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Because I Was Excluded Out of the Class Transfer, I Decided to Steal My Classmate’s Lover

Chapter 45

Sakuya Aihara

Translated by SoundOfDestiny
Edited by Zil


In the moonlit bedroom, Ryan, the senior servant, a gentleman with blonde hair and black-rimmed glasses, folded his arms in front of his chest and twisted the corners of his mouth like a crescent moon.

At the end of his vision, on the floor, he sees two high school girls who are already in heat: Sakuya Aihara and Hibiki Onigawara.

After staring at the girls with flushed cheeks and hot breaths, Ran gently bent down in front of them.

He makes eye level with them and reaches out to gently stroke their cheeks.

Aihara Sakuya’s eyes narrowed alluringly, as if she was as sweet as a cat.

Hibiki Onigawara’s cheeks gradually redden as she gazes at Ran with a calm face.

The reactions of the two are contrasting, but there should be no difference in the emotions that welled up in their hearts.

I was able to successfully convert them into my harem but only up to the first level.

The process of making them my dependents was not too complicated.


If I were to use my past experiences as a metaphor, it would be as easy as when I corrupted Sahi, and as casual as when I corrupted Aya.

It was a simple matter to corrupt the girls who were filled with lust, and whose sexual desires had been stirred up to hunt for Ran Kirishima – in this case, Ryan.

“I never thought it was Kirishima who was raping Mikoshiba…….”

“I’m not sure what to say. You really look like a different person.”

Hibiki and Sakuya were giggling and giving Ran a heated look.

Before the transfer(isekai-d), both Hibiki and Sakuya had disrespected Ran and talked badly about him behind his back.

Anyway, Ran’s presence in the class was as thin as a haze and as fleeting as fog.

It wasn’t that the two of them were particularly concerned about Ran.

It was just a chain of abuse that started with bad words about Jogane and Ryuzaki. Then they went on to say that otakus are disgusting and loners are even more disgusting.

Well, he was basically cursed to exist – and hated, no doubt about it.

But what about now?

She was staring at Ran’s face, her cheeks flushed with infatuation.

Of course, it’s not only purely romantic feelings that are occurring.

It was probably because they had originally planned to rape Ran in his butler outfit.

Sakuya and Hibiki are filled with degrading emotions and exude their woman’s sex appeal.

The scent from Sakuya is especially tremendous.

She has a sweet scent that is unique to girls, a bitchy atmosphere from her light brown hair, a sweet voice that tickles a man’s heart, and a soft and plump body that is well-trained but still has a lot to show.

The senses of sight, hearing, smell, and touch – all but the sense of taste, which is one of the five senses that govern the human senses – sense the seductive sex appeal from this schoolgirl named Sakuya Aihara.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that she is a woman born to satisfy men.

Just by looking at her, the desire to reproduce naturally arises.

She is the type of woman who will ruin you if you take her seriously.

If she were a virgin, there would be nothing to complain about, but I was rather worried that she might have some other flaw or shortcomings, so I decided not to go that far.

Then again, I don’t plan to make her my lifelong companion.

“Hey Kirishima. Let’s have sex. I’ll definitely make you feel good, okay?”

Sakuya had her sailor suit undone and was crawling towards Ran in a panther pose.

Her bosom was slackly open, and her flashy coloured bra was peeking out.

The two enormous bulges swaying from there.

While he was staring at the abyss that had been created around her chest, Ran was plied by Sakuya and was easily folded over.

“uh…… I’ve got you. I’m sure you’ll be happy to know that I’m not the only one who has a problem with this.”

Sakuya thrusts her hand inside her sailor suit and unclasped her bra with a snap.

She shakes her slightly wavy brown hair and covers Ran’s body with it.

Ran sniffed at the soft and plump feeling through her uniform.

It is as if he is tasting Sakuya’s body, then he holds her with all his arms and enjoys more of Sakuya’s body.

“fu, fuo……. Aihara’s body is so soft …….”

She is so soft that if you hug her tightly, she might sink, and her base body temperature is high, so when you hug her, you will feel the warmth around her chest.

And yet, she is not overweight, which is wonderful.

The extra flesh and fat that is wasted on her is removed during basketball practice.

And the girlish fat that comes from her normal eating habits goes to her thighs, breasts, and other parts of her body that are filled with the charm of a girl.

In a way, it’s the ideal proportions.

“Wow.. your hair is fluffy and smells good, your tits and thighs are soft like marshmallows, and most importantly, I’m already–…….”

The entire body of the schoolgirl, Sakuya Aibara, arouses Ran’s desire to reproduce.

Just holding her in my arms makes me feel happy.

I feel like I wanted to spend the whole night holding her tightly to my chest.

In any case, the reality is that we can’t just leave them in a hug without doing anything.

Just hugging each other is not enough to stop the desire that rises in both of us, in fact, it will only make it build up.

While exhaling sweet breath, Sakuya sucked on Ran’s neck.

She used her tongue, which was coated with hot saliva, to slowly lick the sweaty neck.

The plump, puffy lips sucked on his bare skin and released it with a chuffing sound.

She never skipped a step, but carefully continued to do so several times, and then Sakuya looked up and gave an obscene smile.

“I put Sakuya’s hickey all over Kirishima’s neck.”

Sakuya licked the edge of her own mouth, making a slurping sound.

Her upturned face is very sexy.

The sensation I felt on my neck and Sakuya’s marshmallow body was more than enough to arouse my desire to reproduce, and the visual of her made me feel even more aroused.

Ran’s crotch slowly swelled with heat as it was rubbed by the plump inner thighs through her skirt.

A hard, feverish lump pressed languidly against the soft warmth of Sakuya’s lower abdomen.

Letting out a lusty exhale, Sakuya squinted sexily and glared at Ran.

Sticking out her tongue mischievously, Sakuya gently squeezed Ran’s erect dick.

“Ah, ah…”

“Kirishima, you’re already this hard? It’s really sexy.”

The soft palm of her hand, moist and sweaty, wrapped around my towering poll, and she began to give me a careful hand job in my pants.

My shirt was also rolled up and her hands intruded my upper body.

After stroking his stomach and chest, she looked at Ran in the eyes and pinched his small mountain with her fingertips.

While rolling Ran’s small mountain with her fingertips, Sakuya started to remove Ran’s pants with the other hand that had been giving him a hand job.

With only one hand, she dexterously unbuckled his belt and slid it down without hesitation.

Sakuya looked at his bulging pants and squealed in anticipation, but instead of removing them, she thrust her hand inside them again.

After carefully stroking his heavy grenades, she grasped the rod and resumed her hand job.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!?”

Ran’s body trembles as his small mountain and longinus are simultaneously tortured, and he lets out a sweet cry.

While being intoxicated by the soft scent of Sakuya,he embraces her plump and soft body in his arms.

Ran sucked on Sakuya’s ear, feeling the warm marshmallow-like texture all over her body.

“….. Huh? Ran?”

As if cleaning the inside of her ear, I carefully lick up each corner.

As if to endure the sound of water droplets that seemed to echo directly in her head, Sakuya let out an excruciatingly charming sound on Ran’s neck with her breath.

“……. Ear licking, seriously. ……?”

“Haha. Aihara-san, is this your first time to have your ears licked?”

“I’ve been bitten before, but I’ve never had someone scrape the inside of my ear so carefully.”

I did it, Ran said, making a victory pose in his head.


He was able to take away the experienced girl’s first act.

If he can’t have her first time – her virginity – Ran’s principle is to make her cum with something else she’s never done before or never satisfied with. 

“It’s like you’re scratching my head directly, it’s an amazing feeling. It’s like all of Sakuyas’ being is consumed by Kirishima, and I feel like I’m drowning.”

I took Sakuya’s intentions into consideration when she leaned her earlobe against my tongue, and I licked her ear as much as I could. 

The sound of obscene water droplets was played, and each time, Sakuya clung to Ran’s body while her limbs trembled.

The handjobs and pinching stopped, and Sakuya hugged Ran tightly to her chest like a child clinging to a parent’s breast.

I can’t help but think it’s cute to hear the sound of her “oooh” as if she’s trying to hold back, and her ears turning bright red.

Ran looked at Sakuya’s upturned and lustful face, and then removed her mouth from his ear.

Sakuya was fully horny and ready to go.

He cupped her red cheeks in his hands and lightly kissed her lustful face.

Without giving her a chance to twirl her tongue, Ran put her hand on Sakuya’s skirt. 

“I’ll take it off”

“Un” (TL: means yes, informal of はい)

I rolled up her sailor suit and felt her plump belly with just the right amount of flesh and her lustrously undulating neckline in the palm of my hand.

I stroked and enjoyed the feel of the girlishly seductive neckline as I hurriedly removed her skirt.

I stroked her waist through her shorts, and then reached for her thighs.

They were so soft, I could almost feel them sucking on me.

The plumper the thighs and buttocks, the more pleasurable it is to feel the softness of Sakuya’s body.

I knead her thighs and then stick my hand inside her shorts.

My palms are soaked with sweat. Her buttocks are soft and firm, but not flabby.

I scratched my fingers on the edge of her shorts, while rubbing her luscious peach buttocks, and easily removed her underwear.


…… Wow, you’re really wet.”

The back of his hand hit Sakuya’s crack, making it soggy and wet with Sakuya’s special love juice.

She must have shaved that part. There was no hair to hide her puffy, swollen crevice. A beautiful, smooth, vertical stripe stretched from below her navel.

“…you looked like a virgin”

“…… You’re pretty clean for someone with so much experience.” 

I look over at Sakuya, who raises the corner of her mouth with a triumphant expression, and gently places my hand on her crotch.

This time, I press my palm, not the back of my hand, against her crotch.

Anyway, since I’m in a hugging position with Sakuya, I can’t see the area around her vagina.

I don’t want to hurt her in any way by playing with her, so I caress her carefully.

“…… Hmm. I don’t mind if you do it harder.”

“Do you like it hard, Aihara-san?”

“I don’t like to be fucked too hard, but I do like to be fucked deep inside.”

Ran nodded his head and pressed his hand against Sakuya’s crack.

I felt the warmth of her soggy pussy filling my palm, and then stimulated it with my hand.

“N,hm..i-n-ot wh-n-at to-ha..-say” (TL: I am not sure what to say)  

Sakuya contemplated colourfully and let out a hot breath.

Is she a girl who gets wet easily by nature, or is it the effect of her training skills?

Ran’s hands, which were kneading Sakuya’s important parts, were soaked with the love juices secreted from Sakuya’s crack.

The smell, the look, the voice – and not just the touch, but also this part of her. What the hell is wrong with this high school girl?

“…… Are you excited?”

While leaking out a sweet, charming voice, Sakuya loosens her obscene expression and changes to a sense of pride.

After wiping the sweat from her upturned cheeks with the back of her hand, Sakuya cupped Ran’s face in her hands as if to cover her.

She bumped her forehead against Ran’s forehead and then poked the tip of his nose.

She carefully removes the date glasses placed on Ran’s eyes and rubs his cheek while blowing sweet breath.

Making a chuckling sound, Sakuya pressed her own lips to Ran’s mouth.

She prepared herself for a tongue thrust, but it didn’t go that far.

After covering Ran’s mouth with saliva, Sakuya stared at him with lustful eyes. 

“You can put it in…you can put it in and make a mess inside my petals until I’m satisfied.”

She takes off her sailor suit as if to show it off and throws it on the bed.

Her bra had already been removed, so her tanned collarbone, untanned tits, and navel were all exposed.

As she swayed her large, high school girl-like breasts, Sakuya covered Ran again.

Sakuya’s pristine figure, stripped of all distractions. Her full breasts, her tight neckline, her slender buttocks, and her slender hips all have a very sexy curve to them.

And above all, the raw touch of Sakuya with all her clothes off.

The feel of flesh and skin in direct contact.


It was so much softer than anything he had ever felt before, and yet it was elastic and very lustrous.

Above all, between Ran and Sakuya, there was nothing to block the distance between them.

Her body temperature, her heartbeat, and everything else can be felt directly on Ran’s chest plate.

Through Sakuya’s breasts, he could feel her heart beating rapidly and excitedly.

Ran hugged Sakuya’s raw skin to his chest and thrust his hips up firmly.

Sakuya’s petal, which has probably already swallowed the flesh of several men, has loosen —- Ran has ever felt before.

“I can’t believe it. Kirishima’s longinus is coming in.”

Slowly, the tip begins to enter – the inside of Sakuya’s petals, which had swallowed Ran’s longinus, it was narrower and tighter than he had expected.

However, I didn’t feel any unnecessary friction, and more and more of my love juices were secreted.

“Oh, wow. ……. What the hell is this?”

The sensation of being entangled in countless tongues, clinging to her as if she would not let go. The sweetly undulating and writhing walls of Sakuya’s vagina caught him, and Ran couldn’t help but embrace Sakuya’s body.

“What the heck is this ……? The warmth is so ensnaring, it’s like another living thing. ……! I’ll move my hips.” 

“Wait, wait! If you move me now, I’ll go to —- Ah, ha!” 

As my hips moved, the soft flesh of her vagina entwined with my dick. The reason for this is that I was not expecting a loose, sloppy pussy. 

The honey pot, tighter than I imagined, yet full of love juice, welcomed Ran’s dick, and the countless sweetly wriggling folds twined around it like it was another living thing.

Her petals tightens up as if to say that she will never let go until she is covered in semen. 

Unable to bear the sight of her slutty pussy, Ran bit into Sakuya’s earlobe as if to take it out on her.

“—yeah, ha!”

“You’ve got such a soft body, a sweet scent full of pheromones, and a lovely voice that makes your waist tingle. And then you do this with your petals. How much more do you need to please men to make you feel better?”

“No, no, no! No, no, no, no, ……. Don’t take it out on me! I’m not even sure anymore!!!” 

Sakuya is moaning sweetly as she can’t stand the feeling of Ran’s longinus repeatedly pistoning inside her tight petals.


Sakuya’s voice has a demonic charm.

Just by listening to it, my sexual desire is aroused.

And to think that her voice is being produced during sex with Ran.

“I’m very happy that all this pretty voice is coming from having sex with me…”

Ran had always thought she had a strangely sexy voice.

He never imagined that she would be able to raise her voice to such an extent that it would be so charming. 

If you ask me if I’ve ever wanted to make someone moan or something like that, I can only nod my head.

It’s impossible to listen to that voice and not fantasize about something.

“….. Ah, hi-heh, hi-heh! Kiri, kirishi, kirihimahiaa ……. I’m about to cum,!”

She turns her body upside down and her vaginal hole overflows with love juice.

She drooled from the corner of her mouth and leaned her body against Ran.

She stared at him with a slightly desperate look on her face.

“…… kiri, shima.”

“What is it” 

“I’m not afraid if you want to pour semen inside my petal, you know?”

Sakuya smiled at Ran with a dreamy look of pleasure and degeneracy.

Ran’s grenades swelled up at her words.

I’m sure there’s not a boy in the world who wouldn’t think nothing of being given permission to ejaculate inside by a girl with such a pleasant face.

I want to pucker up and my urges to pour my special thick seed into Sakuya’s tight petals with all my might.

Ran’s hips bucked like a beast as a tremendous desire to reproduce arose. As if to slap Sakuya’s petals and Ran’s abdomen together. Ran continued to shake his hips unrestrained, as if to say that he was going to put all of his rich genes into the woman in front of him.

“Ai, ha–. Sa, Sakuya ……. Saku–,ra!!!.”

At the moment of climax, I hug Sakuya’s soft and plump body tightly.

I feel the tip of my dick against her cervix.

I am intoxicated by the sweet and intoxicating scent of Sakuya that spreads to my nose.

I taste the body of the plump high school girl who is shaking her hips with all her might, just as she was born.

“Aah! Kirishima’s longinus, Kirishima’s longinus, inside my petal… Ukyaaaaa!!!”

And what I wanted to hear more than anything was the sweet winning voice that was spun the moment the semen was poured into the petal.

Sakuya ears were soaked, and her hips were twitching with the delayed pleasure of ejaculation.

While feeling Sakuya’s screams stirring up my heart I poured the thick semen full of genes into Sakuya’s vagina.

The white cloudy liquid was spewed out vigorously, as if it was going to be sent directly into the cervix.

“fuahhhh…  It’s so warm! It’s so warm, it’s coming into my stomach!” 

Sakuya clings to me like a koala, drooling as she endures the pleasure.

When I look at her obscenely degenerate face, my reproductive instincts are aroused even more, even though I am in the middle of ejaculating.

I want to forget about the future, and just pour my heart out to this high school girl and impregnate her.

If you can’t get pregnant even if I pour it into your vagina, then I can use the other hole. I want to shove my dick into every hole in her body. I’m not satisfied with just one shot. I’m not sure what to make of this.


They can have sex as much as they want until Ran is truly satisfied.

“I’m not going to put up with you or compromise, not today!” 

“What? Kirishima is so insatiable. I’ve ejaculated so much and you’re still hard!”

“Don’t think it’s over after just one ejaculation! I’m going to keep fucking you until your insides are covered in semen!” 

“…..I love it when a boy is strong and has a great desire! I’m so happy to have sex with Kirishima!” 

Sakuya rolls over and provocatively makes a side glance with her eyes.

The tears from the pleasure and the drool from her half-opened mouth.

The obscene expression on her face was relaxed with happiness.

And then there’s this peace sign made by both hands that looks happier than anything else.

“Next, I want you to fuck me in my petal again! When you’re done with that, can we do Doggy Style? Oh, and can we do missionary ? I also like the cowgirl position. I don’t care about the order, we’ll just keep having sex until either Sakuya or Kirishima can’t stand up anymore, okay?”

Sakuya shows off a cute double-piece with a lewd face.

Feeling a tremendous amount of domination seeing her doing that pose, Ran pushed Sakuya down again.

As the petal swallowed him, his dick remained firm and transformed into a stiff erection ready for impregnation.

“As you wish, I’ll fuck you until one of us can’t stand up”

“I really like you! I love that you’re a sex maniac Kirishima!”

Ran’s reproductive instincts are aroused by the cute and pure feelings he received.

Glaring at Sakuya, who had transformed into an even more lascivious girl through the one time they had sex, Ran gave in to his instincts and began to stir Sakuya’s petal.

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