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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Kingavent


    The next day I was woken up at an ungodly hour by Ma-chan.


    “Good morning, Leopin! Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up!”


    “No, it’s ……, it’s ……, it’s still dark, isn’t it ……?”


    “‘But the sun will be up soon, and if we don’t hurry, the whelps will run away!


    I was dragged out to the field.


    The sky is still a swarming blue, with a hint of light blue across the horizon.


    It was dark, and both Mark and Tom were snoring too.


    The wheat and sesame in the field are hanging their heads as if they are asleep.


    In the midst of all this, Ma-chan is waving her arms and legs in the air like the sun is shining a little earlier than usual.


    “‘Come on, come on, what are we going to start with today, the harvest after all!’


    “Yes, if you like, you may harvest the wheat.”


    I’m going to use my ‘forest stone knife’ to teach you how to harvest wheat.


    After that, I lent the knife to Ma-chan and we decided to head for the woods.


    “I’ll be in the woods gathering and then setting up the other tools, so you’re on your own for the harvest.”


    “Okay, I got it, I got it, I got it, I got it.”


    I take out a hand-drawn map from my coat pocket as Ma-chan waves her hands in the air.


    I made this one when I was wandering through the woods in Seven Days of Fire.


    “‘In the course of looking for a watering hole, I made a rough map of the location of the materials I saw.


    Let’s see, first we’ll go to the cliff with the ‘daija crane’, then we’ll tour the forest with the ‘bamboo wood’, and then we’ll go to ……”


    After constructing the route in my head, I shake my arms and legs to loosen up my body, as if I were imitating Ma-chan.


    “So, let’s have a ‘pickup marathon’ at ……!”


    I then ran around in the woods until the sun was all out of my face.


    The harvest was perfect, and I returned home with a big smile on my face and plenty of material stuffed in my coat pockets.


    While walking by the river near my house, I bump into Mark and Tom.


    Mark’s nose was swollen up like an apple.


    “Mark, your nose is all red, did you get stung by a bee or something?”


    Mark nodded with tears in his eyes, “Kuon.”


    In his arms, Tom is holding him, and he is making a weak “pyaa” sound.


    “Tom’s got a broken leg, where the hell have you two been?


    Wait a minute, I’m sure I saw something that could be used as a herb.”


    In this marathon of collecting, I found not only the materials I needed, but also the materials I wanted, and threw them into the pockets of my coat at random.


    This made it even more difficult for me to keep my pockets …….


    “I’ll have to sort out my pockets when I’m not too busy, oh, there it is.


    As I was tossing out the contents, I found the medicinal herbs I was looking for.




    Quantity 1

    Quality Level 7|(Material Level 7)


    A wild centataki with many small, hard fruits.

    Can be used in alchemy and as an ingredient in medicinal herbs.



    This is a paste when you grind the berries, it can be used as a wound remedy.


    It’s knowledge I gained in The Ranger’s Art of Survival.


    The fruit of Centataki is smaller than a grain of bean, and also hard.


    I transferred it to the mortar I kept in my coat pocket and tried to grind it , but there was no sign of any crushing at all.


    “If I put too much pressure on it, the pot might crack. …… I guess I’ll just have to be patient.”


    Then I just kept trying to grind it until my arms got tired, and it took me an hour to finally get it down to a rough paste.



    Centataki ointment

    Quantity 1

    Quality Level 12|(Material Level 7 + Dexterity Bonus 5)


    An ointment made by beating and crushing the fruit of the centataki a thousand times.


    It is effective for insect bites, boils, lacerations, burns, bruises, sprains, muscle pain and stiff shoulders.



    That’s how I know what this plant’s name means.


    “It’s a difficult herb to make, isn’t it?


    It’s not worth it unless you’ve got some serious medicinal value.”


    I’ll try it out as soon as I can to prove the point.


    I applied Centataki to the affected areas of Mark and Tom.


    Then the swelling in Mark’s nose shrinks by about two-thirds, and Tom recovers to the point where he can stand and walk on his own.


    “‘It’s amazing how it works, no magic or prayer can heal an injury to this extent, this means I’ll be completely healed by tomorrow.


    And I think.


    I thought if I could keep this medicine on hand, it would be useful in case of emergency.


    “‘But it’s a pain in the ass to beat a thousand of them every time. ……’


    Most of the craft work is fun, but some of it requires a lot of patience.


    In those cases, I’ve always tried to find a way to make it easier.


    “I wonder if there’s any way to make a thousand whacks easier to a hundred, or even ten?”


    As I thought about it while looking at the river flowing beside me, a flutter came down immediately.


    “‘Yes, a waterwheel, we could build a waterwheel and have it do a thousand whacks!


    I walk right back to my house.


    I pulled a cart loaded with gisu lumber parked by the house and retrieved it.


    When I return to the river, I change my job to “Carpenter” with the “Dexterity Change” skill.


    “It’s been a long time since I’ve done any carpentry.”


    After aiming at the flat land on the riverbank, I furiously activated my ‘Building’ skill.


    The long hut was built to follow the river.



    Gisu Hut

    Qty 1

    Quality Level 35|(Material Level 12 + Dexterity Bonus 5 + Occupation Bonus 18)


    The row houses are made of high quality gisu wood.

    Various bonuses make it resistant to earthquake, fire and corrosion.



    The room has no dividing walls, but is connected like a corridor.


    And there is no floor, so you can go in and out with your feet on the ground.


    There was no doorway, and I made it big enough for a cart to pass through.


    It’s a complete ‘workshop’.


    “All right, then, let’s build the waterwheel!


    I’ve been making little waterwheels and turning them in the river since I was little.



    Gisu water wheel

    Quantity 5

    Quality Level 35|(Material Level 12 + Dexterity Bonus 5 + Occupation Bonus 18)


    The waterwheel is made of high quality Gisu wood.

    Various bonuses make it resistant to wind, water, and corrosion.



    He builds a water wheel that is more than a size larger than his own body.


    It was as tall as Monsoon, and to me it was like a giant.


    “The waterwheel is fun to make if you imagine the scene when it’s turning.”


    Let’s get this thing set up.


    A log is passed through a hole pre-drilled in the row house.


    The waterwheel was fitted into a log that jutted out toward the river.


    Then the size is perfect.


    It didn’t reach the surface of the water or scrape the bottom of the river, but it caught the water and started to turn.


    …… Go, go, go, go to …….


    Five series of waterwheels lined up on the river.


    Its powerful rotation makes you excited just by looking at it!


    “‘Yes, yes, this is it! This is what a waterwheel is all about!


    All right, let’s get to work installing the mortar and pestle!”


    As if I had been given a share of the power of the waterwheel, I continued my work.


    I made up what I was looking for at such a high speed that I couldn’t believe it myself.



    Gisu millstone

    Quantity 5

    Quality Level 35|(Material Level 12 + Dexterity Bonus 5 + Occupation Bonus 18)


    The mortar is made of high quality gis wood.

    Various bonuses make it highly durable.


    Gisu cover

    Quantity 5

    Quality Level 35|(Material Level 12 + Dexterity Bonus 5 + Occupation Bonus 18)


    Pestle made of high quality gis wood.

    Various bonuses allow you to efficiently empower your materials.



    I put the board between the waterwheel and once it stops moving, I set the mortar and pestle on the rotating shaft of the waterwheel.


    In the mortar, I poured the fruit of the centataki that I had stored.


    And if I take the board off ……!


    The waterwheel begins to gurgle again, and its rotation moves the pestle up and down.


    The pestle is slammed into the mortar by the weight, gossamer and grinding the fruit.


    “Hmmm, it’s just a pestle moving up and down mechanically, but I never get tired of watching it.”


    When I was chipping away at it in my mortar, I could only do a little bit of medicine in four hours.


    But when I let the waterwheel do its thing, it made a lot of pills in an hour.



    Centataki ointment

    Quantity 50

    Quality Level 17|(Material Level 7 + Uniform Bonus 10)


    An ointment made by beating and crushing the fruit of the centataki a thousand times.

    It is good for insect bites, boils, lacerations, burns and bruises.

    Various bonuses make it effective for sprains, muscle pain and stiff shoulders.



    “I can’t believe the quality level is so much better than my homemade stuff!


    You’re doing great, you’re doing great! Hahahahaha! Keep up the good work!”


    That was the moment for me when five reliable Titans became my friends.


    In addition, a fluttering occurs in his brain, as if a bomb is about to explode.


    “That’s right, ……, we’re going to have to automate that thing, too. ……!


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