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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Ren


    Akemi kissing me on the cheek.


    Beyond my hazy vision, the men are selflessly gathering mushrooms.


    Like worker ants devoted to the queen ant.


    “Akemi-san! Look at all the mushrooms I’ve collected!


    “No, no, I picked bigger mushrooms than you!


    They look up and see what is happening, their mushrooms fall out of their hands.


     “Ugh ……, no way, right ……?”


    “Why is Akemi kissing a piece of trash ……?”


    “Oh, we’ve never been held by a hand before!”


    “Oh, it’s an illusion! I’m seeing things because of the mushrooms!”


    The men clutch their heads and begin to scream.


    Akemi finally pulls away from me.


    “My family’s kisses are said to bring good luck.


    I wish Leopin the best of luck. …… See you later.”


    Akemi smiled mischievously and turned away to walk away.


    After that, ” Please wait, Akemi-san!””And the cronies chasing the mushrooms.


    I don’t know what’s going on, but I press my warm cheek.


    Then I noticed that my body was enveloped in light.


    Name Leopin
    Occupation Appraiser
    Lv  4 ⇒ 5
    HP 2010
    MP 2010
    Life 201
    Endurance 201
    Toughness 1
    Spirit  1
    Resistance 1
    Agility 201
    Concentration 201
    Strength 201
    Magic 1
    Dharma 1
    Intelligence 1
    Liberal Arts 201
    Five Senses 201
    Sixth Sense 1
    Charm 1
    Luck 1 ⇒ 2
    Dexterity 900 ⇒ 1000


    Changeable occupations
    Production System
    • Lumberjack
    • Appraiser
    • Carpenter
    • NEW! Masonry
    Exploration System
    • Ranger
    Combat System
    • Battle Axe User
    • Ninja


    ‘I didn’t think being kissed would raise my level of …….


    Maybe she’s right, maybe it really is a lucky kiss. ……’


    ◆  ◇  ◆  ◇  ◆


    Then I go back to the house and cook the mushrooms I have harvested.


    The amount of mushrooms is great, it would be better to make a kitchen by the house with the skill I just learned.


    I switched to the profession, masonry.


    Occupational Skills
    Stone Working
    • Work on stone
    Stone Crafting
    • Create tools out of stone
    Stone statue
    • Create a stone statue.

    Before we start crafting with stones, let’s first make some tools for the job.


    I make two items using wood from Gisu and a large stone I found near my house.


    Gisu Wood Hammer
    Quantity 1
    Quality Level 24 (Material Level 9 + Dexterity Bonus 10 + Occupation Bonus 5)
    A mallet made of high quality Gisu wood.

    A variety of bonuses allow you to adjust the force to your liking.


    Wood Stone Chisel
    Quantity 1
    Quality Level 16 (Material Level 1 + Dexterity Bonus 10 + Occupation Bonus 5)
    Chisel made from forest stone.

    With various bonuses, it can be used to cut hard stones.


    I look at the two items I have made and notice something.


    ‘The material level is completely different.


    The wood seems to be of high quality because this is a forest, but the quality of the stone doesn’t seem to be very good.


    Maybe I should just get the stones from somewhere else. ……’


    I now have a new objective for tomorrow’s exploration.


    For now, I’ll stick with the stones found in this forest.


    I take advantage of my freshly made tools and carve out a rock that was sitting near my house to make a cooking utensil.


    Forest Stone Kamado
    Quantity 1
    Quality Level 16 (Material Level 1 + Dexterity Bonus 10 + Occupation Bonus 5)
    A cooking pot made of forest stone.

    Various bonuses make the fire last longer.


    “Well, well, well. Now we can make some delicious ‘roasted mushrooms’.”


    I plunge some dead leaves and branches I have picked up into the Kamado and light it on fire.


    When the fire starts to burn, I place the mushrooms on the branches and roast them.


    When they start browning and making a sizzling sound, I sprinkle a little salt that Akemi gave me.


    The fragrant aroma of the mushrooms spread all around.


    My stomach starts rumbling and I can’t take it any longer, so I eat the freshly roasted mushrooms.


    “Ha! ……! Huff! Huh! Ugh …… yummy ~~~~~~~~!


    Freshly picked mushrooms are so good! I could eat these every day!”


    I eat up all the mushrooms I have picked in no time.


    I don’t think I’ve felt this happy and full in a long time.


    As I rub my swollen belly and savor the moment of contentment, I see…….


    I can see the principal and vice principal running at me from the other side of the forest.


    “Tra- Trash, No, Leopin-kun!”


    “Is it true that you have found a tatsumaki?”


    As I am in a daze, I ask back.


    “How do you know?”


    “I told you at the entrance ceremony!


    The school life is supposed to be broadcasted to the world through a magic device!”


    “I’ve been getting a lot of inquiries from supporters who say they saw Leopin-kun eating ‘tattemake’ on that broadcast!”


    “If that’s true, I want some Tatsumaki right now!”


    “If that’s true, give me the ‘Tatsumaki’ now! Then, this once, I’ll use my power to get you out of the ‘special training class’ and put you in another class!”


    “Yes! This is your one chance to escape this dump!”


    “If you miss this, you’ll be living in a dump for the rest of your life!”


    “Huh. But I’ve already eaten all of it.”


    “Ki …… keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!”


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