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    An Active Hunter in Hokkaido Has Been Thrown into a Different World

    Chapter 7

    There aren't any firearms laws or animal laws in another world.
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    Siv's notes:

    1 Chalk    Aperture. It is squeezed so that the diameter becomes slightly smaller near the tip of the barrel. This adjusts how the shots are scattered. Normally, the cylindrical parts screwed into the muzzle are replaced and set. Of course, the larger the amount of squeezing, the less the bullets will be scattered.    It is not recommended to fire slug ammunition with this attached, but that depends on the gun manufacturer and ammunition, and not all are useless. Slug ammunition is usually made smaller so that it can pass through even with a full choke to avoid barrel rupture. Because of that, there is some play and it doesn't hit ...    Naturally, a Sabot slug bullet that is premised on a barrel with a rifling cannot pass through the choke. Sabot slug ammunition should be shot with a Sabot slug barrel, which is tediously stated on the ammunition package.    Recently, the use of large-diameter lead shotguns has been banned and replaced by iron shotguns and alloy shotguns, but older guns may be damaged when shot with iron shots, so it is necessary to confirm with the manufacturer whether they are compatible. ..   2. Precharged air gun    An air gun with a built-in high-pressure air cylinder that injects as much as 200 atmospheres of compressed air in advance with an external pump and then releases the compressed air to shoot it out. The most popular air gun at present, which has great power and can catch not only birds but also four-legged animals such as foxes, raccoon dogs, and raccoons, and has a range of nearly 100 meters. Since there is room in the air cylinder, once charged, it can fire dozens of shots, so many types are equipped with a magazine and can be fired in rapid succession. Because it is a precision machine, the price is more than 300,000 yen, which is more expensive than a sloppy shotgun or rifle.    Large caliber precharged air guns of 6.35 mm (25 caliber) and 7.62 mm (32 caliber) have been commercialized in the last few years, and foxes and raccoons whose rifles are prohibited from shooting by the gun sword method. Increasingly, it is used for hunting raccoons and holding deer trapped.

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