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Even Posing as a Hero is Easy–Why? Cause I’m a God–

Chapter 105

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Episode 105. Frontier Continent

Translated by X-treme97

Edited by Phantom0408

A few days later, the voyage went well, and the continent’s shore was finally in sight.

The sun was shining high above at noon.

“I’m finally here, so let’s just get the fairy world back and get the fairy portal back so we can use it.”

“That way, the village, the new world tree, and the beast district I’m about to get will be able to be instantly moved and protected by me.”

“But, where’s the closest place to the fairy world?”

I muttered to myself as I stood on the boat’s bow and looked out at the view.

Celica, who stood beside me, replied.

“It would be quicker to ask, wouldn’t it?”

“Yeah. Margilia.”

I chant a long spell and talk to him.

“Margilia, are you there?”

“Oh! Mr. Keika? What is the matter with you?

“I’ve come to the west of the Frontier Continent,; whereas the closest place I can land to reach the fairy world?”

“That’s it! That’s just the way I like it, Keika-sama. I thank you for working on getting the… fairy world back.”

“Not yet. Let’s get it back. But first, the location.”

“There’s a port town that’s no longer in use. Call me, and I’ll show you.


When he cast a spell, a glowing magic circle emerged on the deck.

And when the light went out, a handsome man was standing there.

Pants, shirt, and vest. He wore a hat over his brushed hair and held a bow in his hand.

Let’s call her beauty in men’s clothing.

“Long time no see, Mr. Keika.”

Margilia bows reverently.

“You don’t look like that.”

“I’m undercover again. I’ve heard that a noblewoman has a fairy bracelet.”

“Collecting treasure… Anyway, show me around.”

“Sure. Right now, there’s a big deep river up here, or just south of it. A little way up there, you’ll find a port city.”


He spoke to the captain, and the ship began to move forward.

Margilia led us to the port city. It’s a bay, but it was filled with much more sand than usual.

We proceeded with the hulled vessel because of its shallow draft line due to its structure.

I attached the boat to the crumbling quay. Weeds were growing everywhere.

When the ship stopped, the muffled heat enveloped my skin.

I don’t see anyone, but… You got a little boat made of grass.

Yeah. A few people are living here. Natives, shall we say? People without civilization.

“I see. Let’s try not to provoke them because we might not be able to talk to each other if they have different cultures and customs.”

The continent was once ruled by the Sun religion.

I heard that they were attacked and destroyed by many demons, but I heard that some of them survived.

“Then let’s get down. Nanna, keep watch, and Chrystia, be ready to run away at any time, and Luna?”

I said to Celica, Meena and Lapisia.

The only one I can’t see is Luna, the jellyfish girl.

Lapisia said.

“She’s in bed, and I’m in pain. “

Kuah, it’s not working.

“Is your recovery spell not working? You got a fever?”

Chrystia, the mermaid sitting on the ship’s edge, says.

“It’s probably just growing pains. She’s been growing so fast in recent years. Maybe she’s trying to get her body to adjust to that.”

— an amalgamation of man, squid, fish, and jellyfish, an unnamable monster came to mind.

“If Luna can’t move, you’re going to be short on protection. Hmmm, worst-case scenario, the ship could break down, so put your life first.”

“Okay, Keika-sama.”

The captain, whose beard and frown were connected, nodded.

“I’ll take care of the ship! I can put upwards if I have to.”

“All right. You’re on it.”

We walked through the harbor town with Marglia in the lead. The grass grew on the cobblestones, and the stucco walls were crumbling. More than half the houses were crushed.

Then, in the shadows of crumbling houses , I saw tanned, half-naked people.

No clothes. They wore a skirt of large leaves connected by vines. Both men and women. They had many sachets on the vines around their waists.

Their upper bodies were naked. The women and others who were making the meal had drooping breasts that shook violently.

I was about to walk quickly through, but an elderly man with a feather decoration in his hair approached me.

He seemed to be a chieftain. His face was stern but not hostile.

“Who are you?”

“I’m Keika, the Hero. I’ve come to rescue the elves.”

“Hero! Legend! Warrior of Light! Sunlight, demons, they will burn you to a crisp!”

‘I’m not a sun god.’

“I can’t use the sunlight, but I can push it away with water or blow it away with the wind. Well, don’t worry, we’ll take down the Demon King. Then I’ll be on my way.”

“Welcome! You’re welcome!”

“I’ll see you later.”

“Warriors of… Light, no?”

“Maybe it’s not your lore. Oh, and–and don’t make the mistake of attacking the ship because it looks like a demon, but there are sacred animals on board.”

I pointed to the harbor, and the chief let out a screaming cry.

“Ship of the Sun! Ship of God! Another warrior of light! Welcome right away! Ship, secure!”

I wondered for a moment what he was talking about, but I soon realized that he was referring to the outer ring.

If you ask me, the outer ring may look like a sun motif.

… I didn’t think that coming on an outer circle ship would win the friendship of the tribe.

Even God didn’t expect it.

The chief tried hard to convince me with gestures.

I popped my head up and scratched my head.

“What do we do, Celica?”

“Since I’ve been told so much, I can’t be vain… Besides, the banquet may be a chance to spread the name of Keika the Hero to the people here.

“I see. We indeed need to gather as many followers as possible to defeat the Demon King. That’s what Celica is all about. That’s good advice.”

“I’m happy to… help you.”

Celica’s cheeks flushed with happiness.

Meena said with a snap of her pointed ears.

“I’m interested in the food here.”

Meena’s dark eyes were glued to the woman cooking in the shadow of the crumbling house.

“I told the chief.”

“All right. I’ll have a drink with you. I’m Keika.”

“Thank you! Cayka, warrior of light! Glory to the sun!”

The chief clapped his hands together and worshipped the sun in the sky.

Celica pouted.

“I see the language is the same here.”

‘Yes. The practices are so different. Maybe it’s because the original gods are the same.”

“I see. It’s possible, isn’t it?”

The Chief stood first and walked away.

I put my hand on the side of the base and let out a shout.

‘Oh! Wow!

With that, the town suddenly became noisy.

Wherever they were lurking, about a hundred men and women, young and old, ran around preparing for the party.

The chief took me on a walk through the lively town.

Late afternoon.

A banquet was held beside a large, half-destroyed castle on a hill.

I sat in the center of the tier, with Celica, Meena, and Lapisia on either side of me.

All the tribesmen are prostrating themselves on the ground.

“Hero Keika! Warrior of Light! Dear Saviors!”

I thought we were going to sit in a circle and have a drink or two.

Well, I don’t feel bad about it because I know they respect me.

Celica was used to being a princess, and Meena wasn’t fazed. Lapisia is also rather happy because she’s a god.

“Don’t be so serious. Let’s be friends, shall we?”

I said.

“Thank you, Keika! I’m glad! The Word of God!”

People were bowing down and crying and rejoicing.

I beckoned the chief to me.

He comes to the side, shaking his featherweight.

“What is it?”

“No, I feel like I’m getting too much praise. What’s the matter with you?”

The chief frowned slightly.

“Everyone here… is a group of three tribes. If we don’t unite, we will perish.”

“Are there too many… demons?”

He’s gotten very violent lately. It’s been biting us off one by one.

‘Come to think of it, Evil Squid was also the commander of the Frontier Continent Force. Did you lose your grip on your boss when he died?’ 

The Chief says.

“Demons are starving. Danger, danger, danger.”

“Is the supply run not working?”

The Demon King’s Army, it’s about to collapse.

The chief clapped his hands together and pleaded with him.

“I want you to protect it. This village. The people.”

“Hmm. I can’t do that.”

Celica tilts her head in wonderment.

“Why is that? Would it be difficult for you, Keika-sama?”

“It is.”

I looked at the dense jungle with my clairvoyant eyes.

The demons that roamed there.

Anyway, they are huge.

A dragon whose entire body is covered in spikes. Moreover, it was 20 meters long.

An eagle covered in flames. With its wings spread, it was 30 meters long.

Then there’s the three-sided, six-armed elephant, bigger than a house.

Muscles like steel flexing. They are quite strong. And a herd of about 30 elephants.

Some of the giants are over 10 meters tall. They are armed with giant swords and armor.

Even the weakest-looking rat is about six meters long.

They must be the elite group of demons created by the Demon King Vernus to crush the Sun Religion.

I could take it down in plenty of time, but I don’t think I could take it down like a statue.

Even if you put up a ward, it’s going to be broken. If you put up an unbreakable ward, not even people will be able to get in and out.

‘And the sun god’s influence was so strong that I didn’t feel like I was taking the credit for it.’

“It’s difficult – I mean, I’m surprised you’ve been able to live with yourself.”

“Sun dust. You can get away with it.”

The chief handed him one of the sachets at his waist as an offering.

I opened the bag and found white glowing sand inside.

Celica, who was watching beside me, rolls her blue eyes and presses her hand to her mouth.

“Oh! It’s holy gold!”

A metal used as an alloy additive when making the best weapons and armor.

Holy Gold Coins.

Gold that can be filled with the power of white magic. Because of this, ordinary gold is less valuable than it is on earth.

There was also ordinary silver and silver that could be filled with black magic power – magic silver, and like gold, ordinary silver was less valuable.

He explained that it was used for currency because it’s just a clean metal.

A single holy gold coin is 5 million yen. Regular gold would be cheaper, but 100,000 yen is kind of cheap for a large gold coin that weighs a lot, right? I didn’t know there was a reason for that.

“I didn’t care much about the money.”

“Hmm? So all those sacks the whole tribe wears around their waists are holy gold sand?”

“Yes. You can get it from the river. Bottom sand.”

“Ho! –Can you get it in the river?”

All 100 people have about 10 bags each, and each bag weighs between 50 and 80 grams. Holy gold coins, about two pieces.

That was slightly over 10 billion yen.

“How much longer is there to the…… river?”

“A lot!”

I used [Clairvoyance] because I couldn’t tell by the chief’s answer.

Glistening sand glistening on the bottom of a great river.

Well, even with a rough conversion, you could make a million holy gold coins.

Five billion yen, five trillion yen, and three tons of 30 grams per piece.

I held my head up.

It was a recipe for economic disaster if it got out into the economy.

I mean, sure, the value of the Holy Gold is about to go downhill.

It was not a bad thing that there was metal on the market that can defeat demons.

Do we have to put them into circulation little by little while hiding their existence?

“Chief, don’t tell the people on the ship about that sand. Never.”

“I know. I’m telling you this because it’s Mr. Keika.”

It was said that people who had drifted to this continent a long time ago found out about the existence of holy gold and took it away in large quantities.

It is said that the holy gold was so depleted that they were unable to cope with the demons. One tribe was hit so hard that it was destroyed (the river has a strong current, so collecting gold sand is said to be time-consuming).

“Don’t tell Meena or Lapisia, either?”

The cat-eared girl and the god girl nodded coyly with a serious face.

I said, exhaling. It couldn’t be helped.

“All right, Chief. I’ll find a way to protect you. But when you do, you’ll have to respect me. More than the sun.”

“Okay! –Oh! Everybody listen up! Keika, our Savior!”


“Cayca, I worship God!

“‘Keika! Keika!

They responded with enthusiasm.

I guess that was how desperate they were.

Then Meena said in a plain voice.

“Have you… eaten yet?”

“Yeah, yeah. Chief, I haven’t had lunch yet, please.”

“Okay, then–food!”

When the chief instructed him, the meal was brought in, black, brown, and colorless.

The only bright thing was raw fish meat. The red flesh shined.

I gulped when I saw it.

“What? No way.”

I broke off the browned fish and ate it.

My eyes widened.


I then picked up the sashimi with my chopsticks (which I just made).

Ate it in a small dish of burnt brown liquid.

With a clatter, he knocked over a chair, stood up, and looked at the heavens.

Soy sauce! No, it was tamari soy sauce!

Humid climate.

It was probably made when people attempted to preserve beans.

Celica and Meena watched me as I stood up and took a small leap. Celica and Meena rolled their eyes at me.

Only Lapisia ate in silence.


He shouted.

Oh, even a child could understand that? No, it’s because they’re children that they can make decisions out of common sense.

Anyway, I secretly decided that I had to protect this taste.

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