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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Kingavent


    The 10 treasure chests are made exactly alike, but when you look at them like this, they’re totally different.


    The paint is faded, the hardware is slightly rusty, and there are drag marks glimpsed at the bottom.


    When you’re making things, you start to notice the little differences, but …….


    After gaining the skill of “Poor Dexterity”, not only animals, plants and trees, but also everything in sight looks very different.


    Maybe it seems especially so because the parameters of “five senses” and “concentration” have been multiplied many times.


    While I was looking at the treasure chests with such thoughts in my head, I somehow ended up being forced to play a strange game called “Leopin the Poor”.


    The new principal and vice principal had apparently gone to the trouble of bringing 2,000 treasure chests into the schoolyard for the game.


    But they don’t know; or rather, none of the people here know.


    That I could be a treasure chest professional at any time if I wanted to.


    So, I quickly changed my job to “Treasure Hunter”.


    After confirming with the principal, I activate the treasure hunter skill, “Treasure Discovery”.


    The skill of “Treasure Discovery” does not make the treasure glow.


    It conveys a slight but definite sense of discomfort to my senses.


    If I were to use an analogy, it would be similar to the feeling of ‘feeling a gaze’.


    I walked through the forest of treasure chests, searching for the pupil-less heat vision.


    Eventually, I opened one of the treasure chests that I sensed and found a sign that said “Atari” popping out from inside with fanfare.



    “Ha…… hassaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!”


    The principal’s strange exclamation appears.


    “The odds are one in two hundred, so how could you possibly guess it in one shot?”


    I found the next winning treasure chest a short distance away from the first one I found.


    When I open it, more confetti blows out than before.


    Apparently, the blessing also gets more flashy when you get a hit in a row.


    I opened the treasure chest like a butterfly walking from flower to flower.


    By the fourth piece, the fanfare is enough to shake the entire schoolyard, and the confetti soars skyward like a geyser.


    The students who were watching my game are frozen like statues.


    Even the principal, covered in confetti from the wind, he stood there without shocked.


    “Ugh …… no way, right ……? I can’t believe he got four in a row right ……?


    “Hey, how do you know it’s a hit ……?”


    “Well, it’s been less than a minute and you’ve made 200 million ……!”


    “‘Crap, I’m not going to be able to hit all of these!”


    A student’s screaming voice brings the principal back to his senses.


    As he tumbled off the stage.


    “‘Yah …… don’t do that!!!!”


    He rushed over to me in a desperate manner.


    He looks like he’s about to cry with his nose all red and he’s huffing and puffing.


    “This game’s over! This game’s over!”


    “Yeah, but the Principal said I can pull the treasure chest as many times as I want …….


    Since you’re here, here’s some more: ……”


    “Stop it, stop it, stop it, stop it, stop it!”


    The principal hung onto my leg and began to wail.


    I think he’s probably crying fake tears because I’m not crying at all. ……


    I was starting to feel sorry for him, so I decided to leave it at that.


    In the end, there were 14 classes that toasted in the “Cheers Game”.


    That game dropped me out of the top 10 in the ‘asset rankings’ for a brief period of time.


    But like a treasure chest, if you open the lid, you’ll find …….


    1st Special Training Class 301,200,000 Yen 


    2nd place, Class 1-7, 105,201,900 Yen 


    I was back, with a huge lead over second place and below. ……!


    “Ha…… hassaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!


    Haan haan haan haan haan haan haan haan haan haan haan haan haan haan haan haan haan haan haan haan haan haan haan haan haan haan haan haan haan haan haan !!!!”


    The Principal screams as if he is having trouble breathing.


    Waving his hands in the air, he was dragged away from the schoolyard by the vice principal.


    I didn’t pay attention to such a spoiled principal and was distracted by my own body glowing.


    “‘It’s been a while since I’ve leveled up, maybe gambling is a good experience for me?”



    Name Leopin

    Occupation Treasure Hunter

    Lv 18 ⇒ 19

    HP 1010

    MP 1010



    Life 101

    Endurance 101

    Toughness 1001

    Spirit 101

    Resistance 101

    Agility 1001

    Concentration 101

    Strength 101

    Magic 101

    Dharma 101

    Intelligence 101

    Liberal Arts 101

    Five Senses 101

    Sixth Sense 101

    Charm 1

    Luck 5

    Dexterity 500 ⇒ 600



    Changeable occupations


    Production System



    Shin-Ra Carpenter


    Leather Craftsman



    Confectioner Pastry Chef

    Artisan Fireworker


    Exploration System


    Treasure Hunter


    NEW! Earth Vein Master


    Combat System

    Battle Axe User


    Martial Artist



    NEW! Gambler



    I chuckled at the newly added occupation.


    “‘Hey man, I’m not going to take this seriously ……”


    I was curious to see what kind of skills I have though, so I’m going to try and change jobs.



    Occupation |Treasure hunter ⇒ Gambler

    HP 1010 ⇒ 301200000





    My HP suddenly became a ridiculous number, and I was taken aback.



    Occupation Gambler


    Occupational skill


    Money Blood (Passive)


    The money in your possession is your HP.


    Last One| (Passive Cooldown 30 days)


    If you lose your all bet all bet gambling


    Stepping on the brink of death with 0 HP.


    Pepperlock Scissors (Active)


    Can predict the opponent’s move in rock-paper-scissors




    One of the hidden abilities of The Gambler.


    Activate the effect of the skill multiple times to reveal it.



    The “cooldown” in the “Last One” skill is a limit on the number of consecutive uses of the skill.


    Normally, you can use the same skill as many times in a row as long as you have MP.


    However, some of the more powerful skills require a cooldown.


    In that case, the effect cannot be activated again until the specified period has passed.


    Whatever it is, you can find it at …….


    I looked at the list of occupational skills and found out why gamblers are called the ‘cursed profession’.


    “It’s too nasty to die when you have zero money in your pocket. ……


    Come to think of it, I heard that gamblers always have an amulet filled with gold hanging around their necks, and they wear it when they sleep and when they bathe.


    Well, I can always change careers.”


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