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    Chapter 1.1 : Despite Appearances, Everything Can Rot

    Translated by CleiZz

    Edited by Kuudere-kunn

    V2 The Thirteenth Guard

    1.1 Despite Appearances, Everything Can Rot


    I woke up with a groan well before dawn and went into the washroom. I slowly opened my eyes while brushing my teeth and found a young girl in the mirror staring back at me. My red hair still messy from sleep, long thin limbs, and a flat chest- completely child shaped. I’m tired of seeing the same appearance, completely unchanged after 15 years. I was my face with cold water which helped rinse away the heavy feeling and I snap back to my normal self. Being able to so quickly wake up and drop emotions are amongst some of my finer skills.

    I quickly dried my wet hair with a bit of small magic that generates a warm breeze and tied it up. Then I put on my dark green, custom sized uniform and pin my rank insignia to my chest. Finally, I pulled on my cap, grabbed my large brown suit case and head downstairs.

    As usual, I wrote a note and left it on the kitchen table for Sister Samantha who should still be sleeping. As I stepped outside, the brisk air of the early morning prickled my skin.

    “Such a hassle to go through every week, but I want to be here.” I adjusted my cap again and took a deep breath.

    There was a functioning magic circuit in my uniform where magic can flow through that, once used, activated different magical circles stored in my brain which increased my mental processing speed. My eyes began to feel hot and my body immediately lifted off the ground and flew into the sky.

    The cold air continued to pierce through my uniform the higher I went. I flew south towards Bern, the capital of the Kingdom of Helvetia where I work from in times of peace.

    “It’s really cold.” I said to myself.

    It was Springtime and the air was crisp, but it was still a rather nice morning. Helvetia was located in the center of the continent of Shuose and was surrounded by steep mountains. The temperature here remained so low that there was still snow on the ground. No matter how resistant I was to the cold, I still regretted not wearing my jacket as each exhale puffed out white.

    After I flew for over an hour, the eastern sky gradually began to lighten. The transition from night to morning grew gradually brighter as the dazzling sun began to peak over the mountains. I watched as the earth below me changed from black to a fresh green before finally, I could see the huge outer gate of Bern.

    I landed a little further away and as I passed through the gate and I greeted the guards at the gate. Even though it was still early morning, the guards looked neat and alert. “Good morning,” I said passing them.

    “Oh, good morning!”

    I then boarded a patrol bus from a nearby stop.

    It takes about 15 minutes to arrive at the building where I worked. I watched as the bus occasionally passed carriages and bicycles on the road. Eventually, we arrived at the stop in the Market square in the northeast side of the capital. From there, I walked through the morning market and listened to the voices of shopkeepers who were either selling or bargaining until I finally reached the building where I worked.

    The white walls of the two-story stone building were chipped and dirty. The sign out front was handmade which read “Capital Defense Headquarters – Royal Army Security: Battalion XIII” in dirty letters.

    “Such a troublesome commute every time,” I muttered to myself. Overall, it takes about two hours. I worked from the capital as part of the city patrol Monday through Thursday and stayed in the military quarters, then flew back on the weekends to lazily work as a “sister” of my rural church. It was not common and not many people were allowed to do so, but it was a privilege granted from our prince. So long as I fulfilled my obligations as agreed upon in our contract. It was a truly hassle.

    “Good morning,” I said as I walked into the station, but there was no response. I looked around the room and noticed it was empty. I went into the guard’s room and realized the guards on duty were likely still sleeping as it was still too early for their shifts.

    Hmm, I seemed to have arrived a little earlier than normal. I threw my bulky case onto a nearby table and grabbed a mug to make myself some coffee when the door to the latrine opened and a person I didn’t recognize stepped out and looked down at me.

    “What?” he said.

    He had short red hair and, although he was a man, he reminded me of a small animal with his eyes scrunched up and his slight stature. He wasn’t very tall, and his body was also much thinner than others in our squad. He was wearing our guard uniform, so I assumed he was new to the unit.

    As I was lost in thought trying to figure out who he was, he approached me smiling and bent down to my height.

    “What’s wrong, little girl? Can I help you with something?” he asked me.

    As I took a moment to decide how I wanted to respond, he began to stroke my head and continued to talk to me as though I was a child.

    “That uniform is amazing. It looks like the real thing. I wonder if your mother made it for you. I bet you love the military police, don’t you, little girl? Yeah, yeah, I know the feeling, I used to love them too when I was your age! But, you know, only real military police are allowed in here. Sorry, okay? You should come back when you’re older.”

    Ha… I sighed internally. It was a typical response the newbies make when they meet me for the first time. I’d been working in the city for a while now and most of the people in the military in this city know who I am.

    “What’s your name and rank?” I asked him.

    “Haha! That’s great! Very cool.” He said with a smile. “I’m Noah, it’s nice to meet you, but you shouldn’t talk to your friends like that, young lady.”

    Noah… I tried to remember if I’d heard his name before as he patronized me, but couldn’t recall anything about him. I had been asking my superiors for more staff for a long time and they must have finally sent someone new here.

    “Hmm? What’s the matter?”

    I’d been asking for more staff for some time, but I didn’t expect them to send me a new recruit. I was hoping for a young soldier with at least a year or two of experience, but it couldn’t be helped. He seemed friendly enough and should be well received by the people in this town which was a good thing. The only thing left to do was to train him so he could fight. However, first I had to correct this misunderstanding.

    Just then, two members of my squad, Alexei and Kamil, arrived.

    “Good morning.”

    “Hi…” they called out.

    Sergeant Alexei Zelensky was a tall man, with closely cropped black hair that made it easy for him to get ready quickly. He was a quiet person with an old gunshot wound marring his strong Slavic face. He had been with me on the battlefield for a long time.

    The other man, Corporal Kamil Dolphin, was of southern descent and had slightly tanned skin with grey hair. He had a cheerful personality and an overall good-natured disposition as he greeted the room with a yawn. He is also an old comrade of mine and had a distinct cross-shaped burn mark at the bridge of his nose.

    As soon as I turned to look at them, they noticed me sitting in the shadows of the desk and immediately stopped and straightened up.

    “Good morning, Lieutenant Shevelowski.


    “Good morning, Captain Ashe. You’re as tiny as ever today.” Said Kamil lightheartedly.

    “Oh, good morning. Kamil. Your belly seems to have gotten even bigger, hasn’t it?” I joked back.

    Alexei beside him stiffened when he heard Kamil tease me, but Kamil saluted with a slight smile. I returned the salute and gestured to the guy behind me who was likely dazed with his mouth hanging open at the greeting. “Newcomer?” I asked.

    “Well, when was it, last Friday? I was assigned to this unit the day after the Captain returned.”

    “Warrant Officer Ritz, greet the Lieutenant.” Alexei said.

    “What? Ah… What?!”

    Alexei prompted Noah, but apparently it hadn’t sunk in yet. He was looking back and forth between Alexei and myself with a dumb look on his face. I stood in front of him and rolled my left shoulder to get him to look at me when he finally noticed my rank insignia.

    His face paled and he quickly straightened up and saluted me. “Apologies, Lieutenant! I am Warrant Officer Noah Ritz!”

    “Warrant Officer, huh?” I asked. “I see, so you’ve graduated from a military academy.”

    “Yes, yes!” He responded enthusiastically.

    “Welcome to the 13th guard, Warrant Officer Noah Ritz. I’m captain of this unit Lieutenant Ashe Shevelowski. I’m sorry to see you at such a poorly equipped unit being an elite academy graduate…”

    “No, Sir! Not at all, Sir!” He went silent for a moment. “Umm…”

    “What is it?” I asked him.  

    “I didn’t realize you were a lieutenant. I’m sorry about earlier…”

    “That’s alright,” I respond. “From an objective view, I’m aware of how I look.”

    That being said, this is a serious workplace where you could be pulled into a dangerous situation at any point. Even armed, Warrant Officer Ritz’s ass would be on the line should he make such an error as to underestimate people.

    “There won’t be a second time, will there?”

    It doesn’t matter what people look like. Despite appearances, everything rots.


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