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    Creating a Sandbox World

    Chapter 39

    The Man Who Stepped Into the Mountains

    Translated by Oedon
    Edited by Oedon



    It took Lin Tuo just two days to reach the Great Western Continent. After all, even if the road was rough, he could only run in the wilderness, and with occasionally hunting halfway through—he had descended near the west. Plus, the continent itself was merely 300,000 square kilometers. 


    No problematic issues had appeared halfway through, besides the car’s fuel depletion, that is. Even that was not an issue, frankly. Lin Tuo simply used the Sandbox to bring in a few barrels of gasoline from Yangcheng. In addition, the high-quality fuel had increased the SUV’s speed.


    Meanwhile, throughout the journey, Hua Xi had gradually opened up to Lin Tuo; she kept talking, even without him asking. Most of the time, she recounted her glorious deeds in the wilderness, which relieved his boredom. 


    By the time they had officially entered the Western Mountain Range on the third day, it was already tricky for SUVs to pass through because of the terrain. 


    “All right, pack your things up and follow me. We will walk as driving is impossible.”


    Under the dark sky, the icy wind whistled. The closer they were to the Great Western Continent, the colder it was. Hence, Lin Tuo needed to move his body occasionally to generate heat.




    On the car’s backseat, Hua Xi, who was wearing a cotton-padded jacket and a cotton hat, responded. She swiftly tied the shriveled ammunition bag to her shoulder, then held tight a rifle and a few beers. In the past two days, she had adapted to the role of an “assistant” and “follower.”


    They raised their heads, ahead they could see the vast Western Mountain Range. The sky was cloudy, and the light, dark; the hills were like fierce beasts laying on the ground—which was frightening. In front of them stood a wooden post—a guidepost—divided into three arrows, respectively written with Burning Fire Company, Gray Mountain Group, and Apocalypse Wanderer.


    Lin Tuo’s expression became strange after he saw this scene.


    “This should be the guidepost they set up for the latecomers. It says the direction where the three forces are located.”


    “I thought it would be a chaotic battlefield here,” said Lin Tuo.


    Hua Xi shook her head. “A large-scale war won’t break out, at least not until they find something good. Over the years, they have fought each other far too many times to the point of tacit understanding. After all, compared to fighting each other, it benefits them more to wipe out the powerful Mutated Beasts here, jointly.


    “But of course, as I said, the peace will not last once they encounter the likes of large-scale weapons depot, laboratory, or the Imperial Seal.”


    “Certainly.” Lin Tuo nodded. “Any plans in mind?”


    “I think we should find a Hunter’s Home to get some information first before we act,” Hua Xi analyzed calmly.


    “Lead the way,” said Lin Tuo. He tightened the windproof mask on his face.




    “Hunter’s Home” was the branch of Apocalypse Wanderer all over the world. Even here, at the frontier of this continent, they were not absent.


    After leaving the car, Lin Tuo and Hua Xi walked along the path on the snowy mountain. Along the way, they met some Evolved Ones, either in pairs or alone. All of them were wearing thick winter clothes while carrying weapons; they were vigilant, keeping some distance from each other. Hence, they were scattered around the mountain range.


    “They should be the Wasteland Hunters who want to take advantage of the opening of the Western Continent to hunt beasts, explore ruins, and reap benefits. Don’t worry, as long as we don’t show off too much; no one will pay attention to us,” Hua Xi said faintly.


    Lin Tuo nodded silently, remaining vigilant. 


    As they pushed forward, they could occasionally see some temporary buildings, and as they climbed another hill, a newly built camp conveniently appeared in their vision. A flag depicting the emblem of “Apocalypse Wanderer” fluttered amidst the icy wind.


    “That’s the Hunter’s Home,” said Hua Xi.


    As she spoke, the sound of sporadic gunfire came from the depths of the mountain range; there were many of them scattered from all directions.


    “Those gunshots, is it the three major forces’ exploration teams?” asked Lin Tuo. After getting confirmation, his eyes briefly blurred—he switched consciousness. He then used the Full FOV¹ to observe the Sandbox. In the western part of it, he saw a mountain range covered with snow, large tracts of forest scattered around disorderly, and dense gray clouds shrouding the sky.


    In the mountain range, there were three waves of teams separated by a safe distance from each other, distributed from south to north. They were trying to push the battlefront deeper into the mountain range.


    The “Apocalypse Wanderer” in the middle has the least number, is scattered, and lacks coordination; these people should be some of the powerful Wasteland Hunters in the midst of exploring. While in the north and south direction, there were the “Burning Fire Company” and the “Gray Mountain Group.” Each had many people holding hot weapons; these armed forces ought to be their main forces.


    Lin Tuo moved his line of sight westward. By looking down from above, he could see the ruins hidden in the col. It’s a pity that he had no interest in it.




    He transferred back his consciousness into the Sandbox, then followed Hua Xi towards the “Hunter’s Home.”


    It was a mess of buildings. At the center of them was a log cabin, surrounded by heavily armed guards discreetly sizing the pedestrians.


    Hua Xi expertly covered her face with a mask. Then, with her back straight, she pushed open the door of the log cabin. 


    Suddenly, the chatter in the room stopped. One by one, they looked at the two people who came into the room with the wind and snow—then looked away.


    The so-called Hunter’s Home was decorated like a bar. Inside, there was a fireplace in the room to keep out the cold. About twenty or thirty people were scattered around the bar, sitting around the fireplace and drinking some bitter wine made of wild fruit.


    Hua Xi pretended to be experienced and went to the bar counter. She squeezed her throat² and took out her identity card, then said to the “receptionist” of the Apocalypse Wanderer, “A summary of recent intelligence.” 


    “Five general-purpose bullets or the equivalent,” the receptionist said flatly.


    So evil…


    Hua Xi secretly cursed in her heart. She took out five bullets and exchanged them with a newspaper-like thing, albeit reluctantly. Then she handed it to Lin Tuo.


    The latter opened his eyes and glanced at it. His eyebrows raised slightly. Indeed, it’s like a simplified version of a newspaper, which contained the “intelligence” of the last seven days. Many of them were “outdated,” though. The most valuable intelligence was the activity areas of some Mutated Beasts in the Western Mountain Range. They were all marked with ink, with red being the most dangerous. However, while “dangerous” for others, for him, it was the best body tempering tool. 


    In addition, there was a “Hunting Ranking” that aroused his interest. It’s a ranking of Hunters’ feats made by the Apocalypse Wanderer, which counted the Wasteland Hunters’ harvest in the Great Western Continent. It was, in other words, a “Combat Power Ranking.” People could use this to determine who they can provoke and who to avoid.


    A corresponding number of points followed each name. Lin Tuo swept his eyes. A Hunter named “Lone Wolf” ranked first, with 876 points, surpassing the second place by 150 points.


    In total, there were fifty people in the ranking.


    “This is kinda amusing.” Lin Tuo shook his head and laughed despite himself. He put away the intelligence then said, “Let’s go.”


    After saying that, he stepped away and took the lead to leave. Hua Xi froze, then hurriedly caught up to him without a word.


    When they pushed the door to leave, suddenly, three hunters got up simultaneously and took up their weapons. They opened the door and followed them.


    The others were not surprised by this. Though, there was a trace of scruple in their eyes.




    “Someone is following us.”


    The biting icy wind was blowing from the mountain. Hua Xi was following Lin Tuo into the depths of the mountain before she suddenly said vigilantly.


    “I know.” Lin Tuo kept walking and didn’t look back—as if he felt no fear—just stepping forward. He said casually, “Just a few weaklings³, let them be. If they don’t open their eyes and provoke me, I’ll just kill them.”


    After two consecutive days of killing, Lin Tuo crossed the wilderness from the middle to reach the Great Western Continent. He had lost count on how many Mutated Beasts died by his hands. Consequently, his body tempering progress was improved, and his combat experience became increasingly rich.


    Halfway through, Lin Tuo also met several Hunters who tried to fight him, all of whom he killed. So much so that there was a trace of evil aura on him. Even his character turned fiercer.


    At this moment, the casually spoken words fell on Hua Xi’s ears, causing her heart to tremble. She knew he had the ability to do so. Even along the way, she doubted whether there was any life on this Wasteland that could defeat him.


    Coo, coo.”


    As the two walked, suddenly, a bizarre whistle sound came from above, approaching quickly.


    Hua Xi instinctively rolled over, then set up her rifle and aimed at the sky. She saw a gigantic bird swooping down. 


    Its body was pitch-black and as big as an adult, while its wings were shimmering with a metallic luster. It had regarded them as its prey.


    In the distance, the three Hunters who tailed them suddenly stopped and raised their guns or knives. They said with a solemn expression, “It’s the Iron-Winged Bird!”


    As the Hunters who came into this continent earlier, they were very aware of the horror of this local mutated bird. Its feathers were as hard as iron and unusually flexible—bullets would have difficulty hurting it. Furthermore, it especially likes to harass people; once it targets its prey, it was challenging to get rid of it.


    Even those at the top of the Hunting Ranking were often unwilling to provoke this thing.


    “They’re dead. We gotta move,” the leader said decisively, albeit not reconciled.


    But at this moment, the situation changed abruptly!


    They saw that, instead of dodging, the tall and thin figure in front of them did a strange posture. Then, he condensed an illusory longbow into his hand!


    Weaponized Art, Lunar Bow!




    With a flick of Lin Tuo’s wrist, the illusory arrow condensed from the Ether energy shot towards the sky!


    At the same time, Hua Xi, who was squatting next to him, also adjusted her rifle and shot several bullets, blocking the Iron-Winged Bird’s space to dodge!




    In the next second, with a wail, Lin Tuo’s arrow shot the head of the pitch-black, terrifying bird; it died mid-air. 


    It fell on the snowy field like a broken kite!




    “How is that possible?!”


    The three hunters in the distance looked at the scene in amazement. For a moment, they felt cold all over, as if someone had thrown them into an icy cave. They never expected their target to be this strong.


    It took a while for one of them to come to their senses. One of them said surprisedly, “They’re gone!”




    The other two were stunned as they found that the two, large and small, figures in front of them didn’t pay any attention to them. These two figures can’t even be bothered to pick up the dead Iron-Winged Bird before they left.


    The three of them looked at each other. Only when Lin Tuo and Hua Xi turned into two dots did they dare to step forward and pick up the frozen bird.


    “Let’s go back to the Hunter’s Home! A mysterious powerhouse has arrived; this news is bound to fetch for a high price!”




    A few hours later, news about the mysterious powerhouse was sent to the three major forces through various channels.


    This news moved the three forces.




    1. FOV is Field of View. 

    2. If it isn’t clear, she squeezed her throat to change her voice (faked her voice).

    3. Weaklings “杂鱼” (lit. Trash fish), probably similar to the fish pond matches thing (Chapter 29 if you forgot), where Chinese DOTA players liken noobs to a fish.


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