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    Translated by TravisTran
    Edited by Phantom0408


    “Is this all a store?”


    “Like that.”


     The buildings facing the street are all shops.


     There is a picture on the sign so you can see what kind of store it is.


     Is it a society where people who cannot read and write are in their own way?


     As you approach the east exit, people who pull a dolly full of luggage go back and forth, and the store becomes centered on ingredients such as vegetables and fruits, butchers and millets, wheat stores, and seasonings.


     The wholesale hunting store is located in the prime location closest to the east exit of the castle gate.


     The whole deer, wild boar, etc., are carried on a dolly to the store.


    “Okay, why don’t you try selling something here?”


    “I’m thrilled–!”


     The two of us turn our backs on the street, crouch down, and take out the magic bag.


     Well, Saran is big. This alone will avoid the public eye.


     Take out only one deerskin from the yellow bag and give it to Saran.


    “Welcome. Are you buying it?”


     When you enter, the grandfather at the counter will call out to you.


     It’s a kind old man who seems to be friendly.


     I remember my grandpa.




    “Please have a hunter card.”


     …… My pest extermination worker certificate wouldn’t work. It’s issued by the government office.


    “I just came to this city, and I don’t have it yet.”


    “Hmm, then the purchase price will be half the price, right?”


    “How do you get a hunter card?”


    “If that’s the case, you should ask behind the scenes. That’s deerskin, right?”




    “Is my sister’s head a raccoon? That hat is good. It looks like it will sell. Can I catch a raccoon? There aren’t many around here.”


    “Other foxes, crows, pigeons, birds, etc.”


    “Bears, wild cows, coyotes, wolves. A few monsters.”


     …… Do you catch such a thing? Mr. Saran …….


    “That’s amazing. I welcome you. There’s a hunter guild on the back, so talk there.”




    “And! Please sell it later!”


    “Of course, you can’t wear a hat.”


    “I’m sorry. I hope you wear it all the time in the city. 


    “I see.”






    “If the hat is popular, it will be a good business as an elf’s specialty.”


    “Yes? Then I’m wearing it all the time.”


    “I also wear a turnip.”


     As I walked through the street’s back streets, I also took out a raccoon hat from my magic bag and put it on.






     Saran looks happy.


     I wish the raccoon couple would become famous among hunters.


     There was a hunter’s guild in a small place on the back.


     It feels like an office.


    “Hello. Um, I’m Hunter applicants, accepted or would be here.”


    “Yes. Do you want to be hunters?”


     The old man who came to the reception is a strong face like an active hunter…




    “Hmm … That’s the skin of a deer. Does that mean you can catch a deer?”


    “Well, that’s right.”


    “Where are you from?”


     This must be honest. In the first place, there is no reason to lie, and there is no attestation.


    “It’s Copoli village.”


    “… Copoli village? Surely Kopoli village … Elven village?”




    “Are you an elf?”


    “Well, that’s right. Saran, take off your hat.”


    Whoop. My ears pop out.


    “… I saw such a big elf for the first time.”


     Will you leave it alone?


    “You are also.”


    “I’m a human being, but I’m indebted to the elf village.”


     Take off your hat.


    “… I have to have such an ugly elf. Yeah.”


     Please leave it alone.


    “Don’t glare. It was bad.”


     How, how, waving his hand, the uncle laughs.


    “You can see that you can catch deer and raccoons. If you’re an elf, you’re definitely in Kopoli village. That’s fine. Well, I’ll show you my skills by becoming a hunter. What are you? use”


    “I am a bow. A little sword. A spear for a large beast.”


    “I am … her assistant”.


    “What is an assistant?”


    “Well, help.”


    “Is it a string? It’s not sloppy.”


    “My husband is a top-notch hunter. I won’t allow you to be stupid.”


    “Are you a couple!”


    “That’s right.”


     I’m surprised, Mr. Oyaji.


    “Hmm … well, I didn’t ask. I don’t care. So it’s not that elves had become hunters because there were a few people when I was a kid. It’s a story … but it’s not banned right now. There’s no reason to decline. “


     And it is suitable for me.


    “Honestly, what do you use it for? Don’t you want to say it?”


    “I don’t want to show you.”




    “… Well, that’s not the case. I was a hunter in a slightly different way, such as traps and tools.”


    “Hmm, if you can use magic, living as a witch is much more expensive, and you can get ahead. You can’t do a hunter. Even if you’re a hunter, it’s a strange person. Well, that’s okay. Then I’ll admit you as a set. A man who falls in love with that high-ranking elf and becomes a bride, of course, he’s better than his wife. “




     Do you react to that, Mr. Saran? I’m sick. It can’t be helped …


    “Did you bring a bow? There are also bows for rent.”


    “Yes, I have to bring it.”


    “Then get ready. Go out to the backyard at the door there. Test there.”


     Once you leave the guild, take out Saran’s longbow and quiver from the magic bag.


    “What are you going to do?”


    “Well, I guess …”


     When you get permission to own a gun, you need to take a course at the gun shop’s official shooting range and take a practical test. After practicing a real shotgun, you will be rejected, and you will not be allowed to possess it if you cannot shoot down the specified number of shotguns by firing them at the flying clay. You can practice as many times as you like until you can hit it.


     It’s the same as car training.


     The permission to own a hunting rifle in Japan is strict. Probably the best in the world.


    “Oh … it’s a huge bow! Couldn’t you stop walking with that?”


     You’re surprised by your uncle.


     This is because it is a longbow exclusively for Saran that feels like a rugged Japanese bow that is said to be even larger in the world.


    “Hit that. Check your safety carefully.”


     A 30 cm square board 30 m away.




     Saran is halfway through.


     is not it…….




     Just barely …


    “Leave it!”


     Bashu! !!


     The target board broke completely and blew away.


    “… End. There’s no point in doing it anymore. As expected, an elf.”


     He will return to the office and take out the paper.


    “Then, name and village of origin.”


     Will you write it? Are there many people who can’t read and write with hunters?


    “Shin. Kapolei Village”


    “‘Shin.’ The type of business is … well, should I be a trapper? What about your sister?”




    “… Saran?”


     The uncle looks at Saran seriously.


    “You are Saran …”


    “Are you famous?”


     The uncle nods.


    “I can’t say it in a loud voice, but behind the scenes, there is a story saying, ‘Don’t approach the village of Copoli. There’s Saran.’ Slashing or squeezing his head …”


    “I’ve never done that !!”


    “I know, I know! It’s a rumor that the merchant shed to avoid bandits. It’s just an exaggeration. Nobody believes! I just didn’t think he was such a cute sister!”


    “Don’t you believe it!”


    “Well, well, that’s why, no, it’s okay. See, it’s a card.”


     They will give you two cards.


    “Because there are 1st to 6th grades. Both of you should start from 6th grade. I will promote you after seeing a lot of work. Also, two gold coins per person and four for two people.”


     …… I suddenly feel lonely.


    “I’ll update it every year. Please come back after a year. You can go to the hunter guild in any city. If you don’t work as a hunter for a year, it will be erased, so work properly. Since it is posted on the bulletin board, please bring in prey or take on the job. Taxes and guild fees are deducted from the beginning. If you have already paid taxes and fees for the work application, you will be paid directly from the client. You can receive it.”




    “Escort work and bandit extermination are only in the third grade. Be careful because the rank of the work you can receive is written on the paper. Well, if you are attacked by a bandit, you can take it back.”




    “When you go in and out of this city, show it to the guards at the East Gate. The entrance tax is exempt. You also need to buy weapons at the weapon shop. You don’t sell weapons to the general public. When you walk around the city with weapons, show it. Be sure to carry it with you. Show it when the guards stop you. Show it at the counter when you bring in your prey. You can buy it at the regular purchase price. “


    “Yes, that”




    “Are there any laws that hunters must obey?”


    “Don’t say strange things. What you can’t do with a commoner isn’t a hunter. You can do what a commoner can do with a hunter. There are many things, but there’s nothing you can do because you’re a hunter. What’s the question? You can’t be a thief in an elf village. “


     It’s not like that. It’s like the bird and beast method or the gun sword method.


    “Animal and plants that should not be hunted because they are threatened with extinction.”


    “There are many animals and monsters that I want to be extinct, but there are no animals that would be in trouble if they were extinct. Catch as many as you like.”


     …… That kind of idea has driven many animals and plants to extinction.


    “Well, there may have been some elves who shouldn’t be caught by the rules.”


     Is there?


     Well, just ask Saran.


    “thank you for everything.”


    “And I’m the guild master here, Buffalo Bar.”


    “… Is the Guild Master free?”


    “My sister in the office took a day off on maternity leave! Everyone is out now, and there aren’t enough people! Don’t be rude!”


     I am sorry.


    “Can I ask you one question?”




     Saran squints her eyes and gazes at Baru with her hands on the counter.


    “The other day, an elf kid was about to be kidnapped by a human bandit.”




    “Isn’t the guild involved?”




    “You knew me.”


    “I know. It’s part of the guild’s job to gather information.”


    “… I’ll kill every single villain trying to kidnap an elf.”


    “Do more and more.”




    “Is it a crime to sell kidnapped people and elves as slaves in this country?”


    “Slave hunting is a serious crime no matter who you are.”


    “So why are such crimes endless?”


    “… I think it’s profitable.”


    “Who is making money?”


    “Dark slave trader.”


    “Who buys.”




     Is it a person in power?


    “Are there any legal slaves?”


    “Slave, etc., are all illegal.”


    “What about the crackdown?”


    “Not advanced.”




    “… Because it involves aristocrats”.


     I see…….


    “What if a hunter was helping out?”


    “It’s a hunter’s mess.”


     …… Ton.


     Saran takes the card out of his pocket and puts it in front of Mr. Baru.


    “One of the five kidnappers had this.”


    “… Alain”.


     Mr. Baru looks away.


    “What happened to them?”


    “I don’t know.”


    “… I think”.


     Hmm …


     Mr. Baru exhales, sits down, and throws the card into the drawer.


    “Don’t tell anyone about this. I won’t tell you. Alain is missing.”


    “A little!”


    “You probably said you didn’t know.”


    That’s right. Yes.


    “There may be someone who would make you as their enemies. So, let me keep this a secret now. I’ll find out what I can do.”






    “Get to level 3 soon. Then I’ll get your help. I’m looking forward to it.”





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