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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Kingavent


    Payper who got a foot slap from me.


    He was head-sliding on the ground of the water mill.


    He looked up like a ballplayer with a broken dream, pressed his cheeks together, and


    “Pay!. No, I have never been hit before …!


    And with the soles of a feet. ……!”


    Payper’s cheeks are red and coated with dirt.


    He looked up at me with resentful eyes for a while, then stood up and dragged Kakeru-kun outside the hut.


    I sharpen my ‘five senses’ and try to listen.


    “Pei, principal, that’s not what you said!


    Didn’t the principal use his gambler’s skills to know his opponent’s rock-paper-scissors hand!”


    “Ah … that’s that ~? It’s funny ~? You must have seen that trash hand ~?”


    “Please be firm! Pay doesn’t mind if you don’t make him bumpy!


    Besides, if you make it bumpy, it will not be milling, and you can win the “Leopin Flour Game”! “


    “Yeah, I know, I’ll do better next time, just leave it to me, okay?”


    After an impromptu strategy meeting, the two return and try to continue the janken.


    I said to Peyper, not stopping to knit straws.


    “‘I think you’ve had enough. You’re not having the best day.


    Wouldn’t it be better to give up and go home before we start losing?”


    “Pei, I don’t think so! If you win, you’ll get high quality flour from ……!


    Oh, no, we can prevent trashy flour from making its way into the settlements!”


    “Now that you’ve given me such a righteous reason, ……”


    “Just keep going!


    I’ll play this rock-paper-scissors game as many times as you want until you’ve won or lost the ‘Leopin’ Flour Game’!


    I’m gonna beat you to a pulp and make you look like you’ll never be seen again!


    All right, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, ……!”


    Then from within the water-mill there was a constant repetition of dry sounds, screams, and exclamations.




    “I can’t chew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    What, why! Why did I lose again? Damn it, one more time!”




    “Bite crumbs!!!!


    I’m doing exactly what you told me to do! Geez, one more time, one more time!”




    I repeat such a thing for about an hour.


    My foot slap was hitting Payper’s right cheek and left cheek alternately.


    By the end, his cheeks are so swollen that he can’t even keep his eyes open.


    Tears poured from his eyes, wetting his cheeks like bright red balloons.


    “Pah …… pah …… pah~~~! Why, why, why, why ……!


    I’ve been on my own since the middle of the game,……, and the odds should be one in three,……!


    Why, why, why, why? Why can’t I win? Why can’t I win? ~~~~




    Payper finally breaks down crying and starts pounding the ground with his fists.


    Just then, Ma-chan was there with her classmates, the students of the Merchant Union.


    Payper doesn’t even know they’re here, and he’s shaking back tears.


    “Ugh……!” “Hick……!” “Hick……!” “Hick……!” “Hick……!


    Pei, Pei won’t give up. Oh, ……! One more time, one more time. Oh, ……!




    “‘Oh, come on, don’t do that again, you don’t stand a chance.”


    The students of the Merchant Union who witnessed the exchange between me and Payper.


    Everyone is terrified.


    “What the ……? What the hell is going on……?”


    “I was told by Ma-chan that Leopin had built a contraption that mills the flour automatically. ……”


    “I’m threshing and I’m knitting, okay?”


    “Not only that, but they’re playing rock-paper-scissors …… with their feet!”


    “And from what I’ve seen, it looks like you’ve never lost a game. ……”


    “How many things are you doing at the same time ……?”


    “What’s more, what’s going to make me have to thresh, knit, and play rock-paper-scissors at the same time ……?”


    “Look, a rock-paper-scissors opponent!”


    “Oh my God, could it be Master Psyper? Why does he have to look so terrible?”


    ”Oh no, the Senior Merchant Payper is kneeling down to Leopin-kun!”


    ”Normally it’s the other way around! How can the unemployed Leopin-kun make the senior merchant Payper-sama kneel?”


    And then something comes along that shakes them up even more.


    “This time, this time, this time, I’m going to win. ……!”




    “‘Oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!”


    “S…… slap ahhhhh?”


    The unemployed slap the senior merchant.


    It seemed to them, as lowly merchants, to be an act tantamount to blasphemy.


    But the God they worship is no longer there.


    God’s face is a mess of tears and snot, and he’s flailing around on the ground, screaming.


    There was not a trace of the self-satisfied arrogance and arrogance that many of us know.


    Payper, a senior merchant, rolls around on the ground in his water mill, wailing like a spoiled child.


    Leopin, an unemployed man, pays no attention to him and continues knitting like a deaf grandmother.


    From the side, it was an infinitely bizarre sight.


    The students of the “Merchant’s Union” in Class 9 of the first year who were there were just bewildered.


    “Gu-…… guys, don’t be absent-minded, the bags of flour have accumulated a lot in front of Leopin, let’s load them on the cart.”


    “What? Hey, hey, hey, Ma-chan!


    How can you be so calm in this incomprehensible situation!”


    “I’m not going to lie, I’m surprised too.


    I went to call everyone and came back to find Leopin beating up Payper, I thought it was a good …… bad dream.”


    Ma-chan’s voice was faintly trembling, but she was more calm than anyone else in the ‘Merchant Union’ present.


    “But I’ve gotten used to it because every single thing Leopin does is outrageous.


    If you’re involved with Leopin-kun, if you’re surprised by something like this, I don’t think there will be enough surprises for you.”


    “This …… is the extent …… of beating up a senior merchant and making him cry!”


    ”This isn’t a problem that can be solved like this, among the senior merchants, there are people that even the nobles can’t get their heads around!”


    “There’s no way I’m letting Master Pei-Pei get away with this ……!”


    “‘Yes, normally I would, but Leopin-kun is not normal.


    Leopin-kun treats me, a low-ranking merchant, the same way he treats Payper-sama, a high-ranking merchant.


    That’s what’s normal for you, Leopin.”


    As he said this, a powerful light shone in her eyes.


    “Anyway, I’ve decided to trust Leopin-kun and make a deal with him!


    Because if we don’t, we, the Merchant Union, will be made to work for the nobels. I joined this school because I wanted to be a merchant, and Leopin-kun is supporting me in that dream!


    So I’m going to follow …… Leopin-kun, not Pei Pei-sama!”


    Machan says it out loud and starts moving quickly.


    She stepped over the sobbing payper and loaded a sack of flour onto a cart.


    The sight of her motivated even her friends who had succumbed to power.


    “So…… that’s right……, we came to this school to become merchants……!”


    “I’m not here to be used as a pawn by a high-ranking merchant!


    Everyone, let’s do it! Let’s get Leopin’s flour distributed to the settlements!”




    “Wait, before you carry me out, play a game with me at ……!”


    Kakeru-kun tried to call him off, but a hand was gently placed on his shoulder.


    It was the vice principal with a look of frustration on his face.


    “Principal …………………………………….”


    “Gosh ……, that’s right ……!”


    But Kakeru-kun is not giving up.


    “Can I have some of that flour, please?


    If you give it to me, I’ll let you move up one rank in Class 1-7, hey!”


    At that word, the movement of the class 1-7 who had been working without looking aside stopped.


    They looked at the grinning headmaster, then shifted their gaze to the class leader, Ma-chan.


    And as for Ma-chan, she was staring at a figure.


    It was a leopin boy, as if …… he was already a mosquito.


    The boy hums and moves his hands and feet at the same time, knitting two stroke roses at the same time.


    The boy didn’t even try to look at her, let alone interrupt the negotiations, even though the flour might possibly be intercepted.


    He just weaves straw silently and earnestly.


    Ma-chan, that profile alone was enough to fill my heart with joy.


    The girl looks the principal straight in the eye and says crisply.


    “‘I can’t do that, principal, because I promised Leopin that this flour would be distributed to the residential districts at a fair price.”


    “Are you sure that’s what you want? This is your chance to move up one rank.


    Besides, even you lowly merchants can tell who’s mood is worse, me or Leopin-kun.


    Then it’s okay if I break that promise, right?”


    Leopin-kun also said, “Don’t use me to please the principal,” and maybe Leopin-kun even saw this coming.


    “Guh-nuh ……!”


    Kakeru-kun glares at Leopin as he is struck down with words.


    Leopin, however, continues to weave straw as usual without a care in the world.


    Ma-chan says with a huff.


    “If there is anyone who would interfere, I will inform the principal, so if that happens, please help me!”


    A cart piled high with flour is carried away by a large group of students.


    Kakeru-kun and the head teacher could only watch the scene with their fingers in their mouths.

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