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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Kingavent


    The many games that Kakeru-kun teamed up with Payper to play on Leopin all ended in disaster.


    Kakeru-kun returned to the principal’s office, feeling like he’s gone broke in a casino.


    The vice principal, who also serves as his secretary, calls out languidly.


    “Principal, you have a press conference in King’s Landing this evening, and you have to deliver your inaugural address to the outside world.”


    “Oh …… Oh, I remember that one ……”


    Kakeru-kun is getting more and more upset.


    He was planning to use the press conference as an opportunity to take credit for getting rid of the incompetent student in the “special training class”.


    According to his own calculations, the “Leopin Millionaire Game” that he set up for Leopin on his first day in office should have left him in debt and he should have run away at night a long time ago.


    If he had made a big announcement about it, he would have been able to get his Leopin-hating supporters to admit that he was competent: ……


    But the boy is still alive and well. ……!


    Kakeru-kun who couldn’t make any kind of credit story.


    Disappointed, he went from the school to the royal capital with the magic circle of transition …….


    At the press conference, unexpected words came out from the reporters.


    Principal Kakeru-kun, is it true that the academy has already established wheat fields and flour is beginning to be distributed in the residential areas?”


    “In the past, it took at least a year for flour to become available in the pioneer schools without the need to import it from outside!”


    “As expected of Principal Kakeru-kun, not only is he a gambler, he’s also a jackpot principal!”


    Kakeru-kun turns blue, “Nah, why …… it!”


    But his cheeks were soon flushed with praise from the reporters.


    “I didn’t think it was something to brag about, since flour distribution is like a real bet against me!”


    “So it was the result of principal Kakeru-kun’s guidance, but the students who were put into circulation also seem to be quite talented!”


    Producers, or farmers, are essential to the distribution of wheat flour.


    However, in this ‘Leaky Eight Kingdom’, the secondary industry and below was treated as ‘work that anyone can do’.


    In other words, agriculture, fishery, industry and construction are considered to be occupations for lowly people and have a very low social status.


    There are exceptions, such as Shinra Carpenter, but it is from the tertiary industry and above that they are socially celebrated.


    The tertiary sector refers to those who do not do simple labour.


    They are considered to be in a position to use the producers’ jaws and are considered to be of a higher rank.


    Therefore, the reporters were also more concerned about who distributed the flour than who made it.


    Kakeru-kun replies in a good mood as he is taken for a ride.


    “Kaka Kaka, it’s the ‘Merchant Union’ of Class 1-9 that distributed the flour!”


    “Oh, I didn’t know it was the ‘Merchant Union’, that’s quite a feat!”


    “That’s why I’ve decided that Class 1-9 will move up two ranks!”


    Class 1 – 9, E ⇒ D-


    “It’s true that it’s an achievement worthy of a two rank increase! But there was another class in the academy, the ‘Great Merchant Union’ ……?”


    “Oh, they’re no good, they’re always interfering with the distribution of flour, so I’ve decided that Class 1-7 will be punished one rank down!”


    Class 1 – 7 C- ⇒ D+


    What a Kakeru-kun, he announced a change of three ranks as he let his tongue do the work.


    When the leaders of both classes found out about this, they roared out inf joy.


    “‘Ugh …… oooohhhh!”


    I’m a low-ranked merchant and I’m now a middle-ranked merchant? And can I be ranked the same as a high-ranked merchant?


    “Is this a Dream!!?”


    “Kaka…… can’t take it!!!!


    Senior merchant Pei and the others! Pei and the others who were ranked high when they first entered the school!


    I can’t believe I’m going to be ranked the same as a low level merchant!”


    Kakeru-kun is then lifted up by the reporters and returns to the school in high spirits.


    However, he was once again thrust into the depths of disappointment.


    by the Board of Education, by a notice of two ranks down.


    “Nah …… why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why?”


    But I couldn’t say that I didn’t remember myself.


    Because he’d screwed up two things.


    For one thing, he praised the Merchant Coalition in front of the reporters, while depreciating the Australian Merchant Coalition.


    To praise the lower class merchants is to denigrate the upper class people.


    If it had been the other way around, there would have been no problem, but that would have upset the supporters of the school.


    The other thing was that I had high quality flour right in front of me, but I missed it.


    When it comes to high quality flour, it is equal to gold in this world.

    He should have taken it by any means necessary and offered it up as a political tool for his supporters. ……


    That, I didn’t …… no, I couldn’t ……!


    Kakeru-kun was on the verge of going insane, but he immediately made a donation to the school board and lobbied to have the measure rescinded.


    The money it took to pretend the two rank downgrades didn’t happen was a whopping 1 billion ……!


    Kakeru-kun 8.4 billion ⇒ 7.4 billion


    Kakeru-kun was flailing about with the intent of tearing up the newly replaced carpet in the principal’s office again.


    “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry ~~~~~~!


    I can’t believe I’ve lost not once, not twice, but ~~~~~~~!


    That’s a billion yen in losses, twice over ……!


    I won’t allow it. ……! I won’t allow it, Leopin. ……! Not double, ten times. ……!


    I’ll pay you back tenfold and make you cry like a baby!


    …… wow!”


    ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◆


    The flour I made and milled was bagged by Ma-chan and the other members of the Merchant’s Union and sold in the residential areas.


    It is called “Leopin Flour” and is sold for 1000 Yen, one tenth of the price of purchased flour.


    Needless to say, these sold like hotcakes, but only the lower classes bought them.


    Because buying flour with my name on it was the most humiliating thing that could happen to someone in a higher class.


    The only two classes at the top that bought my flour were Monaka and Kotone.


    However, flour, which was previously reserved for the rich in the residential areas, has become a common food.

    The total sales of flour will be 3,500,000 Yen.


    I split this sales money in half with the ‘Merchant Union’.


    Special Training School: 302,950,000 Yen.


    Class 1- 9: 1,750,000 Yen.


    The residential areas are still dominated by the “Coalition of Great Merchants” as usual.


    But the existence of this flour was a blow to the previously monopolistic market.


    “If we can distribute crops other than wheat flour from here, the distorted market will gradually become better.


    And more than anything, I want to support Kurumi’s dream of becoming a pastry chef, even if just a little.”


    When you can imagine the consumers who will use and eat what you have made, you will be motivated.


    The day after the flour fiasco was a holiday and I was up earlier than usual.


    “Well, it’s a beautiful day, so let’s get to work.”


    When I went to the field, muttering to myself, “I should harvest sesame soon,” I found an unexpected visitor.


    Monaka and her Class 1 – 2, and Kotone and her Class 1 – 19.


    A total of 20 female students from the two classes were waiting for me.


    For some reason, everyone is wearing bloomers, and the thighs of the saints and Miko and the others, who are rarely shown, are dazzling.


    “What’s wrong with you, dressed like that?”


    When I called out, the faces of Monaka and Kotone were brilliant.


    “Oh, Leo-kun! Let us help you with your work, too!”


    “I heard a rumor that the Master was planting a field with the members of the Merchants’ Union, so I came here as his disciple.


    Monaka was holding a small rake, like the ones used for tide-picking, and Kotone was holding a small shovel, like the ones used for playing in the sandbox, excited like a child who wants to help her parents with the yard work.


    Her skin is white, not associated with field work, and her hands are as clean as kitten paw pads.


    I don’t think you can be much help, but if you want to help me, I’ll take that cat’s hand.


    “Well, would you mind digging up an empty field with that shovel?


    Onesco, Shinobuko, and Tomoe can probably handle a blade, so you can harvest sesame with me.”




    With energetic voices, the followers of the saints and Miko scattered.


    The trio of attendants were mumbling, but once they started harvesting, they seemed to enjoy it and competed with each other to reap the sesame seeds.


    The sweat pouring out of the beautiful girls’ bouncing smiles.


    It is a very peaceful and heartwarming scene.


    The girls were welcomed into my base.





    LV 4 ⇒ 5


    Scale: Deserted marginal village ⇒ Hometown marginal village


    Population 1


    Beasts pets  3


    Bystander 1 ⇒ 21


    Base Skills


    Activity support


    Expansion of base


    Protection of bases


    Agricultural Support


    NEW! My Second Home


    Being at the base makes me feel calm.



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