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Chloe, The Thief Lady

Chapter 12

More Obsession Than Curiosity

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Chapter 12: More Obsession Than Curiosity

Translated by Hikaru & Mel

Edited by Mel


“It’s the thief!!!”


“Catch her!”


“Shoot the bow! You can kill her!”


“You mustn’t let her go! She’s taken the Flame! You must catch her!”


“She’s on the roof!”


Chloe looked below her feet and snorted a little.


“You sound like death.”


No one foresaw that she would sneak into Count Antre’s mansion and steal a 10-carat necklace with a jewel called “The Living Flame”. It was feasible to gather people and talk like this because she called everyone here by shouting from the rooftop over the fifth floor.


“Lady, I’ll never let you go!”


“I have heard your great ambition, Count Antre. I wish you the best of luck.”


Chloe bowed down exaggeratedly, pretending to take off her hat to a shouting middle-aged man with four layers of knights around him. Her movements were modest and elegant, but no one thought it was anything other than mockery.


“Shoot! Shoot!! Get that thief right now!! Shoot her!”


Count Antre’s face was heated up at Chloe’s greeting and ran wild. But even still, Count Antre was hidden behind knights. It was only for a moment, the cowardly count’s appearance made Chloe’s clear blue eyes, resembling the middle of summer, show her hatred. Her gaze turned to the sound of the slash cutting through the air. 


PING. It was an arrow. Starting with the first shot, a rain of arrows poured down. However, there was no tension on Chloe’s face. At the count’s command, they began to pull the bow with her as the target, but most of the time it fell without even brushing her feet. Chloe softly muttered as she looked at the falling arrows that barely scraped the roof’s edge.


“Stupid, you have to shoot higher than the target.”


How long has it been? Chloe, who checked the sky, began to move. The moon had tilted, the show was over, and it was time to go back. Click, click. With light steps, the thin tiles on the roof bumped into each other and made a bright sound. The clattering sound changed to the thumping and cracking as the footsteps got faster and faster. At some point, Chloe was running without hesitation on the dark roof.


“Lady’s running away! Don’t miss! Shoot her!”


“She is heading to the west end!”


“Hurry up and catch her, you idiots! Throw the knife!”


Chloe’s brisk walk halted at the hostile words of Count Antre. When she heard the Count’s voice, which seemed close to bursting into tears at any moment, she couldn’t just let it go.


“Count Antre.”


“Why, you thief!”


Chloe took out the ‘Flame’ she had in her arms and shook it gently.


“Thank you for the gift.”


“Go to hell! You bastard! Get struck by lightning!”


In the splendor of the burning red glint in the air, Count Antre finally burst into tears.


“Well, I look forward to seeing you again!”


“Die! Kill her! Kill it!”


At the same time as the sound of roaring laughter mixed with the sound of hatred, Chloe fled from the end of the roof, as her new example of how to disappear.


“Die! Lady!”


As always, “Lady” took the Flame with her as expected, and what’s left was Count Antre’s, who had his “Flame” stolen, cry. It was Lady’s sixth outing.


“Huh. I thought I was going to break my ankle.”


She was distracted by making fun of Count Antre, and her landing shook so her ankle was not properly supported. In that condition, she stopped by the slums and distributed gold coins, so she felt like her ankle was hurting even more and was going to break.




Unable to walk any further, Chloe quickly clutched her arms around her hurting ankle. Her face under the mask was soaked in a cold sweat and her teeth were clenched in pain. Chloe began to bind her ankle with a long black bandage from her arms. In a moment, the ankle was firmly fixed. Doesn’t feel as good as usual, but it was enough to move.


“‘Lady has a face. You think I’m just going to be desperate about this.”


As if she was bluffing, the much taller splendid palace wall is easily crossed by her. Only after hiding in the dark, jumping walls, holding her breath, and even climbing a tree, Chloe was able to stand on the third floor balcony. Knock, knock. Knocking on the glass door, it wasn’t long before it opened silently, but Chloe didn’t go in. After persistently scrutinizing everywhere in the dark did she finally move. These days, Lady is a person of interest, so she couldn’t be too careful, because she didn’t know where and who would see her.


“Why are you so late today?”




Chloe was fully putting her full attention outside, but was startled and trembled with surprise in the next moment. Because of that, the sprained ankle was stinging and her body was shaking. Rayleigh reached out his hand to try to help, but Chloe slightly twisted to avoid him.


“Oh! Come on! You surprised me.”


“Surprised? I opened the door for you.”


His hand was reaching out into the air but then slowly withdrawn.


“But if you suddenly do that, I’ll be surprised…go!”


Chloe, who got sulky and was arguing, slightly crumpled her forehead the moment her eyes met  Rayleigh’s. It has been almost 15 days, and even if she looked at him every day, she can’t get used to his beauty. Her heart flutters when their eyes meet like this without warning, as if she is excited. That’s troublesome. What a scary thing to be possessed by Theodore. Chloe took a step back.


“What happened? Why are you so late today?”


She thought she managed to widen the distance, but this time, a deep low voice suddenly penetrated her eardrums. The sound was so pleasant, it made her fingertips tingle. Chloe lightly shook her numb hands out of habit.


“What a day. It’s because I’m a bit late, so I’m taking blame first thing. Don’t worry about it, worrywart!”


Rayleigh laughed briefly at Chloe’s grumbling.


“Roy, what are you talking about? Why am I worried about my invincible subordinate? Shouldn’t we be worried about Count Antre who has to be depressed by now?”


“So heartless.”


It’s not funny. With a hmphing noise, Chloe pulled a handkerchief out of her arms.


“Here you go, Flame.”


After carefully unwrapping the cloth, Chloe held the necklace in her hands. The Living Flame, which is now exposed to the light, began to glow brilliantly like a blazing fire. It was incomparably more intense and enchanting than when she saw it briefly on a dark roof. Even Chloe, who has seen many precious jewels and treasures, stopped breathing for a moment due to the overwhelming splendor. The moment when Chloe’s blue eyes were caught by the shimmering light.




Rayleigh burst into laughter and pushed the Flame toward Chloe.


“I never thought I’d see that look on your face. Roy, if you want it, keep it.”


It was a whisper as sweet as a soft smile, but Chloe refused at once.


“That’s enough.”




“I’ve learned from Your Highness, that nothing in the world is free.”


“It’s been a while since I’ve tried to be generous.”


“Your Highness, let’s be moderate in our mutual understanding.”


What do you mean by generosity? How dare you try to trick me. Chloe muttered in an audible way, and put the Flame she was holding in his hand. She didn’t forget to thoughtfully bend his fingers and squeeze so he wouldn’t drop it.


“You gave it to me, huh? I gave it to you.”


“Won’t you regret it?”


Rayleigh’s voice, which seemed to be seductive, was all the more husky. However, Chloe stumbled as she stepped back, startled at the sight.


“What would I regret!?”


With her hands out, she was sincere. It was the platinum that Count Antre saved after handing over a mine. The price is hefty and it might be terrible to think, but he is going to give her something like that for nothing? That can’t be true! It was Rayleigh who used her with a straight face to the point where she was worn out to the bone. If she receives something like the Flame, she may not only lose her bones but also her soul. Chloe shuddered without realizing it. Rayleigh, who gently shook the Flame and sweetly smiled, is like a devil. Gulp. Chloe, who swallowed dry saliva, quickly widened the distance from Rayleigh a little further.




“I’m going, Your Highness.”


“Already? You haven’t even told me about Count Antre’s story yet.”


“It’s getting bright.”


Chloe pointed her chin outside. It was definitely brighter than it was a little while ago.


“Nonsense. Is the ‘Lady’, who’s known for her newfound fame, trying to save herself now?”


“Yes, because Lady is precious.”


Chloe, who tightened her throbbing ankle, quickly went out to the balcony.


“So heartless.”


To Rayleigh’s laughable voice that mimicked her, Chloe replied with a light snort. With the sound of footsteps on solid marble, Chloe disappeared as if melting into the dark night sky. 


* * * 


After Chloe left, the look on Rayleigh’s face was a bit colder than before. He knew Chloe’s ankle hurt when she came in because when he stood nearby, he could feel a hot breath and hear a small gasping sound. She was staggering every time she moved. He knew. Maybe there was a problem today. It wasn’t easy. 


After Baron Clant, Roy left a so-called “announcement” to clearly tell people about the date of her visit and what she was planning to steal. A thief who announces her appearance and because of that everyone laughed at ‘Lady’, but it was only for a little while. 


No matter how tightly it was being guarded, ‘Lady’ made sure to take the items she had spotted on the day she promised. ‘Lady’ has become a horrifying word in conversations. The guards were doubled and tripled, and all kinds of traps were set in the house where the notice was received. Of course, it would naturally become more dangerous as time went on. 


However, Chloe never uttered a single cry at Rayleigh’s command, no matter where or what it was. Never reported that it was difficult or dangerous. Never requested him to change it to an easier place. Or anything. Even on days she got hurt, like today. She could have asked for medicine, but Roy ran away as if her tail caught fire.




Rayleigh sighed as he watched the Flame radiating intense light as if fire was swaying. He couldn’t believe he was trying to bait her with something like this. The shame he felt is beyond description. Roy avoided him as if he were a plague, saying that she did not believe in curses. How can he not notice her subtle moves in order to keep the distance? However, does Roy not know that the more she keeps the distance, the more obsessed he becomes?



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