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Aoharu Point

Aoharu Point (Light Novel)

Author: Sano Tetsuya
Rank 78
2 Chapters 19 Views 0 Bookmarked Ongoing Status
Last Update 4 months ago


People have “points”. Everyone’s lives are ruled by values or points based on various factors – looks, studying ability, and communication ability. Figures were floating above people’s heads. For some reason, I kept seeing said/such points. For example, the figure hovering over the head of my classmate, Yui Kasuga, is 46. Considerably low points. She doesn’t know how to read the mood and doesn’t even have friends. In order to raise Kasuga’s point, I end up getting involved with her–… Kasuga’s rising points, and I who was supposed to have given up all hope on changing. This is the story of our “branching point” in life


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