 ⇒ 41


    Base Skills:

    Activity support

    Expansion of base

    Protection of base

    Agricultural Support

    Second home

    NEW! Beast support:

    Improves the abilities of the beasts in the base.



    My base has finally become a ‘normal village’.


    “But I’m the only one who lives here, and the others are guests.”


    When I mumbled something, they protested.


    “Kuhn!” and “Pyaa!”


    “‘Sorry, sorry, you’ve been some fine resident.”


    The next thing I knew, Mark and Tom were in a field.


    Mark imitates Monaka and uses a rake to level the soil in the field, while Tom imitates Kotone and picks up dirt with a cat punch.


    On more than one occasion, Mark and Tom would share the fruits of their hunting with me.


    “But this is the first time you’ve helped me work like this.


    Could it be that the effects of the base skill “Support for our family animals” immediately appeared?


    If those two can work the fields, they could be quite an asset.”


    I’m going to start crafting it into a reality as soon as I can.


    There were two different ones I made, both simple wood crafts.



    Gisu Plough

    Qty 1

    (Material level 12 + Dexterity bonus 7 + Occupation bonus 20)


    Farm tools made of high quality Gisu wood.

    It can be towed by oxen or horses for efficient tillage of the soil.

    Various bonuses allow the plow to pull with less force and less soil resistance than a regular plow.


    Gisu and Bamboo Wood Rake

    Qty 1

    Quality Level 48|(Material Level 21 + Dexterity Bonus 7 + Occupation Bonus 20)


    This farming tool is made of high quality cedar wood with a radiating bamboo wood tip.

    Used for raking up dead leaves and hay, and for leveling the soil.

    Due to various bonuses, the work efficiency is very high compared to normal rakes.



    I attach the finished plow to Tom’s body.


    A plow is a wide farm implement that looks like several stags attached to one another, and can be pulled to plow a large area.


    Originally, it was pulled by an ox or a horse, but Tom seemed to have as much power as an ox and a horse, and he plowed the field.


    And I’ll give Mark the rake.


    The rake is called a ‘kumade’ in the east, and as the name suggests, it is a farming tool that looks like a bear’s hand enlarged.


    Mark was also quick to use the rake and carefully leveled the soil that Tom had dug up.


    The combination of the two was like a couple who had been together for many years.


    “At this rate, we might as well expand into new fields.”


    Right now, there are three fields in this base.


    “Sweet Potato Field, Wheatgrass Field, and Black Sesame Field.”


    “‘Because if we’re going to distribute crops to the settlements, we need to grow a lot more of them.


    I tell Mark and Tom to head for the meadow.


    I wasn’t sure if my intentions had been understood, but they both squealed back as if to reply, “Kuon!


    The beasts began cultivating the grassland right next to the field.


    I suddenly realize that I can see about 10 of my classmates hanging out around the gate of my house.


    All of them had small animals on their shoulders, so I knew at a glance that they were in Class 1-3, the class of the tamers.


    I walk up to them and call out.


    “What’s up? What do you want?”


    Then the trainers bowed down, “I’m sorry, Leopin-kun!”


    “‘Oh dear, it’s one of those days where you get to bow your head, I don’t know why you’re bowing but face it anyway.”


    They stood upright and mouthed excitedly.


    “I’m sorry I ever made fun of you, I just wanted to apologize!”


    “Please let us help you with the field work!”


    “Though we’re the only ones who can help, not the pets!”


    It was meant to be a joke, and the trainers laughed and said, “Ahahahaha!”


    But I take it seriously and ask back, “Is that so?”


    “‘Don’t you know that, Leopin, because farming is not in your pet’s instincts?”


    “Even the most respectable trainer can’t order you to do something that isn’t in your instincts!”


    “I didn’t know that. …… Well, whatever it is, I’d appreciate it if you could help me.


    My people are cultivating the land now, can you help them?”


    The members of Class 1 – 3 responded casually, “Ok!” and headed for the field.


    I worry that they’ll be just as cowed as the ‘Merchant Union’ if they see Monaka and Kotone in the field.


    The trainers were indeed surprised by Monaka and Kotone, but not so much as to turn them over.


    But as soon as they saw Mark and Tom working the fields…


    The trainers flopped down like déjà vu and were all on their asses at the same time.


    “Why, oh why, is there a bear and a black panther working on a farm?”


    “How dexterous a bear can be with a ‘kumade’!”


    “‘Oh my God, it’s even said that it’s harder and more impossible to get a pet to do farm work than it is to train a circus performer!


    “Yeah … Leopin isn’t nobody! The legendary Tamer”


    “Re…… Leopin-samaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!”


    “Here we go again: ……


    I’m scratching my head.


    The wall of the house beside it began to glow three times as if it were pure gold.




    V 6 ⇒ 7

    Size Ordinary village ⇒ Lively village

    Population 1

    Beasts pets 3

    Bystander 41 ⇒ 52


    Base Skills

    Activity support

    Expansion of base

    Protection of base

    Agricultural Support

    Second home

    Beast support

    NEW! Cooking Support: 

    Gain a bonus to the quality of the food in your base.



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