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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Kingavent


    I figured he’d learn his lesson and leave.


    But after he wiped his face with his wipe, he resumed negotiations as if nothing had happened.


    “…… Think about it, if you have wheatgrass, it’s a waste.


    You don’t understand, but you can’t eat wheatgrass as it is.


    I’m not telling you how to do it, but you have to go through a couple of steps to get it into flour.”


    After what he’d been through, Payper was still looking down on me.


    “Turning wheatgrass into flour is impossible for a piece of trash like you.


    However, we have many menial workers in our wealthy merchant association.


    It’s easy to make flour if you let them help you.


    Yeah, I guess, with this amount of time, a day would be a piece of cake.”


    I don’t know about Payper.


    Me and Ma-chan were making flour in the workshop in the yard of our house since a while ago.


    “Pah, now that you know, we have a deal.”


    He broke off the conversation unilaterally and signaled Ma-chan with his chin.


    “‘Go back to your living quarters at once, Ma-chan, and fetch your servants.


    And carry this wheatgrass out.”


    “What, menial labor, could it be ……?”


    “Pah, I’m talking about you guys in Class 1-9.


    You haven’t been able to do anything merchant-like.


    The principal is weighing in on that, and has already approved it.”


    Kakeru-kun, who was behind the Payper, nodded with a big smile, “Yes!”


    The principal also pretends that there was no victory or defeat in the earlier game.


    “Ugh, no, no ……!” said Ma-chan.


    Why is Payper here, and why are the principal and even the vice principal with him?


    But as I listened to him, I could understand the situation roughly.


    So you’re just a harlot who wants to take my crops for whatever reason.


    So I grew crops in a place where they could see them from their living quarters, and they immediately came to me like vermin.


    I spit them out all at once.


    “I’ve already made a deal with Ma-chan for the wheatgrass.”


    Then Payper made that pissed off leaning look again.


    “Pah? Didn’t you listen to a word I said?


    Wheatgrass can’t be sold in the settlements, it has to be made into flour.


    Or what, are you going to turn wheatgrass into flour and give it to Ma-chan?”


    Peyper had a burst of laughter as I nodded, “Yeah.”


    “Pah, pah, pah, pah, pah! You turn wheatgrass into flour all by yourself?


    You have no idea how hard milling is and how much manpower it requires!”


    As if they had agreed on it beforehand, Kakeru-kun came out again.


    “All right, let’s play a game, the Leopin Flour Game!


    If you can turn all the wheat piled up here into flour by the time the noon bell rings in the clock tower, Leopin-kun wins!


    Mr. Pei-Pei, you’re giving up this wheatgrass!


    But if you can’t get it all into flour by the time ……”


    Kakeru-kun’s face twisted teasingly like an erotic middle-aged man.


    “Mr. Leopin’s lost, lost, lost!


    From now on, all the crops grown in Leopin’s field will belong to Pei-Pei!


    Class 1-9 will go from being the “Merchant Union” to the “Subordinate Worker Union” and work for Pei-Pei-kun all the time!”


    The erotic middle-aged man lifts the corner of his mouth with a nip at the end.


    Ma-chan tried to interrupt, “Oh no!” he shouted more as he pushed her away.


    “Okay, Leopin, are you ready?


    Oh, no, you can’t say no!


    Because this game was also approved by the school board, proper educational guidance!


    It’s a loving education for you, you know!”


    Am I going to be forced to participate in the game again in a random way?


    “Principal, that’s all very well, but there’s no advantage for me in winning at all.


    If I win, please allow the ‘Merchant Union’ to distribute my crops in the settlement.


    And it’s also forbidden to harass the Merchants’ Union.”


    Kakeru-kun replies as if it were a spinal reflex.


    “If Mr. Leopin wins, his crops will be endorsed by me!


    I won’t let anyone stand in my way of being sold in the residential area!”


    “Don’t you ever forget that word.”


    “Let the games begin!”


    As soon as he gave the signal, Ma-chan came at me with a bloody face.


    “Hey, why did you take the game!”


    I deal with them while I load a pile of wheatgrass onto a cart.


    “You can’t help it; you said no, and they said no.”


    “‘But noon is only about three hours away!


    And yet, to turn this amount of wheatgrass into flour all by yourself, that’s crazy!


    Master PayPer said that milling takes a day and a lot of manpower!”


    “Well, I suppose it takes manpower.”


    “Leopin-kun, can you use magic to turn wheat grass into flour?”


    “‘There’s no such magic, just maybe it’s easier than magic, well just shut up and follow me.”


    Then, Ma-chan looked as if she was caught off guard, “What?” and suddenly turned red.


    “Don’t tell me to shut up and follow you. It’s not ……”


    “That’s not what I meant.”


    I finish loading the wheatgrass and pull the cart to leave.


    “Pah, where do you think you’re going?”


    “Kaka Kaka, you’re trying to run away in broad daylight!


    Peyper and the principal follow me, skipping along.


    The anxious, irresistible Ma-chan and the mousy, smiling vice principal follow.


    I guess I don’t need to tell you where I’m headed anymore.


    It was a river in my neighborhood, made by the last “Seven Days of Fire”.


    “All right, let’s get to milling.”


    As soon as they see the building by the river, several exclamations are exchanged.


    “Su- suishaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”


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