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    Translated by SoundDestiny
    Edited by Zil


    “Something’s gone wrong, hasn’t it? What do you want to do? Aya Mikoshiba – by your magic. If you bury everyone except me and Reika-sama with one blow..I can do the rest with my skills, can’t I?”


    “Don’t talk nonsense, Kiryuin. If you do that, Kirishima will die.”


    Ran turned to the spot, listening to the joke or the seriousness of the exchange.


    Trying as much as possible not to show his agitation or trembling, he reached out his hand to Sayaka, the high school girl sitting in front of him.


    “I’m here to help you, Sayaka.”




    The fear that had faded in the wake of her surprise was revived by relief, and Sayaka’s face contorted momentarily into a pout before she jumped on Ran’s chest.

    She wrapped her arms around his back and squeezed the creases of his uniform. The emotions that had been bottled up must have broken down. She buried her face in it, rubbing her face against the chest of the uniform and letting out a sob.


    As if to take it all in, Ran hugs Sayaka’s shoulders and puts his arms around her back as well.


    “How did you know? How did you know I was here?”


    “What kind of prince doesn’t show up when his love is in trouble?”


    With Sayaka in his heart, Ran faces Hirokatsu Yamashiro again.


    But the man he’s about to face – the man he must face – is not Hirokatsu.


    A storm of piercing stares converges on Ran.


    Ran noticed that all his classmates except for Emi and Yuri have gathered here.


    The girls, who knew about Ran’s current situation, greeted him with a strange mixture of surprise and bewilderment, while the boys, who didn’t know what was going on, were buzzing around and whispering to each other.


    A dozen armoured knights with spears emerged from the corridors and gardens and entered the room.


    The armoured knights poked the floor with their spears, turned them around and pointed the tips at their targets and thrust them out. A trident. It’s not like a sharp Japanese lancer, it’s more like a metal bludgeon, but Ran doesn’t like the idea of having a sharp object pointed at him by someone who has the will to attack.


    The knights raised their purple bracelets to the sky and shouted again. As if on cue, more and more armoured knights of a similar appearance gathered.


    The new knights do not have spears. The knights in armor, who wore purple bracelets, entered the room through a gaping hole, and seven of the saints who were believed to be involved in the incident — Hirokatsu Yamashiro, Tsubasa Ryuzaki, Hibiki Onigawara, Misuzu Nekoyama, Aya Mikoshiba, Reika Queenigaoka, and Subaru Kiryuin — were captured. —They ran up behind them and, with a fluid gesture, twisted their arms and captured them.






    Tsubasa Ryuzaki and Hibiki Onigawara–A cry of anguish escapes from the mouths of both.


    The armoured knight’s bracelet gleamed and the dark blue needle pierced their bodies.


    A moment later, their bodies were enveloped in a dazzling light, and they reverted to their original – human – forms.


    It is one of the magical tools that temporarily seals unique magic.

    In addition to the rooms that have been placed around the palace, these are tools that can be used to seal off the troublesome abilities of those with inherent magical skills who misbehave outside and capture them safely.


    It is possible to use the skill again as soon as the restraints are removed, though, as nothing is removed from the body.


    “…… In this position, this might be a bit of a problem.”


    A sound of emotionlessness spilled from Hibiki’s mouth.


    The moment the light went out, there were groans and cheers all around.


    Hibiki’s arms were twisted behind her back and she was restrained with her chest out.


    The magic tools have removed the demon armor that clothed her limbs, exposing her pure, genuine, skin-colored body to the outside world.


    Although Hibiki has a habit of taking off her clothes, this purge of complete undress was not her intention. It’s a bit of a misnomer to say that she was forced to take her clothes off.


    The bouncy body of a young high school girl is exposed to the public. In a world where the technology for recording images has not yet developed, it is unlikely that her lasciviousness will be recorded forever, but it will certainly be etched in the memories of those who witness it.


    Normally, Hibiki looked slightly excited in embarrassment. This time, shame won out over the sexual urge, and Hibiki’s face flushed with a maiden’s expression that Ran had never seen before.




    She twisted around to hide her vitals as quickly as she could. It’s an impossible task for Hibiki, who has lost the freedom in both of her arms.


    The armored knight who restrained Hibiki looked confused. He could not ignore his superior’s orders because of his own personal guilt, and he did not want to release Hibiki’s restraints, although he desperately turned his face away. 




    A high-pitched scream cut through the air, breaking through the cheers and murmurs.


    Aihara Sakuya, a clumsy girl whose face is dyed red with shame or rage, with her eyebrows raised and her mouth bent into a heel, lunges towards Hibiki. The five letters of the body-hardening Elemental Hard were firmly engraved above her head.


    A nearby knight in shining armor jumped out of the way as she ran wild, but Sakuya kicked them out of the way and then, with a single thrust of her fist, she blasts them away.


    And then the knight who had captured Hibiki fell down with a savage slap. Sakuya stood in front of Hibiki and opened her arms and legs wide and became a big figure. 


    Normally, it would be unwise to let go of a captured rebel. The knight who captured Hibiki himself seemed to feel quite guilty about the situation, so decided to lay down on the floor.


    Sakuya’s face turns red and she curses at Hibiki.


    Behind her, Hibiki bends down and trembles. Sakuya is sure that even she, who has a habit of exposing herself, was terrified by the situation.


    “Hibiki, are you okay? –I mean, why are you naked? I told you, when you turn into a demon, you should cover your chest and waist!”


    “Sorry, Sakuya ……. When I was transforming, I was only thinking about Kirishima. I was so preoccupied that I didn’t even think about it.”


    “You’ve been used to being naked around like that for so long that you don’t know what your priorities are when you need them!….. Kirishima is important, but the body of an active JK is more important!”


    The way Sakuya said it sounded like she was shouting at her, but Hibiki knew she was genuinely worried about her.


    “So, where did you leave your uniform?”


    “…… I don’t know.”


    “I don’t know!? Isn’t it a HUGE problem? Are you going to stay naked?”


    “…… Surprisingly, You’ll get used to it, it’ll make you feel better.” 


    “Don’t get used to ittttttttttttt!!!!!!!”


    At the sound of Sakuya’s cry, a small cry of distress was heard from behind her.


    The knight was distracted by the exchange of words between Hibiki and Sakuya – or he was crouching behind Sakuya. Perhaps he was admiring the naked schoolgirl – but the armoured knight took by surprise and Reika broke free from her restraints.


    Then, using her own skill of space manipulation, she knocked the armored knight to the ground, and in front of Sakuya’s eyes, her sailor suit and underwear appeared in a flash.


    “I brought it with me, just in case something like this should happen. It took me a long time to find it, though, because she threw it so far away.”


    “…… Sorry about that. Thanks.”


    Sakuya takes the clothes from Reika and hands them to Hibiki. She is wary of the eyes around her and takes a protective stance for Hibiki.


    There was no one here who was insolent enough to try to attack Hibiki while she was changing.


    After safely changing into her uniform, Hibiki drips her tongue with a look of relief.


    There, at last, time, which had stopped, begins to move again.


    Hibiki and Reika temporarily escaped from their captivity, but soon afterwards they were quickly re-captured.


    The same goes for Sakuya, who, for whatever reason, abused her skills to get into trouble with the knight.


    After a short interval, the initial tense atmosphere had eased slightly.


    But that doesn’t mean the situation has improved.


    The position that Ran is in has not changed at all from the previous.


    With Sayaka in his arms, the armoured knights point their spear at her.


    The knights’ faces are hidden by their dull armour, the aura of misfortune that emanates from their bodies is a reminder that they have the utmost hostility towards Ran.


    “Who the hell are you?”


    A metallic clang sounded.

    It was as if Ran had been pierced directly through his armour, and a terrible killing intent seized him.


    He holds Sayaka in his chest and presses her firmly against his own body.


    Without looking away, he slowly raised one hand above his head, scolding himself for trembling with fear.


    “My name…”


    Pointing to the void with his forefinger, Ran thought of a name in his mind.


    At first he thought it was an abominable power. How many times has he resented it, thinking that without it, he would have been treated like everyone else?


    But now he doesn’t feel any hindrance in living with it. It’s Ran himself, the one who made him who he is today, the worst offender, the comrade in arms, the partner, the problem child.


    “–Underling Training-Sexual Lunatic–”


    Faintly, the words appear above Ran’s head. The words are etched into the world as solid linguistic information.


    There is an uproar and a change in the atmosphere. Is it fear, surprise, awe or disgust that is born and transmitted?


    “The twenty-first saint, Kirishima Ran.”




    Ran wondered if they hadn’t anticipated this development.


    The armoured knights surrounding Ran, with their spears raised, look at each other in confusion.


    Ran can see the knight of the Kingsguard looking at the current situation in the room from a relatively safe position behind him, with a look of bitterness on his face.


    When Ran saw the look on his face, he felt a creepy sense of superiority crawl up his spine.


    The confession from Kiryuin comes back to Ran. All the knights of the Kingsguard said that the deserted saints – the failure – were eliminated and disposed of.


    The knights of the lower ranks, who were only to be used for the purpose of capturing Ran, did not doubt the truth of the information conveyed to them by their superiors.


    It is a matter of course. It is only natural that an absolute relationship of trust is woven between the knight of the royal court and his superior, who lives every day at the risk of his life.


    Now, it is the current situation, which contradicts the words of their superiors, that is strange to them.


    “What do you mean……”


    “Don’t bullshit me! Saint Kirishima Ran was supposed to have been killed. That’s a fact. It’s an undeniable fact.”


    “Who are you…..? You are a suspicious person, using the name of a saint who does not exist.”


    The armored knight strikes the spearhead against Ran, unbelieving what Ran had said, They believe in the word of their most trusted superior in this world, the knight who was the first to be summoned to the catastrophe at the royal palace. 


    It is the result of absolute loyalty, which is unimaginable from the common sense of modern Japan.


    The murderous intent of the knights turned into something more dense.


    But Ran did not find the situation horrible.


    Instead of the murderous intent directed at him by the knight, Ran sees something more interesting in his vision.


    Some of them are pale and wandering around with their heads in their hands. Others lick their dry lips again and again, trying to keep their composure. Others widen their eyes like deep-sea fish and pucker their mouths like goldfish.


    And in the face of their superiors, the junior knights are beginning to doubt their own loyalty.

    The relationship of trust that was supposed to be solid is broken by Ran’s actions. How pleasant it is to be tickled by a dirty pride.


    The knights are upset, snorting and pushing their prey. Ran pats Sayaka’s head to protect her from them.


    Shouting in unspoken anger in their armour, the knights raised their spears in unison.


    The act was carried out with an expression that said it was none of his business. The knights’ nerves must have been triggered.


    It was the moment when the tip of the trident clawed and the knights put all their strength into it, ready to swing it down.




    A familiar voice struck Ran in the ear.


    It had a peculiar, sticky tone that made him feel uncomfortable, even disgusted.


    But it was the most encouraging – and most eagerly awaited – voice to come through at this moment in time.


    Ran spotted a familiar face in the crowd, though he had been aware of it ever since Ran disappeared.


    Ran thought he got carried away, and now he regretted the rash provocation he made to disguise his still-unresolved fear.


    “It seems that the knights of the king, queen, are not very disciplined when they try to harm the property of the kingdom – and the forces that have been summoned to save the king!”


    The usual serpentine tone of voice is still intact, but there is no sign of any joke or banter in the tone of voice.


    The brother of the first chamberlain, Walkins, with an unusually grim expression on his face, made his way through the crowd of onlookers and appeared in a dignified manner. After seeing the devastation in the room, he made a strange face, frowning and twisting his mouth.


    “You really do go above and beyond my expectations ……”


    His eyes are narrowed as if to assess the situation, and the emotions in them are rage, disgust, admiration or pleasure.


    Walkins, who holds a much higher rank than his superiors, gave the knights their orders. The knights had no choice but to obey his command.


    “I’d appreciate it if you didn’t take the liberty, Mr. Walkins”


    The commander of the royal knights, who looked like a deep-sea fish in the crowd, objected to Walkins’ arbitrary behavior.


    Even though he is an uncle of the royal family – the next king candidate – Walkins is a minister of the first family. It is outrageous to give orders to a knight of the queen’s side without permission – and obviously with some personal feelings.


    “He is a saint, but he has turned his back on the Crown.”

    “When foreign enemies can’t get you through, you’ll be a traitor. How convenient for you.”


    “As you can see, it is an undeniable fact that the Saints misused their inherent magic to fight against the Kingdom. Moreover, until now, he has been hiding the unique magic that was given to him. This is an unforgivable sin, as it means rebellion against the Crown. In the face of this situation, do you still think you’re on the right?”


    “Then why did you misidentify him – Saint Kirishima Ran – as the only foreign enemy? Why did you treat him like this, when all the other saints have been disabled from their own magic? –It seemed to me that you were just trying to capture a foreign enemy.”


    “To capture the ringleader of an insurrection by any means necessary…”


    “What made you think he was the ringleader?”


    The commander seemed to be unsure about Walkins’ ridiculous response. There is no illusion that the saints who hide their own magic are the ones who became traitors.

    “Because you knights never knew how he looks, right? Therefore, the knights who did not know the truth, this 21st saint, Kirishima Ran, has not yet been eliminated.”


    “That must have been a misunderstanding, because he was hiding his skills.”


    “The queen’s people are promoting a system of control that is so full of holes that you can hide your skills and disguise your identity? Isn’t it a case of mismanagement of the saints, who were given a vicious inherent magic that would cause more than minor damage if it caused a riot?”


    That’s why the Queen’s side…


    The Queen’s side.


    Gradually, Walkins’s remarks drifted from the main topic to a dismissive reference to the queen’s side.


    He has an unpleasant voice, which is easy to hear and strangely persuasive. It’s like a slow-acting poison that strokes their nerves and slowly robs them of their ability to make good decisions.


    Walkins walked up to Ran and whispered something to him that only he could hear, but not Sayaka who was being held to his chest.


    “I’ll take care of everything at the palace. Don’t you have your own things to do?”


    He pointed at the boys, who were blazing with rage and resentment from the doorway of the room.


    At first, the boys were more surprised and confused. They were able to calm down and take stock of the situation with a certain degree of composure.


    “Are you sure you don’t want me to leave you to it?”


    “No, I don’t mind. I don’t want you to do anything more than you’ve already done, because it’s not good for us.”


    Walkins stroked his chin meaningfully as he continued in a sticky tone that tugged at the back of his ear and crawled softly into the back of his brain.


    In response, Ran gives him a determined look.


    “You have powerful warriors, who will not betray you for now.”


    With a glimpse of his usual joking tone, Walkins closes in on the commander, who has lost his momentum.


    After watching his back, Ran turned to his male classmates, whom he had not seen in a long time.


    As Walkins took a few geometric steps, he turned his head towards the centre of the room.


    He looked at Misuzu Nekoyama, a saint who had been caught in the blast of the riot and had not regained consciousness.Walkins’s already keen three-eyed gaze twists even more narrowly.


    “Even though the plan is deviating from what I expected, it seems that I’ve done something wrong to the woman who looks like that feline beast Ketsey.”


    He slipped the small magic tool into his clothes.


    The words that came out of his mouth did not reach Ran.




    Ran can feel Sayaka’s body heat on his back.


    This was enough to make Ran feel as reassured as a chief with thousands of men.


    “Hello, long time no see. How have all of you  been?”


    “…… Are you really Kirishima?”


    “It’s hard to believe, but yes it’s me Ran Kirishima, not a ghost nor a phantom, it’s the real Kirishima Ran.”


    Ran didn’t seem to be offended at all, he knew because he played a completely isolated character in high school. He walks up to the boys as usual – ‘usual’ might be a funny way of putting it.


    The two people who greeted Ran in a rather friendly manner, without showing any hatred or resentment, were Sho Shiratori and Shinzo Kawasaki.


    In the previous world, especially during breaktime, which Ran used to waste by lying down on his desk and pretending to be asleep. In the course of all the unintentional information that he has acquired about the class, he’s sure that both of them have never mentioned that they had a girlfriend in this class.


    They were probably less shocked by the current situation than Shigenobu Torao and Eiichi Megane, who were directly affected.


    Or maybe Shitori and Kawasaki are the type that are kind and caring students. 


    “I’ve completely given up on you Ran, but you really– you’re lucky to be alive.”


    “I thought my classmate was dead, but you came back alive. I know I should be happy about this, but I’m sorry, I just don’t feel it, I don’t know.”


    “……W-el,we-ll, well! Ki, Ki-Kiri,now Kirishima is with us! We can all go back to the world together, right? Yes, yes, yes, that would be a great thing!”


    Kenjiro Mitagawa, somewhat stammering, spoke up in agreement with Shinzo Kawasaki.


    However, his good-natured remark cracks the barely-preserved balance. A torrent of evil rises from behind him, and Mitagawa lets out a small scream.


    His eyes, which had been wandering aimlessly through the void, were sewn to a single point, and he instantly became downcast.


    It is a trivial malice, far less than the dark rage that has been unleashed by the Subaru. Ran’s mouth twists in a self-mockery. He knew he’d fallen as far as he can go. To control other people’s feelings is beyond their control.


    “I’m not going to give you a good welcome, I’m neither happy nor pleased!” 


    As if to push aside the frightened and shivering Mitagawa, Toranou Shigenobu appeared on the scene. But there is no trace of the dignity and bravery of the past in him. He looks like a worn-out man.


    “Are you guys with a bunch of flowers in your head? That’s him! You mean to tell me you’ve forgotten the reason Kirishima Ran was kicked out?! I didn’t kick Kirishima out just for the fun of it, did I?”


    He does not look at Mitagawa, who hides behind Shinzo Kawasaki in fear, but walks towards Ran, scattering shadows of hatred.


    The armoured knight retreats and kicks away Hirokatsu Yamashiro, who is being rolled away, and Shigenobu Torao approaches Ran.


    But Ran doesn’t know why. His hatred is different, It’s not like the Subaru – a strong hatred that comes from deep inside and oozes out.


    The anger and rage seem to have been forcibly created. It is as if an inexperienced performer is expressing his anger in a play – a made-up emotion seems to dominate Torao Shigenobu.


    The fact that he just had a revelation about something that he thought he already settled. Torao wondered if the feelings of embarrassment and surprise came first, then diluted into pure feelings of resentment and bitterness. Or – is it that his head is overheating from a turn of events that he never imagined?


    Kanami and Saki, who had been watching from outside the room, came inside, perhaps alarmed by the anger of their classmate Shigenobu Torao who was approaching Ran angrily while Sayaka’s clinging to his back seems to have grown a little stronger.


    Shigenobu was not interested in what the girls were up to, and glared at Ran with a fearless expression, as if he had just found his parents’ revenge in the crowd.


    “After all this time, what? Why are you coming back to us now, when you yourself disobeyed our judgement?”


    The tigerish look in his eyes made Ran cower deceptively.


    He knew that this gesture would upset his opponent.

    Torao clenched his fists momentarily, but he let out a long, weary sigh and caught Ran’s face with his eyes, which were slightly moistened from anger.


    “….. Why, now?”


    “I wonder why.”


    His shoulders shook as Ran spoke.


    Ran was prepared for Torao to jump at him with emotion, but he looked dejected and opened his mouth quietly.


    “I’ve been blaming myself for a long time, wondering what I did wrong. In the beginning, I thought I was confused by the unorthodox life in the other world compared to the original world. I thought that Nekoyama-san changed because of the summoning of the other world.”


    As if he was complaining about something, Torao Shigenobu spun his words.


    “In the beginning, I didn’t want to be obsessive about seeking out Nekoyama-san. I thought that in front of the boys, she might not be able to show her true self. I wanted to take as much of the load off Nekoyama-san as I could. In fact, I thought that as a boyfriend, I should be the one to take care of her. I’m afraid that I wasn’t strong enough. Fortunately, both Inugami-san and Shirayuki-san seemed to have noticed the change in Nekoyama-san. I thought that sometimes these things can only be understood by girls. I was going to do everything, until Nekoyama-san’s mental state calmed down. I thought that was the natural thing for a boyfriend to do.”


    In the beginning, the self-righteous look on Torao’s face gradually turned into one of grief.


    “But Nekoyama-san never smiled at me -towards me – ever again! I was really hurt. I was worried that maybe I unknowingly hurt her, Nekoyama-san. It’s probably the most difficult thing I’ve ever done in my life.”




    “In the beginning, Inugami-san used to consult me. She encouraged me by saying that I might just be stressed out because I was being watched all day by the guards and didn’t have time to let it all out and that women’s hearts are changeable, also that I didn’t need to worry because Nekoyama-san would be back to her normal self again soon.-Shirayuki-san is the same. She noticed that I was depressed and found time to come and talk to me, she was there for me when I felt like crying, she tried to make me laugh by telling me funny stories, she really helped me!” 


    These two friends are now standing in his way, protecting him – protecting Ran from Torao.


    What does he look like to them now?


    “Somewhere along the line, they both started to distance themselves from me. You. Ran, don’t have any friends so you won’t understand. You wouldn’t know what it’s like to have friends who have been close to you for a long time, and to have them mentally distance themselves from you – that feeling of abandonment. It’s not something simple like fear or sadness.”


    It’s like an overflow of something that’s been pent up.

    “I have sometimes thought how good it would have been if I had been alone from the start. If I’m not friends with Nekoyama-san, Inugami-san or Shirayuki-san from the beginning. I think I would not have been so hurt. It would have been hard to be indifferent from the start, but to be disliked by a friend you love – without knowing why – was even harder and very unsettling.”


    It’s as if it’s flowing out of tolerance and against its will.


    “There was a time when I was afraid to be friends with other people, because I was afraid that I would do the same thing again. I really thought that Aragaki – and everyone else – would one day unknowingly hurt me and leave me. I couldn’t trust other people anymore. Did it make you want to sneer at me for being a weak person? I’m sorry, but I don’t think of myself as a weak person. I’m sure if you were in my shoes, you would have had a mental breakdown.”


    The overflowing emotions stinks and pollutes the environment.


    “In the end Inugami and Shirayuki gave up on me , but I could somehow guess why..I’m sure they were disgusted with me for being such an effeminate person, because I’ve been dwelling on Nekoyama-san’s problems every day.”


    “But I could not figure out why Nekoyama-san had left me. I apologise again and again. But Nekoyama-san never showed me a smile. I was shocked. I hated myself for being so unworthy that I didn’t even know why I was hated. I hated myself more than anyone else in the world. –And then, just when I was beginning to calm down…”


    Before he knew it, he was on his knees, in a collapsed position, looking up at Ran.


    “Why did you have to come now? If I had just forgotten about you, I would have been able to turn my face away from the unreasonable by making myself look bad. I’ve been able to finally face the absurdity of the fact that it was my own fault that the three of them walked away from me. Why have you come out to me now? Why did you come back? If you had just died, I wouldn’t be in so much pain right now!” 




    “Nekoyama-san has grown tired of me. It’s my fault that Inugami has stopped talking about Nekoyama, or that Shirayuki, who was so kind and devoted to me, has distanced herself away – it’s all my fault. How easy it would have been for you to just disappear. It would have been so much better. All the time I’ve spent worrying and blaming myself, it’s all been for nothing. Not being able to trust others and hating myself could not have happened without you – it was a needless worry. Because of you, I was, I was —-”


    Torao Shigenobu, a former classmate, shivers and sobs.


    Ran looked at him with pity, wondering how he could be such a victim.


    If it hadn’t been for Ran, he wouldn’t have had to go through all this, though they worship him as if he were a bad person.


    Indeed, it’s not as if he was misguided.


    If it wasn’t for Ran, the future wouldn’t have come when she – and her friends – were taken away

    But to be more certain.


    — If Torao, himself hadn’t created the atmosphere to kick Ran out from the beginning, this wouldn’t have happened.


    Ran is aware that he’s spinning lousy excuses. The moment Torao says it, he is barely holding on to the fuse of this tense atmosphere. Even Ran knows that he will have to light the fire himself.


    Ran also finally expressed his intention to leave, and it seemed that the people in the royal palace were also planning to get rid of him.


    It was not the fault of Torao Shigenobu alone.


    He was simply unlucky. He had three beautiful girls in his life – Misuzu, Kanami and Saki. The relationships he lost were a bit more than others.


    Some of the boys – who may simply not be thinking too hard about the current situation – were  happy that Ran – their former classmate – was back alive before they could blame him for Torao’s outburst. 


    The atmosphere is still in the direction of Shinzo Kawasaki and Sho Shiratori – although Kenjiro Mitagawa is still unsure – the flow of events will go smoothly from here.


    But it’s not going to work out that way.


    “… It’s better to talk to Torao a little bit more.”


    Torao Shigenobu, unable to control his exploding emotions, trembles with his hands on the floor. It is not impossible that he might suddenly go out of control and jump on Ran.


    “Kanami is right next to me, so I don’t have to worry about being attacked.”


    The problem is that Ran has to take his mind off the Torao for now.


    “…… Oh, yeah, I totally forgot about that. Kirishima Ran, you’re the kind of bloodthirsty bastard who brainwashes and psychologically trains other classmates just to defend yourself.”


    “I don’t think I’ve ever forgotten something like that.”


    “Shut up! I’ve always thought it was strange. Sadogashima-san, of all people, loves Kirishima, with whom she has no connection whatsoever. It’s strange.”


    Hirokatsu Yamashiro, who had confronted Ran earlier, Sits up and twists his mouth in self-mockery.


    “I remembered the skill, of course. You really did brainwash the girls in our class like Megane said you would. You are a rotten human being, a rotten organism!” 


    “You’re talking too much, Yamashiro! Don’t be so quick to insult my precious Ran!”


    Kanami sharply reprimands Yamashiro for his outburst.


    The reprimand was shot in a dignified voice making Hirokatsu Yamashiro put his hand on his forehead bitterly.


    “And the fact that the person herself is not aware of it, it’s not helping…This is not the way to go – even if we kill Ran, the brainwashed girls will be sad despite being  a false love. It only leaves a shell of a woman who has lost her beloved man. Crushing the root of all evil does not make anyone happy……”


    “No, I’m not so sure about that.”


    As Hirokatsu Yamashiro laments the worst of the situation, another person joins him. Aya Mikoshiba’s sorcery destroyed the wall, and Ran’s most hated opponent appeared from the side of the wall. The first, the one sparks to exile Ran from the rest and gives a rousing speech about the dangers of the skills given to Ran. Eiichi Megane  was standing behind Hirokatsu.


    The first person who caused Ran’s skills to be considered dangerous was none other than Eiichi Megane.


    “…… What’s this all about, Megane?”

    “My appraising eye – the skill I have been given, the appraisal information dizier, is telling me. The [Underling Training-Sexual Lunatic] is a skill that can be unlocked. The only way to save the girls who were victimized is to undo the training that Kirishima-kun put on them by his own will.”


    Eiichi Megane points to a skill that has been given a big name for some time and shines his glasses with a bad guy smile.


    “I do not know why you have come back to us now. If Kirishima-kun sincerely regrets his actions and intends to ask for forgiveness from us. I think the first thing you should do is to release the girls who were your underlings.”




    Megane said, raising his arms in a theatrical gesture. With a triumphant expression, he clinked his glasses.

    ( anime wearing spec where the glass goes white.) 


    The warm tip sinks into the part of the body that doesn’t want to be poked, creating a psychological pressure.


    The release from his skill. In the SM playground in the basement of the Royal Palace, Ran practiced his disinheritance over and over again.


    Although he has never disarmed a classmate, he has seen what happens to women who have been disarmed by his skill many times.


    All of the women who had been tempting him with their sweetness earlier turned on him with a look of fear and disgust, as if they were looking at a foreign enemy.


    Ran have never forced any of the lower-ranking servants who were made part of the household for the purpose of training to engage in sex, kissing, caressing or any other indecent act.


    And yet, they still show so much discomfort. It’s one level – and they haven’t even touched yet.


    After taking this into account, Ran thought about it again. What would happen if he were to release a girl who has been corrupted to the third level, and then release her from his harem at once?


    “What’s the matter, Kirishima-kun? What is it that you’ve come here for?”


    “……to protect Sayaka, my precious Sayaka and Misuzu.”


    He hugged Sayaka’s diminutive frame tightly to his chest to disguise his trembling body. Yamashiro and Megane do not know that Ran is shivering with fear.


    But Sayaka, who is in close contact with him, knows exactly what he is thinking. She thought he was coming at her in style, but Sayaka has exposed all his weaknesses.


    She stroked Ran’s back, letting her sweet breath escape her breastplate. The warmth that slowly sank in from her slender little fingers was barely enough to inspire Ran’s courage.




    Sayaka’s fingers trace down Ran’s back. At a distance where he can even hear her whispering, Sayaka leaves a message on Ran’s back in finger letters.


    Ran looked at Sayaka in his chest but Sayaka did not look up.


    “….How long are you going to keep your mouth shut, Kirishima?”


    A frustrated Hirokatsu shouted at him to hurry up. Ran  gave him a vacant look in return and then released Sayaka from his arms.


    Letting go, Sayaka, feels Ran’s chest become cold, much colder than he imagined.


    “Sayaka Sadogashima. –I release you from your dependency.”


    It was as if the thread that had connected Ran and Sayaka had snapped with a bang. It was a strange feeling of loss, as if the knot that they had woven together was being unravelled one by one.


    It is as if particles of pale light emerge from Sayaka. If there is any meaning to that invisible light, Ran thinks it must be the residue of the experiences and memories that they have accumulated together.


    The fading connection with Sayaka is accompanied by a cold loss in her heart.


    But Ran is not afraid of the current situation.


    –I’m sure I’m alright.


    The message of love from Sayaka, spun in secret, leaves a warmth on his back.


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