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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Kingavent


    When Kakeru-kun arrived at this academy, he had 10 billion in his possession.


    He had seen what the previous headmaster and vice principal had done and had been told about it by supporters, and he was the first to take action against Leopin.


    He spotted Monaka and Kotone, two of the most powerful people in the school, and devised the “Cheers Game”.


    He wants to take away Leopin’s memories from the two of them and isolate Leopin.


    Then, in “Leopin the Poor” Game, he puts Leopin in debt.


    Not only was he going to make Leopin a genuine trash of the school, but he was going to drive him into the trash of society.


    However, Kakeru-kun was successfully defeated in return.


    He had completely underestimated him.


    The depth of the bond between Leopin and the girls.


    And Leopin’s, dexterity!


    In the end, Kakeru-kun failed to achieve his goals in both The Cheers Game and The Leopin’s Game.


    On the contrary, he lost 1.6 billion.


    Kakeru-kun 9.9 billion ⇒ 8.4 billion


    Kakeru-kun and D’Lila return to the principal’s office after forcibly interrupting the morning assembly for the first time in office.


    Kakeru-kun was rolling around on the carpet, plucking at the fluffy bristles with both hands and taking it out on it.


    “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry ~~~~~~!


    That piece of garbage just ruined my plans like ~~~~~~~!


    I’ll Remember, ……! Remember this, Leopin!


    Don’t think you can cause me, this gambler, 1.6 billion in damage and get away with it for free… ohhhhhhh!


    ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◆


    Classes that day were only in the morning, so it was soon after school.


    The weather was nice, so I decided to go home and work in the field.


    “‘Now that I expanded the field, and a river has come through nearby, maybe today is the day we can find some new vegetables to plant.


    When I left the house, Tom was opening a street vendor outside the gate.


    Tom would pull some weeds out of the woods or hunt some small animals and lay them out on the ground for me to see.


    Most of them are weeds or animals that are not fit to eat. ……


    I found some unexpected bargains today.


    “Whoa, there’s ‘wheatgrass’ and ‘apple’!”



    Siebold’s stonecrop (Hylotelephium sieboldii)

    Quantity 10

    Quality Level 2|(Material Level 2)


    Wild wheatgrass.

    It is considered to be one of the three major grains, and when ground, flour can be obtained.


    Princess apple

    Quantity 10

    Quality Level minus 2| (Material Penalty 2)


    Wild Princess Apple.

    Small and hard flesh, not suitable for eating.



    “If we can grow these two things, we’ll have grain and fruit!


    I took out from my pocket a weed called ‘canip’, the currency of this market, and gave it to Tom.


    Feline animals seem to love this ‘canip’ and become drunk when they smell it.


    Tom was also quick to enjoy the grass.


    I grab the “wheatgrass” and head for the field.


    The fields around the house already extend out of the forest and are quite large.


    “Let’s level the soil lightly and then plant the wheatgrass.”


    He changed his job to Mana Farmer and started working in the fields with his “Gisu Hoe” and “Wind Cultivation” skills.


    As I was tilling the soil with a zigzagging motion without looking aside, I noticed that someone was in the field.


    I don’t know who they are.


    At any rate, they had made a hole so deep in the middle of the field that you couldn’t even see the top of their head, and  was spreading dirt around without restraint.


    I’ve been harassed a lot in my life, but I’ve never been this annoyed.


    I flew over and looked into the hole and saw one of the girls wiping her face with a cloth, as if she had worked up a good sweat.


    “Fwiw, after all that digging, we should be fine.”


    “Yeah, just the right depth for your grave.”


    When I called out to her, the female student looked up, “Oh.”


    She had a short cut haircut and a boyish face.


    She cracks her acorn eyes and rewraps the cloth around her head, without seeming to take offense.


    “Ehehe, don’t thank me, I just did it on my own!”


    “What are you talking about?”


    “I just wanted to help out in the fields, so I’ll do it for free!”


    Apparently, this female student intends to think that she has helped work the fields with this act.


    Besides, the fact that “free stuff” is the first thing that jumps out at me is …….


    “Are you, by any chance, a merchant?”


    The girl nodded so loudly that she almost made a noise, “BUNK!”


    “I’m Ma-chan from Class 1-9, nice to meet you!”


    Class 1-9, also known as the ‘Merchant’s Union’, is a class made up of lower class merchant students.


    If the Class 1-7, which is full of senior merchants, is the sun, the girls can be said to be the shade.


    Martyn raises her hand and calls out to me.


    “Hey, hey, pull me up!”


    If they were doing it with bad intentions, I’d bury them alive. ……


    I took Ma-chan’s hand and said, “Goodness gracious, you seem to have good intentions.”


    After I pulled him up, she said, “Well, let’s do some work!” She was about to dig another hole, so I hurriedly stopped her.


    “I was so impressed with Leopin-kun’s greatness that I just wanted to help you in any way I could!”


    “No, I’m glad you feel that way. ……”


    I was about to say something when I suddenly came across a question.


    “Why do you remember me?”


    Class 1-9 is supposed to have drunk a “potion of oblivion” in the “toast game” ……?


    Then Maachan sticks out her tongue, teh-heh.


    Sticking out his tongue was also a habit of the new principal, but she was much cuter than that little boy principal.


    “I’m not …… taking those pills, or any of us in Class 1-9, for that matter.


    They all pretended to drink it and then threw it away.”


    I’m hit with a bit of a surprise, like a cat suddenly popping out of my blind spot.


    “How could you …… not have drunk it?”


    “I didn’t want to forget about Leopin because I didn’t want to forget about …… you.”


    I was about to get a little nervous, but a burst of smiles blew me away.


    “Information is as important to a merchant as money!


    If I gave away a month’s worth of information, I’d lose a lot of money!”


    “‘Maybe so, but you guys got a hundred million yen in exchange for forgetting, didn’t you?


    I don’t care if the principal tried to trick you into drinking it, that’s fraud ……, isn’t it?”


    Machan still didn’t seem to take offense.


    “‘Merchants, you see, outsmart others in order to make more money.


    Ah, but it’s only the same merchants who can outsmart you, not the customers.”


    She added with an innocent smile, as if she had anticipated my tsukkomi.


    “‘But if you have a lot of money, like the principal, …….


    I might just outsmart you a little bit. …… ehehe!”


    I thought I saw the shadow of a different type of little devil than Akemi.


    “Now, now, Leopin-san! Enough chit chat, let’s get on with the fieldwork!


    We need to fill this field with crops! Now, what’s next?”


    “Fill in that hole.”




    “Once you fill that in, we can move on to the next job, so get to it.”


    “Darn it, I dug so hard!”


    With her mouth agape, Machan uses a shovel to put the hole back together.


    Even after that, she still wanted to help, so I decided to teach her how to do it properly.


    “‘Don’t dig it up with a shovel, use this wooden hoe to plough it.


    I’ve already taught you how to do it, so why don’t you go plow the other half?”


    “All right!


    Maachan runs as energetically as a dog and begins to plow the field, albeit awkwardly.


    Suddenly, I looked toward the house and saw it sparkling.




    LV 3 ⇒ 4

    Scale: An ordinary house with a family of animals ⇒ A deserted village

    Population: 1

    Animals: 3

    NEW! Bystander 1


    Base Skills

    Activity support

    Expansion of base

    Protection of base

    NEW! Agricultural Support

    Gain a bonus to quality in farming in the base.



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