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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Kingavent


    I built a waterwheel to make it easier for me to make ‘Centataki’s Ointment’.


    Not only that, but it had been customized into a milling shed to make wheatgrass milling easier.



    Automatic milling shed

    Quantity 1

    Quality Level 120|(Material Level 214 + Dexterity Bonus 5 + Profession Bonus 18 + Limitation Penalty 117)


    Automatic milling shed, made of high quality Gis wood.

    Threshing, milling and sieving are fully automated.

    Various bonuses allow for high speed and high standard milling.



    Yes, if you have this, you can turn wheat grass into flour in no time at all.


    I was concerned about the “marginal penalty” attached to it, but the level is over 100, which is pretty super high quality.


    Well, let’s see how great it is and let’s give it a try.


    As Ma-chan, PaiPer, the principal and the vice principal all stood there dumbfounded, I removed the stopper that had stopped the water wheel from moving.


    …… gosh darn it!!!!


    As if the frozen giants had come to life, the water wheel began to turn.


    With that, the machines that looked like the internal organs of a giant began to pulsate with activity.


    A lively rhapsody begins to be played here and there in the water mill, with a whinny and a clatter.


    I carry the bundle of wheatgrass from the cart into the water mill and stand in front of the threshing machine, which is the starting point.


    Threshing machines are usually foot-operated, but this one is a great machine that automatically rotates with the power of a water wheel.


    “All we have to do is put some wheatgrass on top of it and we’re good to go. ……


    …… crunch crunch crunch!


    With hair-splitting vigor, the wheatgrass turned into a single vine stalk.


    The berries and branches fall onto a belt under the thresher and are raggedly carried to the next process.


    Ma-chan and Peyper shouted at the same time, “‘Ah!”


    “‘Oh, could that be the magic belt conveyor!”


    “Pa … Paa !? That’s stupid !? Speaking of magic belt conveyors, they are only installed in the state-of-the-art factories in the royal capital !?”


    “Looks like it,” I reply.


    “When I was in elementary school, we went to a factory for a field trip, and I saw it there.


    I gave it a shot, and it turned out better than I thought it would.”


    In the meantime, the fruits of the wheat grass carried by the conveyor are put through the “rice sieve”.


    Only the smaller berries fall to the lower conveyor, and the husks that cannot pass through the sieve eventually fall out of the sieve frame and accumulate in a box outside the conveyor.


    Only the berries are firmly sorted and go to the final process.


    The fruit was sucked into the millstone, which continued to turn, and was crushed into a powder on the final conveyor.


    The last conveyor is routed back to the starting point.


    The flour piles up in a wooden saucer next to me.


    It was so beautiful and shiny that it could be mistaken for gold sand.



    Wheat flour (high quality)

    1000 pieces

    Quality Level 51|(Material Level 31 + Uniform Bonus 10 + Quality Bonus 10)


    Powder made from ground wheatgrass seeds, edible.

    Various bonuses make you feel happy when you eat.

    Any cooking method will give you a cooking bonus, and if you do not fail to cook, you will be granted a meal effect.



    The flour made by “Automatic Flour Milling Machine” is very high quality.


    The shining flour rides up to me on a belt, building a golden mountain.


    It looks like a mine that has dug up a huge vein of gold.


    The surrounding area was in the throes of a gold rush.


    “Eh !? Eh !? Eh !? Eh !? Yeah, lie !?


    High quality flour is a gift to the king! ??


    But why! ?? “


    “Pay !? Hmm … Originally, the world’s best flour was manually milled by a” miller “who is exclusively for the court, and it can only be done very rarely …!?


    There’s no way you can make it in such a rag hut! ?? “


    “How much would it sell for? How much would it cost!?!?”


    There was a complete panic in the milling shed.


    I was already starting to worry about something else than that.


    …… If nothing is done, the saucer will be full …


    If all the wheatgrass were ground into powder, it would amount to about 3.5 tons.


    If we keep going like this, we’re going to fill this shed with flour.


    When the receptacle is full, you can stop the waterwheel and transfer it to another part of the house. ……


    If we want to finish milling by noon, we need to keep the waterwheel running as long as possible.


    Is there any good way to do this? ……


    At the moment I thought that, I was surrounded by the light of leveling up as if I were crossing over.



    Name Leopin

    Occupation Carpenter

    Lv 19 ⇒ 20

    HP 1010

    MP 1010



    Life 101

    Endurance 101

    Toughness 1001

    Spirit 101

    Resistance 101

    Agility 1001

    Concentration 101

    Strength 101

    Magic 101

    Dharma 101

    Intelligence 101

    Liberal Arts 101

    Five Senses 101

    Sixth Sense 101

    Charm 1

    Luck 5

    Dexterity 600 ⇒ 700


    “Poor Dexterity” (Jack of all trades and master of none)


    Dexterous growth


    Dexterous body


    Dexterous job change


    NEW! Dexterous Toes


    Absolute protection “Fudo”.



    Changeable occupations


    Production System



    Shin-Ra Carpenter


    Leather Craftsman



    Confectioner Pastry Chef

    Artisan Fireworker

    NEW! Seamstress


    Exploration System


    Treasure Hunter


    Earth Vein Master


    Combat System

    Battle Axe User


    Martial Artist






    “Finally, the level 20 mark! There’s more ‘poor dexterity’ skills!”


    In the midst of the clamor, I chuckled to myself and quickly checked the effect of the skill.



    Dexterous Toes


    Use your dexterity to make your toes as dexterous as your fingers.



    “Does this mean, in essence, that I’ll be able to use my foot as another hand ……?”


    If that’s the case, I’d double the efficiency of working on a sit-down type of craft.


    And I, wondering what to do with a flour shed full of flour, got just the right occupation.


    I set up in front of the thresher, using two wooden boxes in the shed as a desk and chair.


    And then I activated the ‘Dexterous Job Change’ in ‘Dexterous Job Change’ and changed to the profession I just got.



    Occupation Woodcrafter ⇒ Seamstress


    Occupational skill


    Soft seams (active)

    Weaving yarn and plants


    Hard seams (active)

    Weave wood and metal


    Embroidery (active)

    work out of cloth


    Handicraft (active)

    Creating small items with fabric


    Sewing (active)

    Create clothing with fabric



    “Alright, let’s get on with it, I’ve got the ingredients.


    While watching the threshing process from the side, I started another task.


    He took the “Gisu Mallet” from his coat pocket and pounded the threshed wheat grass to soften it.


    When it becomes soft, join the wheatgrasses together and put them into a single strand. ……




    Quantity 1

    (Material level 31 + Dexterity bonus 7 + Occupation bonus 20)


    Dried wheat grass is twisted together to make a single rope.

    Various bonuses make it stronger and less likely to break than regular strop.



    Ma-chan asked curiously.


    “…… Is that a rope, by any chance?”


    I said, “Yeah,” and set the new wheatgrass in the thresher.


    I braided the wheat grass that I had just finished threshing as a second rope.


    “I didn’t know you could make rope out of wheatgrass. ……


    Could this be another form of knitting?”


    “Yeah, it’s called ‘straw braid.”


    “But at a time like this, what’s the point of making rope?”


    “We’re going to make a sack, and before the catch basin overflows with flour we’re going to refill it and carry it out.”


    The flour piling up unhurriedly next to me is already as high as my seat height.


    “Oh, …… I see. ……!”


    The rope was finished while Ma-chan was admiring it, and now I braided it with my ‘straw braid’, or ‘soft seam’ skills.


    The ‘strop’ that was a long string became a piece of fabric.


    “All right, that’s it: ……!”



    Straw cloth

    Quantity 1

    Quality Level 85|(Material Level 58 + Dexterity Bonus 7 + Occupation Bonus 20)


    A cloth made of woven strop.

    The various bonuses make it stronger, warmer and more breathable than regular straw cloth.



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