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Devilish Dream Boy Pampers Me to the Sky

Chapter 10

Genius Doctor Oppa is a Beast

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Chapter 10 : Genius Doctor Oppa is a Beast

Translated by funbililian

Edited by Schwarzel

  Chu Ci’s face was pure and plain, she had a babyface, and looked like a young child, but her arrogance always gave a bad impression


 But it was different now, her slightly two-toned eyes looking over at him made him warm and soft inside.


   “Well, we’re done here too, so let’s get back, shall we?”


    Chu Ci blinked her eyes and nodded, “Wait a minute.” She said as her little head looked around and saw the blue folder that had been kicked to the corner.


  She walked over and picked it up, patted the dust on it. The people who caused the ruckus was being escorted out, Lu Jin stood a short distance away with a deep look in his eyes, a trace of cold sarcasm crossed his face, he turned around and intending to leave.


 As a result, when he turned around, he saw Chu Ci standing behind him, holding that folder in her hand and handing it to him.


    This appearance looked so well-behaved that the darkness spread slightly as the emotions under Lu Jin’s eyes swirled.


    “Brother, this is for you, I’m going back first.”


    ‘Lu Jin’s love value +5, currently 10.’


  Lu Jin lifted his hand and took the folder in Chu Ci’s hand, holding it in his hand with a pair of indifferent eyes, his other hand lifting up to press slightly on his gold wire glasses.


  It was only then that he stretched out his hand and patted Chu Porcelain’s head slightly, his voice reserved, “Don’t call me brother, now go back to rest.”


Chu Porcelain’s eyes flickered slightly, dropping her head and nodding sullenly.


    Watching Chu Porcelain turn around and follow the nurse back to her room, Lu Jin also turned around and headed for his office, but couldn’t help but think of the rapidly emerging red marks on the man’s wrist that he had seen earlier.


 He didn’t seem to be using that much force at the time, did he? Or is it Chu Ci? But remembering Chu Ci’s dazed, innocent and pale little face, Lu Jin cocked an eyebrow and threw the thought out of his mind.


   Chu Ci took another medical examination before lying back on the soft bed. Chu Ci could not help but rub her eyebrows, easing the non-stop rambling of the nurse, Cha Bai was still talking in her ears.


     ‘Ci Ci is that what you call a little strength?!!!’


    Chu Ci fell down on the bed in a righteous manner.


    ‘Yeah, I didn’t even push him hard enough.’


    Tea White: …… What is with this rather regretful tone of yours?


    There was a feeling that something wasn’t quite right with the self-behaving host.


    ‘Ci Ci in this world we’re set up as soft girls ahhh!!!’


    Chu Ci blinked her eyes in thought, revealing half of her good-natured side face from within the snow-white soft blanket, and raised her eyebrows, ‘Don’t I look soft enough?’


 ‘I think I need to apply a limit to your power…… ‘Cha Bai talked for half a day.


    Chu Ci rolled over with the blanket in her arms, and although she didn’t say anything, it was easy to see Chu Ci’s displeasure with this action from the way she moved.


  ‘I will personally supervise you!’ Cha Bai spoke up very responsibly, ‘If the persona collapses badly and people notice that something is wrong it will affect the collection of energy! Ci also wants to complete the mission early and fulfil her wish, right?”


    Chu Porcelain’s movements went stiff.


    In a word: bowing down to and bending over for Energy Big Brother!

   Chu porcelain blinked her eyes, then nodded seriously and raised a fist, ‘I want to grow taller.’

    Cha Bai: ……

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