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    NotBlueYet's notes:

    ―――― Author's comment ―――― * 1, Glock 17  An automatic pistol was developed by the Austrian company Glock. Glock, a military knife maker, is a breakthrough that rewrites the history of guns made with a completely new design concept using special alloy steel for knives, rust prevention treatment, and grip plastic, without being bound by the conventional wisdom of guns. Mechanism. The structure is as simple as the "silver ball" itself, in which the spring is contracted and repelled by the force that pulls the trigger. Because it is so novel, there are many criticisms and likes and dislikes. Still, the track record of being adopted one after another by legal institutions in the United States and other countries and the military proves its excellence. A wide variety of ammunition and size guns have been made into a series with almost no change in design, showing the basic design excellence. It looks very casualAwkward But that's good So it's a bad gun that the main character can't use in Hollywood movies.  In the U.S. market, "good-looking" is actually more important than performance, and the reality is that no matter how good the performance is, a gun that looks bad cannot be sold at all. Still, despite its appearance, only the performance This Glock is a very rare example of the success that has won the market.   * 2. Beretta M92  A military pistol was developed by Beretta, Italy. Famous for being adopted by the US military by kicking guns from US manufacturers in place of the Colt Government in a trial. Since the number of bullets is as large as 15, it changed the common sense of shooting battles in Hollywood movies, where the game was decided within 6 shots until then. It's an Italian-style gun with an elaborate design and a cool appearance representing the two illnesses that are very active in movies, but is it overused and honestly tired of it? The reaction is thin. Since the short recoil method is straight and the barrel does not tilt, the hit's accuracy is high and it is not a mediocre gun even if it is lined up with the latest gun. Still, the rumor that the design is too prioritized and durable is not good is hard to disappear.   * 3. Walther P38  The official German gun of World War II established the basis of modern guns. The double-action that you can shoot without cocking the hammer from the first bullet and the firing pin lock type safety device that you can carry with the ammunition in the chamber are copied with many guns, and the Beretta M92 mentioned above looks different. It is a famous gun that can not be avoided by modern guns that can be said to be a full copy of Walther P38 in terms of mechanism. A masterpiece with a wonderful design made in Germany as if it is necessary to elaborate on military pistols so much. The recoil springs' unique design lined up on both sides of the slide makes the slide thick and unsuitable for carrying. The image of a "Nazi gun" is strong, and movies often have villains. It's easy to forget that Lupine III is also a villain. It is not well known that until the appearance of Heckler & Koch and Glock, as with the Colt Government, the West German and Austrian troops' official guns were maintained until the 1980s without any particular design changes.   * 4. Combat Magnum  Double action revolver by Smith & Wesson of the United States. The model number is M19.  You can use the 357 Magnum, an extension of the 38 Special that was popular for police.  The feature is that it is small and lightweight for the use of the 357 Magnum. Until the 1980s, the M19 and its stainless steel model, the M66, were the most adopted by police in the United States.  Besides, it seems that the police were exclusively provided with 38 specials for bullets. As you can see from the slender appearance, it seems that it will rattle if you shoot the 357 Magnum unreasonably.  Daisuke Jigen's gun is silver, but it's neither a nickel-plated model nor a stainless steel model, and it's overused and the blue is peeling off.   * 5.44 Magnum  Of course, 44 Magnum is the name of the ammunition, not the name of the gun. The world's strongest pistol became famous for being used by the main character Harry Callahan in the movie "Dirty Harry". The model number is M29.  It was originally developed not for interpersonal use, but for self-defense when a hunter or forest worker accidentally encounters a bear. Even now, S & W's signature product, a steel blue model that has been polished like a mirror as it was first released, can be obtained without losing its shape. The seat of the world's strongest pistol has been handed over to the late Desert Eagle and S & W M500, but there are still many fans and media exposure.  By the way, the power of the current world's strongest pistol, the S & W M500, is almost the same as the rifle bullet 308 Winchester used by Shin.   * 6. Walther PPK  A double-action medium-sized pistol developed by Walther of Germany for police. A highly reliable masterpiece gun with excellent portability and a firing pin lock type safety device was also used in the Walther P38. Even now, the same guns are still being produced, and it is a famous gun that shines with German craftsmen's skill. Famous as the favorite gun of the main character James Bond in the movie 007 series. He seems to want to use Beretta ...   * 7. Chief Special  It has never been specifically stated in the manga that Golgo 13 is using this.  Since he is a hitman, he uses different guns for each episode, but this chief special seems to have appeared most often. The Smith & Wesson Snab Nose 2.5 inch barrel model number M36 revolver features 5 rounds, smaller and lighter than a normal revolver.  Not to mention the high reliability, the charm of the gun itself, such as the classic beauty that the auto does not have and the sense of security you carry with you, still silences the auto group.  The reason why the revolver is excellent for self-defense is that there is no spring settling, it is possible to fire the next bullet immediately even if it does not fire, it is easy to handle, and technically it is said that there is no need to worry even with auto. However, it cannot be overlooked that the revolver is the best, even if it says that the "shooting" is fast. Since the grip is at the end, it fits very well in the holster. Unlike the auto with a magazine in the grip, there is a high degree of freedom in the grip shape, so it is necessary to customize it to the best shape that individuals can easily pull out. It would be a hidden advantage of the revolver.  If I was told that I could carry only one gun for self-defense, I wouldn't hesitate to choose it.   * 8, Colt Peace Maker  A single-action revolver was adopted by the US Army. Also known as Colt Single Action Army. The origin of the American .45 caliber myth is extremely robust and has excellent stopping power due to its 45 caliber. This is all that appears in the Western drama, regardless of the historical evidence. Only one bullet can be inserted, the bullet cannot be removed, the safety device is only the hammer's safety position, and as the name suggests, there were already double actions at that time. Still, there are many drawbacks, but for better or worse, the United States The gun that made its history.   * 9. Colt Government  A famous gun among the famous guns keeps the crying child who has been used for a long time from the US military's official adoption in 1911 to the 1980s. It has made the US military known to the world very simple and robust, combined with the .45 caliber stopping power. As a gun using a .45 caliber, it boasts high reliability that is still unchanging, high accuracy with a barrel brush, and a sharp trigger that directly pushes the shear, and the title of the champion of combat shooting is still unwavering. It is slim and portable for its large diameter, and its flat shape with few steps is a gem that has passed down Browning's design concept to the present day. Since its development, it has been over 100 years, including a grip safety that the trigger cannot be pulled unless it is gripped, an extremely reliable safety device that locks the hammer itself. A half-cock position catches the hammer even if it falls before it is fired. Even in the 21st century, there are no particular points to be improved, and the degree of perfection is truly high. Some retired people would have shot it because the Japanese Self-Defense Forces also used it, but going back further, some Japanese soldiers would have been shot by it.   * 10. Southern 14th year  A military gun was officially adopted by the Japanese Army in 1925.  Made more than 10 years after the appearance of guns like the Colt Government, such as the use of bottleneck ammunition, the hammerless striker method, and the receding cocking piece without the use of slides. It is incredibly unique from the technical level of the time. The designer would have created it with the good looks of the Ruger P08 and the Mauser Military mechanics, but the result is an indescribable collection of the bad points of both guns. Oops.  I feel sorry for my ancestors, such as a safety device that can not be released without turning it 180 degrees, which can not be operated with one hand, an 8 mm bullet that is insufficient for military use, a cocking piece that gets caught in the magazine follower and stops backward. It's an old-fashioned useless gun. It is well known that the improved Type 94 pistol has become even worse and awkward. The only good thing is that the striker method makes it easy for Japanese people to grip small grips. In the commentary, it is often praised that "the trigger is smooth". In other words, there is nothing else to praise.   * 11. Permit system  The truth is that rifles are not completely unauthorized. It seems that they have to wait for several hours to purchase, saying "I'm going to inquire" by showing something that will be an ID card.  I think it depends on the state, but even in the United States, the sellers of pistols naturally need a license, and home improvement stores and outdoor shops often sell only hunting guns and not pistols. If you need it, go to a specialized gun shop.  

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