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    Translated by CleiZz
    Edited by Kuudere-kunn


    Chapter 2.2 : Nice to meet you, Specialist



    “What is it?” I strained my eyes and saw a small figure approaching from the south. Alexei and the team were silent and on alert as the figure raced toward the building. They were ready to attack at any moment should I give the signal. I was focusing my attention on the figure when I heard Hummel let out a dejected sigh.


    Apparently, it was nothing to be alarmed about. Alexei signaled to the others to stand down and the figure of the approaching person became clearer.


    “Heeeeeeee!! I’ve done it again!!” A whining voice called out and I saw a person in dark green military pants, sturdy boots, a black tank top with a jacket held in their hands being waved wildly back and forth as they ran towards us; another Official it seemed. Although it was Spring, it was still far too early to wear just a tank top in this weather.


    “Geez.” I was impressed by this figure and saw her upturned face pale and tense when she noticed us. Perhaps seeing us had distracted her as she tripped over a bump in the road and went airborne. She rolled several times, and, with a magnificent face-slide, she stopped right at my feet. Hummel sighed again beside me.


    “Late again, Tribert.” Hummel said.


    “Ah, haha… I’ve done it again~” First Grade Specialist Nihera Tribert scratched her head and raised her dirty face showing off her nosebleed.


    It was just past ten o’clock. Shifts start at eight. So not only was she late, she was spectacularly late.


    “You know, I might be wrong, but I think it best if you get rid of this nasty habit of being late. Hmm? I’m sure you’ll get a pay cut as well this time.”


    “I know,” she said, “but I can’t help it! I just got carried away…”


    Apparently Tribert was a repeat offender but isn’t disciplined too harshly. But a specialist? We do handle magical weapons, but what kind of a specialist was she? I turned my face up towards Hummel to ask, when the woman suddenly shoved her face into mine.


    First Grade Specialist Tribert stared unabashedly into my face. Her freckled face looked young; maybe in her early twenties? Her long golden hair is braided and pinned up into a bun. The eyes boring into mine were black, not common for this area, but not just black, they shifted mysteriously with different colors.


    This girl… no way. Had she noticed my true identity?


    I noticed that Specialist Tribert’s hand was extended towards me. Shit. I was caught off guard thinking she was just a late girl.


    I moved back a bit, but didn’t react in time. My hat was knocked off and her left hand landed on my head.


    “Ehehehehehehe!” She laughed rubbing my head.I looked up into her relaxed face.


    “What a cute girl this is! Who’s child is she? Hey, can I hug you? Rather, can I take you home!” Her eyes were shining, and she was practically drooling. I looked back and forth between the others. Her hand was ruffling my hair with such intensity that it felt like it was going to catch fire from the friction.


    Apparently, she just really wanted to rub my head, but was that really a good reason?




    I lock eyes with Captain Hummel. The guys all looked at me with pitiful faces, but they didn’t say anything. It’s been a while since I was treated this way, let alone twice in one day. I turned back and heard their muffled laughter. Noah’s laugh was slightly strangled as it probably felt like he was seeing himself a few hours earlier. I’ll remember this, guys…


    “Tribert, you say? I’ve never seen your face before.” I calmly said to her.


    “Oh yes, it is. I’m Nihera Tribert, but you can call me Nina. I’ve been here at Neuchatel since the beginning of the year, though I’m from a city just west of here. It’s so nice to meet you!”


    “So, you’ve been in the city for a few months, now.” I said, “The arsenal is large and while I don’t often come here, it’s strange that we haven’t met before now. Also, how long are you going to keep rubbing my head?”


    I made eye contact with Hummel and raised my eyebrow. Do something about it.


    Hummel broke out in a cold sweat and gave a loud cough, drawing Nina’s attention away from me. “Uh, Specialist Tribert?”


    “Yes, sir!” She said happily, “What is it? Oh, is this your daughter by any chance! If so, I’d love to come and visit her sometimes.”


    “No,” Hummel replied, “No, I’m afraid not. She is lovely, but…”


    Captain Hummel tapped his left check with his fingertips very pointedly. Nina tilted her head before gradually lowering her gaze from my face to my rank insignia and froze.


    “Hi… Lieutenant?”


    “Hello First Grade Specialist Nina Tribert. I’m Lieutenant Ashe Shevelowski. It’s a good thing our soldiers aren’t as brave and reckless as you.” She was not only (habitually) late but had been patting a senior officer’s head. She obviously did not know what to be afraid of.


    When I said that, Nina let out a dry laugh that rounded more like an old broken radio. “Ahaha…ha.”


    “It was a joke,” I told her lightly. “I’m not narrow-minded enough to get angry at something like this.


    “Ahaha… I wish I had-“ her voice trailed off.


    “It’s alright. You can apologize with two bottles of scotch, but no less! You and Warrant Officer Noah Ritz will buy them together and no cheap alcohol either!”


    “Eh?” Nina said stunned.


    “What?” Noah asked, “Me, too?”


    “Would you rather I shove your balls into a rifle and shot?”


    “I’ll go buy some!” He quickly replied!


    “Well alright, then.”


    What the hell goes through these people’s heads that they can be so rude. Anyway, time to go. I’m sure Nina will be scolded even more so than for being late, but for her behavior, so it will be pointless to make her panic anymore. I hoped she appreciated my thoughtfulness.


    I tapped Nina’s frozen shoulder to help her reboot and held out her dusty cap. Damn, the delay had cut into my paperwork time. I’d better get back.


    “See you later, Captain. Specialist Tribert.”


    “Yes! Thank you for your hard work, Lieutenant.”


    “Especially you, Specialist. Keep your wits about you and tell your supervisors-” just as I was about to send her off to be scolded, a violent explosion rang out in the distance. I frowned at the ringing in my ears and turned to see black smoke billowing up into the blue sky.


    “What the hell was that?!” Noah shouted, but I ignored him. There was a village not too far away from here and it had the distinctive sound of a mana explosion. Had some crazy bastard gone mad during the war and tried to commit a massacre with his suicide?


    “I’ll head to the scene! Everyone, follow behind me!”


    “Yes, Sir!” They responded.


    They think they can just get away with doing something like this within my jurisdiction, huh?



    Read only at Travis Translations


    Read only at Travis Translations


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