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    Translated by SoundOfDestiny
    Edited by Zil


    While watching Sakuya Aihara and Ran Kirishima enjoying themselves, Onigawara Hibiki was teasing her clitoris in an effort to calm her crotch pain.

    How long had it been since Sakuya had been in such a state of disarray?

    When she was in her original world, I had seen her having fun with a senior in an empty classroom.

    She was panting and moaning in a lovely voice that bewitched men, but often looked bored.

    When we came to this world, we did not have a lot of free time to do sexual activities.

    She didn’t have sex with any classmates, she was rejected by the servants who came into our room, and she only did it by caving in to the only virile(TL:manly,muscular)-looking Kingsguard knight with her sex appeal of a high school girl.

    Before that, she had never seen Sakuya having a loving sex.

    Well, sex was not something to be shown to others, so it was possible that she was making love with someone else without Hibiki’s knowledge.

    It was probably the first time for Hibiki to see Sakuya with such a happy expression on her face.

    “……. feels good.”

    The sight of Sakuya being continuously raped by Ran Kirishima, a classmate who has dishevelled his butler’s uniform, is quite indecent.

    The sweet, charming voice, the sound of water droplets trickling down their body, and the atmosphere where the breaths of men and women mingle – all of these stirred up and disturbed Hibiki’s sexual desire.

    I want to get fucked. I want to be messed up.

    I want you to fuck Hibiki’s body with your seductive longinus that makes Aya gasp and Sakuya go crazy.

    Hibiki shivered and trembled all over as she kept on teasing her slit.

    She had already climaxed several times by playing with her slit while watching Sakuya and Ran doing the deed. 

    Hibiki has always been a one-woman ejaculation and has a constitution that does not allow her to endure more than one or two climaxes, so it is unusual for her to climax successfully like this.

    It’s rare for a person to have a climax so many times and still have the burning feeling in their body.

    “I can’t take it anymore”

    What Hibiki’s body wants most right now is right in front of her.


    Hibiki’s body is asking for it.

    Facing what she wants, there is no way she can be satisfied with just pleasing herself.



    “I’m at my limit, ……. Sakuya, is sooo happy..”

    Sakuya lay down happily, dripping dense semen from her plump, split petal hole.

    Whenever Sakuya let out a sigh, pure white liquid flowed out from her petal, which had been left open due to over-penetration.

    The endless reproductive instincts finally subsided and Ran sat back languidly, looking as if he had finished his work.

    Aya had continued to heal him of both semen and hip fatigue.

    “Are you okay, Kirishima? I am going to cast a granting spell and a healing spell right away. Is it …… hurting you or anything?”

    “I’m fine. It’s not that it hurts, but it feels really good. I feel like I can still ejaculate as much as I want.”

    If he continued to live like this with a normal body, he could die of abdominal pain at any time – or perhaps his lower body would be in trouble before that.


    Whenever he has to ejaculate an unusual amount, Ran, with the help of Misuzu or Aya, is able to do it as his ‘babies’ were replenish faster no matter how many times they have sex.

    After having his empty testicles restored by a granting spell, Ran feels his libido revitalized even more.

    Ran had fucked his marshmallow-bodied, seductive bitch classmate to her heart’s content. The night is still long – and the real action is just beginning.

    It took dozens of times just to make Sakuya, who had a relatively sensitive body, unable to stand up.

    Hibiki Onigawara, a classmate who is usually expressionless, calm and quiet.

    She is a woman that is taller than Sakuya, though her body is tight from swimming, and Hibiki is slender compared to Sakuya.

    She is taller than Sakuya, so it’s impossible for me to wrap my body around her and rape her like I did with Sakuya, and I may have to tighten up.

    Stroking his packed grenades, Ran spun around to face Hibiki.

    Ran was expecting to see his classmate in her school uniform sitting there, but was bewildered by the different scene.

    Hibiki Onigawara took off her provocatively long sailor suit and stripped down to her underwear – or rather, her swimsuit.

    Even though she was wearing a swimsuit, it was not the same as the exciting bikinis that high school girls wear at the beach. Rather, it was a swimsuit for leisure or resort.

    Hibiki, wearing a school swimsuit that perfectly fit her seductively swollen curves, radiated an emotionless gaze at Ran while her cheeks flushed red.

    Although there didn’t seem to be any names stitched on it, Ran couldn’t help but admire its appearance, which didn’t look out of place in a boy’s bedroom.

    Anyway, it was the school swimsuit designated by the school. It is common for high school students to wear an anti-transparency supporter between the legs and around the breasts to prevent the inside from becoming transparent.

    Hibiki removed them as well, and opened her crotch, revealing both her nipple lumps and the crack between her legs. The open fabric between her legs was already soaked, and the spot where Hibiki had just sat was stained with a nasty liquid.

    “…… O, Onigawara-san?”

    “I want you to shove your longinus in my mouth. You can shove it deep down my throat.”

    While saying this, Hibiki urged Ran to stand in place with an emotionless look on her face.

    He did as he was told, stood up and thrust his erect longinus in front of Hibiki.

    Hibiki sniffed it and then slowly swallowed the meat stick with her long tongue dripping with tongue.

    “Whoa, ……. It’s so tight.”

    “……, ha. I think I can fit in this size without any problem”

    As if savoring a stick of ice cream, Hibiki takes Ran’s longinus in her mouth to the base and then pulls it out of her mouth.

    Hibiki let out a hot breath from the corner of her mouth with no expression on her face as she moved her obscenely dripping tongue around.

    “Don’t worry about how painful it is, just shove it down my throat as far as you can. Move my head around, too.. fuck my mouth like crazy.” 

    “Are you sure?”

    “You’re tired from all the use of your hips, aren’t you? You can use my mouth now. –I mean, do it. Seriously, I can’t wait any longer.”

    Sitting down in front of Ran, Hibiki used her other hand to her crotch and began to play.

    She sat upright, put her hands between his legs and stared at Ran with a wistful look on her face.

    Her eyes twinkled emotionlessly, but Ran could sense the subtle changes in her expression by the tint of her cheeks and the movement of her mouth.

    She definitely wants me to do it.

    She wanted Ran’s longinus to be pushed into her oral cavity, her throat, and to be squirted with semen.

    The rest of her body is appealing to Ran, except for her eyes.

    Ran is a boy with a high sex drive.

    Even though he had just raped Sakuya, his libido has been fully recovered.

    He can’t afford to feel self-conscious in front of his classmates who want to fuck him right in front of their eyes. 

    Especially— originally, Ran hadn’t thought to treat Sakuya and Hibiki with care.

    He had created this place with Aya with the determination to corrupt it to the second or third level if it showed any signs of resistance.

    And besides—

    “If the other girl wants it, and no one is forcing her. It’s a consensual act.” 


    Feeling Hibiki’s breath on the tip of my erect longinus, I thrust my hips forward.

    He was greeted by peach-colored lips that were wet with saliva and plumped open, and Ran’s longinus was swallowed into Hibiki’s mouth without any hassle.

    While brushing away her black hair, which is a little too long to be called a short bob hairstyle, Hibiki entwines her tongue with Ran’s pole with her saliva making it easier. 

    With that said, she pushed her head forward without hesitation. 

    After making sure that Ran’s longinus is in her mouth all the way to the root, Ran grabs Hibiki’s head firmly with both hands. 

    Looking down into Hibiki’s eyes, Ran pushed her head towards his stomach. (TL: god damn how long is that pole bro) 

    “……m, please.”

    “Oh, my God, ……. I’ve never felt this before.”

    The warm oral mucosa envelops him up to the root, and the sound of saliva being scraped from Hibiki’s mouth can be heard.

    Her long tongue twines around the base of his longinus, and even his sweat-soaked pubic hair is tucked into her mouth.

    After watching the tears well up in Hibiki’s eyes, Ran stared at Hibiki’s face and rocked her face back and forth without hesitation.

    “Gubuh. ……Gubuh. Mwah, mwah, ……!”

    “I’m speechless, The sticky tongue and oral mucous membranes are all over my penis and it feels amazing.” 

    And the unknown sensation that strikes the tip is the feeling of Hibiki’s throat.

    Hibiki’s throat had a different feel than the one near the entrance to her mouth, and she sucked Ran’s longinus firmly into her mouth, pressing it firmly into her mouth.

    All the breath that leaks out from the mouth, arouses me, and the whole longinus is warmed by Hibiki’s body heat.

    When I stopped my hand, thinking that this was a pity, my eyes met with Hibiki’s tears.

    The face of my classmate, with her mouth swallowing full of an erect dick, is so impossibly lewd that I can’t help but lose sight of it. 

    A hot snort and a resentful look from Hibiki.

    Even with such a face, she is playing with her pubic mound, nipping and tucking with single-minded devotion. 

    In front of his classmate, who was looking up at him with tears in her eyes, a new feeling arises in Ran.

    This is an act that Ran, who likes to treat girls with respect and have sex with them, would never normally do. He feels a tremendous urge to do it.

    “If you’re in pain, slap your knee or your thigh!”


    Ran thrusts his hips and presses the tip against the mucous membrane of Hibiki’s throat.

    The more he pushed, the more he could hear Hibiki’s muffled screams, but even that was enough to arouse Ran’s sexual desire.

    Right in front of him, there is a classmate who is enjoying having his dick shoved into her mouth, forcing her to bob her head back and forth, and using her as a masturbator.

    There is a high school girl whose crotch is soaking wet after being subjected to deep throating, an act that would violate the dignity of women.

    Come to think of it – I think Hibiki’s skirt length was pretty short even when she was in her original world.


    During break time, she would sit with her butt on the edge of the desk and cross her legs as if she didn’t care.

    I can’t tell you how many times my eyes were drawn to those glancing inner thighs.

    What if it wasn’t just a fashion statement?

    What if she was excited to be seen, or more specifically, to be gazed at by boys?

    What if she was happy to be the object of boys’ sexual attention?

    “What kind of slut gets off on being treated like a toy? It’s just too good to be true.”

    A high school girl in a school swimsuit gets excited when a classmate rapes the back of her mouth.

    The girl’s eyes, which are not unnecessarily distorted and emotionless, are unbearably lewd.

    The first corner of the eye is naturally wet from the act of having the back of the throat raped.

    Her expression is sometimes distorted by her distress, but her eyes remain fixed on Ran’s face.

    A sensation slowly lurking inside Ran, it was sadism that lurked in Ran’s heart rose up like a raging fire.

    I want to break the aloofness of this slut’s eyes with my own hands.


    I’m not talking about physically slapping her or torturing her but I want to rape her and make her moan.

    I want to expose with my own eyes – or rather, my own hands – my classmate’s lack of emotional expression as she goes wild.

    “Gub! Gugu, gugu. Gugu, gugu, muu.”

    Ran continues to make Hibiki’s head back and forth while tasting her natural throat with his entire dick, which was a mixture of sticky tongue and hot breath.

    Hibiki’s saliva drips down as if it were a substitute for love juice. The overflow dripped onto his plump, swollen testicles and trickled down his thighs and to his feet.

    The clear liquid wetting the floor was either saliva dripping from Hibiki’s mouth or love juice dripping from her crotch.

    With her oral and vaginal cavities overflowing with nasty liquid, Hibiki is still headstrong swinging her head back and forth.

    From the perspective of a third party, seeing Hibiki in the situation is very pitiful but Hibiki still continues to play with her aching slit in a single-minded manner while sucking Ran dick to the back of her throat.

    There is no doubt that she is genuinely aroused by the insulting act of having her throat blocked by a man’s prick.

    A terrible sense of immorality that even causes a feeling of guilt to hit a violent act

    “Ahhhh… your throat is very dangerous”.

    Ran’s sexual curiosity exploded at the sensation that he could not enjoy with any other girl.

    I stopped for a while, and cast a weak healing spell on Hibiki’s as she stared blankly into the void.

    I’m sure even the expressionless Hibiki is feeling uncomfortable after being pushed around so much.

    It can’t remove all discomfort like Misuzu’s enhanced recovery Schwartz Energy, but it can remove a certain amount of dizziness and pain.

    It’s not like Ran was thinking of Hibiki when he performed the healing magic on her. It’s because he really wanted her to be in perfect condition from here.


    “Miss Onigawara. Good job, I’ll give you a reward.”

    Hibiki looked at Ran with a curious look on her face, puzzled by the back and forth motion that had suddenly stopped.

    Ran smiled back and gently patted Hibiki’s head.

    “I don’t think I can take it anymore, so I’m just gonna let it out.”

    “Mmm? –Mm-hmm.”

    In the last push, Ran thrusts his hips and presses the tip of his dick against Hibiki’s throat and lashes out.

    The growing need to ejaculate and the unbearable sexual desire explode, and dense semen is squeezed out of the swollen testicles. 

    As hibiki muffling out the sweet breath… her sticky tongue and sticky oral mucosa wrapped in tightly. Ran spurted a load of cum down Hibiki’s throat without hesitation.

    “Oh, my God. I’m going to ejaculate in the bare throat of a swimming girl!”

    “Ooh, ooh. Ooh. –Gh, gho, ghu, ghe, (TL: I don’t know how to make this sound into sentence) 

    Ran pushed Hibiki’s head against his lower abdomen when he felt Hibiki was in a reflexive attempt to escape, Ran did not hesitate to pour his thick seed down Hibiki’s throat.

    It’s not just about the blow job, it’s not the sex, heck they’re not even doing any sex at all, but the unique feeling of release and intoxication, staining Hibiki’s throat, the organ that functions to swallows food, instead swallowing a white slime filled with sexual desire.


    Before the evil feeling grew larger, I put my hand on Hibiki’s neck, and I applied a weak healing magic. 

    With the healing magic applied from the outside and the lustful semen from the inside, Ran’s hips shivered unbearably from the tremendous pleasure and the incredible sense of conquest.

    “Ooh… Oh, my God, it’s so tight in the back of your throat.”

    A squirt of viscous liquid is spat out and the pure white liquid stains Hibiki’s throat mercilessly.

    I can’t stop cumming in the back of her throat. Hibiki struggles to drink it all down.

    With a dexterous movement of her mouth and throat, she took the meat stick and sent it deep into her belly.

    “Oh my God. It feels so good, I can’t…”

    “Oh, oh, oh… Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm. Mmm, mmm, mmm…” 

    The tightening of his longinus against her throat brings more pleasure and also calls up a gush of pleasure from his grenades.

    Ran’s ejaculations seem to have stopped, but after a brief break, they immediately resume and he continues to fuck Hibiki’s throat.

    As the ejaculation is in the back of her throat, she can’t even get it out of her mouth, so she let the thick semen flow into her stomach.

    Unable to resist the unstoppable pleasure, Ran held Hibiki’s head firmly in place, her face flushed with pleasure.

    “Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm, mmmm, mmmm, mmmm.” 

    After a long series of ejaculations, Ran pulled his saliva-soaked longinus out of Hibiki’s mouth.

    At the same time, Hibiki’s long tongue emerged, and the saliva that had accumulated at the edge of her mouth overflowed.

    She looked at Ran’s dick with an emotionless look in her face. She continues to play with her slit. Immediately afterwards, she turned her body upside down and a sweet “Whaaaaa!” came out of her mouth followed by twitching of her whole body.

    Apparently, she was finally able to climax in her petal

    “I’ve been fucked in the mouth ha.. I’ve been fucked in the mouth ……, a lot, a lot.”

    After giving an impressed look with tears in her emotionless eyes, Hibiki pulled back and fell back to the floor.

    “Kehou, kahaha. …… I’m sorry. …… Are you still ready to ejaculate more?” 

    “Sure am…”

    “That’s a great longinus. Now, this way. Fuck me from the bottom.” 

    With flushed cheeks and drool dripping from the mouth, Hibiki pulled her arms out of her school swimming costume and slipped it halfway down.

    Her tits, which have an unbelievable size, started swaying left and right, exposing their magnificent figure to Ran’s eyes. After pulling her dark blue hair down to her navel, Hibiki lay down on the floor. 

    “I want Kirishima to fuck my real petal, not just my throat petal. I want Kirishima to fuck my real petal as well as my throat petal.” (TL: yes, she repeated it) 

    Because she’s a swimmer, her hairless petal peeps out from the loosened crotch area and I opened it with a finger. 

    I don’t know why. I’ve fucked many of my classmates in the past, but for some reason this time, I’m not as excited as I used to be.

    I wonder if it’s because she’s wearing the same school swimsuit that I used to see in school or is it because it’s the girl’s mouth that is so appealing like a “cunt”? 


    He glanced down at the symbol of a man rising powerfully between his legs.

    I think it’s because I’ve inserted it to the back of her throat – a depth I would never normally push into.

    Ran’s longinus is covered in Hibiki’s saliva all the way down to the base, and it feels warm and fuzzy and strange.

    It’s the first time he had ever fucked a girl’s mouth so mercilessly. Is he excited because it’s his first time in irrumation? (TL : irrumatio(Noun) Active participation in fellatio by the male member; aggressive insertion of the penis into a partner’s mouth or throat.) 

    Either way, there’s no doubt that he’s excited to see his classmate opening her crack in front of him.

    He had fucked high school girls in gym clothes before, but never in school swimwear.

    After lightly stroking his irrumatio-soaked dick, Ran slowly covered the swimmer who was lying unprotected in front of him.


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