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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Kingavent


    With the addition of Class 1 and 3, the number of classes refusing to toast has grown to five.


    Once they crossed the four classes of toast refusal, he can no longer enforce them in the name of the rules of the game.


    Kakeru-kun has been caught out again.


    He seemed about to explode at last, but again the vice-principal shouted high in the air.


    “I have one more new rule to announce!”


    This time, as expected, there were shouts of “Ma…… again!” from below the stage.


    Undeterred by the criticism, the vice principal, D’Lila, held her hand up to the writing wall next to the stage.


    Then 10 treasure chests fly out from behind the wall and land on the wall.


    Apparently, D’Lila is a wizard.


    D’Lila snaps her fingers, and the ten treasure chests open all at once.


    Then two kinds of signs popped out of the open box.


    The five treasure chests are signs that say “Atari! Plus 50 Million Yen!”


    The remaining five treasure chests are signs that say “Huzzah! Minus 50 Million Yen “.


    That was all he needed to know, and Kakeru-kun took over.


    He nodded his head with tears in his eyes, as if he was exaggeratedly impressed.


    “‘The girls’ feelings for Leopin have touched my heart too!


    That’s why I wanted to give Leopin-san a present too!


    The Leopin Millionaire Game is about to begin!


    I mean, hey, Leopin-kun, Leopin-kun!”


    Leopin was too preoccupied with Alinco to notice when Kakeru-kun called out to him.


    One student throws a rock at him, and knocks! “Ouch!” he turns around.


    Leopin turned toward the stage and giggled.


    Because all eyes were focused on him.


    The Principal says, pointing towards a row of treasure chests.


    “Mr. Leopin! Look over there! See all those treasure chests?


    That treasure chest is about to be closed and shuffled, and then you get to pick the box!


    If you get a hit, I’ll give you 50 million Yen !


    But if you get a bad one, I’ll take the 50 million yen , okay?”


    Leopin sighs  and gives an uninterested nod.


    “If you get a hit, you win, if you get a miss, I win!


    You can pull the treasure chest as many times as you want!


    If you can get five in a row, you’ll win 250 million yen!”




    “But there’s a condition for quitting, and you can’t retire until you get at least one ‘bite.”


    “But I only have 100 million Yen  .”


    “I’ll just call it a loan for the rest!”


    The explanation of the rules continues, weaving in and outrageous things.


    At this point, the Principal suddenly turned the conversation to Monaka and Kotone.


    “It’s time to chime in!


    If your class declares that they will cooperate with Leopin-kun, the number of Ataris in the treasure chest will increase by one per class!


    However, the class that declares cooperation must make a toast if Mr. Leopin draws even one “wrong”!


    In other words, you’re betting on Leopin’s memory to give him an advantage!”


    Now I know why The Cheers Game turned into The Leopin’ Millionaire Game.


    The Principal wants Monaka and Kotone to make a toast to the game.


    Monaka raised a small hand with a curious look on her face.


    “Um, Principal ……, if all five classes here cooperate with Leo-kun, all ten treasure chests will become ‘Atari’, ……?”


    Then the principal fidgeted deliberately.


    “Don’t make me say it! I told you!


    I was touched by your feelings for Mr. Leopin!”


    Monaka and Kotone are two young ladies who have been raised to believe that world is all butterflies and flowers.


    She was not familiar with the bad intentions of others, but  was intelligent about the good intentions of others.


    “You can find a lot of people who are interested in this kind of thing.”


    “I’m sorry, Vice principal, but I misjudged you.


    I don’t do any kind of gambling, but if that’s the case, I’m happy to help.”


    The girls who refused the toast were pure, and knew no suspicion of others.


    This is especially true if the other party is a principal.


    However, one girl was different.


    “I’m sure there’s more to it than that, but okay, I’m in.


    Men and danger are just like horses …… to ride, you know.


    Aan, it’s a dangerous bet, it’s kind of tantalizing ……!”


    In the end, all five classes bet their ‘toast’ and offered to help Leopin.


    In the treasure chest that was lined up by the side, the tag of “not good” is replaced with “atari” by the head teacher’s hand.


    The ten Ataris lined up in a row were spectacular.


    Naturally, frustration ensues.


    “It’s too unfair to win them all!


    “And that’s a total of 500 million! The top class of us is 100 million, why would you …… give a trashy guy like that?”


    “I’m not sure what to make of that.”


    But their frustration vanishes in an instant.


    “Then the ‘Leopin Grand Poor Man’s ●●● Game’ is about to begin!


    At the principal’s signal, the ten treasure chests slammed their lids shut, and the wall of writing that surrounded the students was transformed into a




    And then, as if to snap it open, it dispersed.


    The view that opens up at once, in the spacious schoolyard …….


    There are over a thousand treasure chests. ……!


    The treasure chest has flown away and they no longer know where it is.


    In front of the stunned students, the principal and vice principal burst into laughter at having done so!


    “Kaka kaka kaka!” It’s stuck! It’s stuck!


    No one said the treasure chest was 10 ~~~~~~~!


    Now Leopin is going to be in debt. ~~~~~~~


    The principal and vice principal take each other’s hands and begin to dance.


    Monaka and Kotone, who have never been deceived by anyone before, are completely blank.


    The rest of the students were very excited.


    “So that’s what this is all about! The principal was one step ahead of us after all!


    “I’m not going to let that bastard give me any ” !


    “Look at that trashy face!”


    “Ha-ha-ha, you’re at your wits’ end, like you’re in debt!”


    Leopin, who is in the middle of the vortex, still looks like someone else.


    For a while he gazed around at the myriad of treasure chests, like jellyfish drifting in an unseasonal sea, until he suddenly turned to the stage and saw


    “…… Are you sure you want me to take it?”




    You can have as many of them as you like!


    Even if you want to stop in the middle of the game, it’s useless! After all, the rule is that you can’t stop until you get a bite!”


    Leopin gave another absent-minded reply, “Huh,” and then strode into the forest of treasure chests.


    After scurrying around for a while as if looking for something, he stopped in front of a certain treasure chest and opened the lid without any hesitation.


    …… Pucker up!


    Immediately afterwards, the sign “Atari” flew out with fanfare and confetti.


    “Ha…… hassaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!”


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