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Ashe the Soul Eater: Living as a Soldier and a Church Sister, I Work Behind the Scenes While Pretending to Be Human

Vol. 2 Chapter V2C2 Part 3

Thirteenth Guard (6)

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Chapter 2.3 : Just to Catch the Mouse

Translated by CleiZz

Edited by Kuudere-kunn

I rushed to the scene of the explosion with a terrible feeling in the pit of my stomach. I had no intention of letting these assholes go as they ruined my plan to spend my lunch break peacefully sipping a cup a coffee. Who the hell was brave enough to cause an incident right under my nose?


“Shit. What a hassle.” Not just investigating the explosion, but we also had to see the extent of the damage it caused, and catch the criminals, run a background check…


Our HQ was in charge of the investigation which meant we’d have no chance to relax. Okay, I’ve decided. If I catch the culprits, I’m going to beat them to a bloody pulp!


“No, why don’t I just kill them all?” I said aloud. The dead can’t speak anyway, so at least wouldn’t have to do a full interrogation. I felt like I could survive doing the paperwork for it if that was the case…


“Please, don’t do anything rash.” Alexei said to me.


“I’m kidding.” I said quickly after being caught by Alexei. I thought it would be a good move to reduce our workload, but, as expected, it didn’t work that way. It was such a hassle, I could hear Matthias complaining already.


In any case, I rushed to Third Street in the center of the city, which was only about three blocks away from the arsenal, and the area was already in an uproar. It was one of the main streets and there was a good number of onlookers blocking our path. I shouted at them to get the hell out of our way and pushed our way through the crowd, and finally arrived at the scene.


Black smoke was rising through the broken glass of a four-story building on the main drag. The people in the building were running out from the smoke one after another, but no one appeared to be gravely injured. It was a flashy explosion, but it seemed the damage wasn’t as serious as it looked.


“That’s the Royal Bank.” Alexei told me.


“Indeed.” So it was just a bank robbery. They must have done it right after the bank opened.


“What should we do, Lieutenant?”


“It’s obvious what happened, but since we don’t know the extent let’s approach cautiously. Firstly, get the Looky-Lous out of the way. It’s annoying but we have to protect them. Do it respectfully.”


“Yes, Sir!” The squad replied.


I glanced at Noah, “Ritz, did you hear me? Seal off the area.”


“Yes, Sir!” Kamil took Noah and a few others to disperse the onlookers. How nice it would be if it was just an accident, but what really happened?


“Is it a bank robbery? I’d heard the capital was safe, but this is too dangerous!” Someone said next to me.


“I don’t know, but it’s a high probability. The more people that are here, though, the more panic there will be.”


“That’s true. Ah! Could that be the carriage they were planning on using to escape?”


“Huh?” I followed the direction of the arm pointing next to me and saw a carriage waiting in the shadow of the building. The carriage blocked the alley, though it should have parked on the wide street and not in the narrow alley. I see.


I turned and looked at the person who had pointed out the carriage. “Why are you here, Tribert?”


“Huh?” She responded.


For some reason, the person next to me was Specialist Nina Tribert. She’s supposed to be at the base being scolded by her superiors, not here with us.


“I was told to go… you said… everyone? So, I just followed…” She replied hesitantly.




That was really stupid of her. I didn’t care for her excuse, but she had better get the hell out of here. An unarmed woman like her…


Nina huffed out a breath, pushing her chest forward dramatically and was about to turn around when another explosion went off near the front door and three people had just jumped out of the thick smoke. A guy with a mohawk, one wearing sunglasses, and another druggie looking guy. Great. You could always find a similar trio anywhere you were, but they were her. In my city. If it were just them, it wouldn’t have been an issue but…


“Well that’s troublesome,” Alexei muttered. “They’re armed.”


Their arms and legs were metal prosthetics weapons with magic circles engraved on them, though it was hard to tell at a distance what they were. In their hands were magic swords. Hey! Those were military grade weapons they were using! The weapons alone were troublesome, but the druggie had a sword at the throat of a woman they had taken hostage. Shit. This was just getting worse and worse.


“Fuck! Why are the guards here already?!” Mohawk shouted.


“Damn it! We told that guy he had a shitty plan to begin with!!”


“Woah woah woah! Does it matter? So long as we get paid and have a little fun killing some people…” Druggie said with a crooked smile.


The three of them were arguing in front of us, but it’s to be expected since the squad had arrived so quickly. “It was a good thing Nina had held us up at the arsenal, though.” I mumbled.


“Ah! It was to my credit! Because of me… Hehehe!” Nina responded.


“It’s a coincidence, Stupid.” I tell her.


“I don’t care if you’re the military guard or what!” Sunglasses shouted at us. He was just like Nina… saying stupid things. Their prosthetic hands suddenly shifted and they now pointed the muzzles of a gun at us.


Damn it all! They want to fight us. The circles on their arms began to glow.


Fuck. This was why I hated idiots. They’re barbarians who don’t know when to stop.


“Shoot them!” Mohawk shouted.


“Hehehe!” Laughed Druggie.


“Get behind me.” I tell Nina with a push.


As soon as she ducked behind me, they all started firing at us. There were many spells coming right at us which would have inflicted a significant amount of damage with their military grade gear, but it was no big deal. I had already completely analyzed the situation and had a plan.


I activated my magic to slow down time and increase my spatial perception. In my eyes, everything started to move in a much slow motion. I had enough time to activate a defensive circle in my mind with my enhanced mental computing speed after checking the environmental conditions. It was instantaneous.


My face began to warm as it emitted a faint light which suddenly disappeared. I swung my hand down in a horizontal motion and successfully completed the defense circle as time returned to normal.


The missles, bullets, and flames exploded against the defensive shield all at once, however, they were unable to do any damage. To be honest, it was a bit disappointing. They were high quality weapons, but they were almost useless in the hands of amateurs like them. The conductivity of the magical potential in their bodies was low and they were unable to perform the rapid calculations necessary. The weapons were practically weeping in their hands at the underperformance. If they were going to use them, they should have at least practiced more beforehand.


“Damn, seriously?! I thought you said these were high-powered weapons!”


No, no. I thought. The weapons were definitely enough. You were just bad.


And idiots.


“Hmm?” The smoke began to clear and they tried to run to the carriage with bags of money slung across their shoulders. Seeing their attacks fail, it was the smart choice.


“Eh? Do they really think they can escape?” I told them.


I began to activate another circle and pointed my hand at them. A flash of light was directed, not at them, but at the iron wheels of their carriage just as they jumped into it. The force of the light snapped the wheels and killed their horse and the carriage slammed into the ground. Sorry, I thought. Bear with it for a bit. Oh, shit. They had hostages.


Thankfully, it seemed like one of the men cushioned her fall. The guys all jumped out of the carriage and ducked behind it. Mohawk dropped his bag of money and started to scramble after it before realizing the other squad members were firing at them and quickly tried to retreat behind the carriage, but not in time. His pathetic scream was quickly silenced.


How stupid was that?


So dumb, I thought.


In other towns it’d be possible to rob a bank while the guards were on patrol, but they should have done a little research for this town. On the other hand, they did have an armored carriage and military grade equipment. This was a very well set up network of idiots.


Speaking of which… They mentioned it was someone else who planned this. If so… I activate a complex scanning technique to search the building and area and exclude people in the city who I knew, but they’d likely be doing something suspicious and give themselves away.


“There you are.” I whispered.


A map formed in my mind and I found one person running away towards a strange place. I immediately activate my flight technique and lift myself into the air.






“I’m leaving the command to you.” I tell him.


“Where are you headed, Lieutenant?” He asks.


I couldn’t help it and chuckled a bit at his question. “Where? I’m just going to catch a rat that tried to sneak off. Save the hostage if you can. As for the criminals…” I pretended to think about it for a second. “It’s fine so long as they can talk.”


With that, I accelerated into the sky, flying quickly through the cutting wind and above the houses towards my fleeing target.



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