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    Translated by CleiZz
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    Ch 2.5 Your favorite is-is that baggage?


    A man was running on the roof of the houses as the bank robbers fought a fierce battle with the thirteen guards.

     Using the latest technique engraved on the artificial limb, one could easily jump over four-story and even five-story buildings. Once you kick off the scaffold, it would let you jump tens of meters and cast a shadow on the ground. People walking on the ground tilted their heads as the shadow passed over them quickly, but they didn’t think any more of it.

     No one could see the man. Even though he was in the shadow of the sun, all they could see when they tried to catch him was the blue sky, clouds, and the dirty reddish brown roofs.

    The reason why he could not be found was due to the cloak that he wore.

     The cloak, which incorporated a newly developed special technique, let the person wearing it blend in with the surrounding landscape. It was to the point that it was impossible to tell even if you stopped and looked. That was also why he was able to escape alone, unseen and with a large package under his arm.

     When he was some distance away from the bank, he stopped and looked back. In front of his eyes, he saw his friends exchanging techniques with the military police. He snorted and sneered at them for not realizing that they were being used as pawns for protecting mere wads of cash.

    “Hmm… those stupid bastards.”

        Although they couldn’t fight the military police and win, it earned him a lot of time. However, he wasn’t grateful for that, he only had contempt. He snorted, laughed and looked forward again.

    “I’ll leave those guys alone and I’ll give this bag to the client.”

    “I should bring it, but that’s not the case.”

     However, as he was about to proceed, he saw Lieutenant Ashe Shevelowski standing in front of him with her arms crossed.

     She fired her penetration technique at the startled man. The magic grazed his cheek and pierced his cloak. The cloak lost its camouflage and a figure of a man with blond hair, stroked back became apparent.

    “What!? How did this kid find out…?”

    “I see. I see. The bank robbers were decoys, and their target is–” Ashe pointed her sharp gaze onto the box held by the man.”Is it your luggage?”


     As Ashe detected the luggage, the man hid it behind him. Ashe snorted in a boring manner, “Is it a star?”

    “You were going to pretend to be one of them, lure them into committing a bank robbery, and have them go on a rampage. And while they were at it, you were going to steal what you came here for. I see. Well thought out.”


    “Now, let’s have a little guess as to what’s in it. Thinking of what’s entrusted to the Royal Bank and most likely to be targeted– the masterpiece of the master Elgar, a masterpiece of the continental history warrior. It’s called ‘The Leading Goddess’. Certainly, there are many collectors all around the world when it comes to masterpieces like these.”

    Ashe folded her arms and glared at the tall man as if she was looking down on him.

    “I’m sure there’s more money in this commission than in a plain robbery. Seeing that somehow you have financial resources to provide you with weapons well above what you can afford. So the client is an aristocrat… No, no, no, it should be a grown man with sudden money–”

    “Damn it!”

    The man suddenly exploded his explosive technique seeing that Ashe was defenseless and absorbed in her own reasoning. The man took out the tiger cub’s magical equipment that he had hidden in case of emergency. He slammed it against Ashe, it was made of metal, and the impact of the explosion struck himself, but he grinned in the smoke screen as he coughed.

    “Ha! That’s what happens when a kid tries to play on the side of justice!”

    The man threw up with a grin and clear excitement. He imagined a burnt and severely damaged corpse lying on the roof.


     What appeared, however, was an unblemished figure of Ashe, who was still giving him the same cold stare.

    “I know I don’t look old enough to do this, let alone be an ally of justice. I’m not sure but I’m already in this position anyways.”


    “Besides, it’s not like I’m wearing my military uniform right now.”


    Ashe’s cold stare was reflected in the man’s eyes. The coldness in her gaze made it seem as if she was not looking at a person. The man felt a deep-seated fear and screamed involuntarily, he bent his knees and leaped away at once

     He activated his prosthetic leg and easily went over Ashe’s head. The luggage he had been carrying under his arm was now held tightly in both hands. Using the roof of the houses as footholds he moved away from her at a tremendous speed.

    “What the hell was that?”

    A monster. 

        He spat that out with awe in his heart. It may have taken the form of a child, but it was something else entirely. At least, it was definitely not human. The greasy sweat from the man’s forehead was swept away by the wind. If I don’t get away from that thing as soon as possible–

    “Where do you think you’re running to?”

     Ashe’s whisper sounded in his ear. The man turned his head and his face was instantly tinged with fear. There he saw Ashe smiling beside him, showing her sharp canine teeth and peering at him with wide eyes.

     ”I’m afraid I can’t let you go.” Ashe said, thrusting her fist into the man’s stomach faster than he could scream. The man’s body snapped into a big ‘curve’ from the impact of the blow, and he collapsed in her arms, unconscious and limp.

     As soon as Ashe caught the man, she immediately swooped down. She caught the man’s falling luggage just short of the ground, and flew back up once again.

    “…You’ve really gone out with a bang, haven’t you?”

    Ashe sighed as she flew with two pieces of luggage. Cleaning up seemed to be more difficult because the criminals went wilder than expected.


     I guess I’ll have to skip lunch today. It was depressing to think about it, but work is work, Ashe thought as she walked back to the bank.

    The appearance of the bank’s building became larger, and the state of the battle gradually became visible. Due to the gap between the expected hostage and armament, the subordinates seemed to be struggling, but should I intervene? Ashe stopped in midair and pondered.


     But before she could come to a conclusion, the situation escalated. One of the men took out a bazooka, which was obviously something not seen in a simple bank robbery, and started to pour magic.

    “That’s really not good…”

     This was the first time that Ashe had shown signs of impatience. The bazooka was obviously for military use, specifically, for large scale long range attacks. Perhaps even a tank could be destroyed with a single blow. Aside from Ashe, it was not something any of the soldier’s equipment could prevent.

     Ashe underestimated the enemy’s equipment. This was not the time to be thinking about the growth of her subordinates.

     Ashe instantly composed defensive formulas and stretched them out in front of each of the guards. She had barely finished deploying them when the enemy attackers unleashed their attack.

     A flash of light appeared, so bright that even in daylight, it was clearly visible. It was about to engulf Noah.


     But the light didn’t swallow Noah. A new technique was deployed in front of the barrier created by Ashe to catch the attack. The technique was destroyed, but it sufficiently reduced the power that it would have remained unharmed even without Ashe’s technique. She immediately turned her gaze to the person who had been responsible for it.

     Nina, who didn’t even realize she was being watched, threw off her defensive magic armor once more and pulled Noah’s hand to join Kamil and the others. After that, she discussed something with Alexei and the others, and the situation quickly came under control. Alexei’s sniper shot was the decisive factor in the end, but there was no doubt that Nina’s work also played a very important role. Ashe changed her opinion of Nina.

    “Hmm, I thought she was just a stupid girl.”.

        The performance of her magical operations and her courage was good. It would be good to take her in.


     The girl was unknown as a soldier, but as far as Ashe could see the girl was still young, and it was impressive enough to stand around in the battlefield, considering that she was a special skill soldier. Ashe was impressed.

    “Noah also helped me. I have to thank him.”

    I think I’ll let Noah be the only one to offer up the scotch.


     Ashe flew back towards the ground to thank Nina for her hard work, letting one of her subordinates take the blame for today’s rudeness.

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