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An Active Hunter in Hokkaido Has Been Thrown into a Different World

Chapter 1

I happened to Arrive at Another World

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Chapter 1: I happened to Arrive at Another World

Translated by Siv

Edited by Travistann


Dark… It is so dark.


Why is it so dark? Is this what happens when I die?


It is as scary as brown bears …


I tried to get up plumply.


Suddenly a woman called me, and I was surprised by it.


“Are you okay?”


Where is it here? Is it the hospital? Is she a nurse?


This is so dark! No, wait…maybe I can’t see?


I tried to reach out and search around.




I think I touched something.




The woman screamed.


“Oh! I’m sorry! Did I touch you? I’m really sorry!”


“It’s okay. Nevermind. It’s dark because there’s no light here. I’ll create some now.”




A fire lit up, and the surrounding became brighter.


In front of me, a person is kneeling and staring right into my face…


Who is that?


She’s a blonde foreigner, dressed in a white dress…


What an exceptional beauty!


I saw a ball of light is on the palm of her hand …


I wonder what kind of lighting?


“Well, uh? Isn’t this a hospital?”


“No it’s not”


“You sure? Because a bear attacked me…”


“This is the afterworld, Nakajima Shin-san. I’m sorry, you died … “


“So I’m dead…”




“Killed by that brown bear?”






I lean forward and ask.


“What about the girl? The one from the elementary school!”


“She is safe. Thanks to you.”


“Thank god.”


Three days ago, there was a brown bear came down from the back mountain to haunt an elementary school.


I witnessed it near the school road, and although it was dangerous as it was, I still decided to get rid of it at the hunting association.


I’m an employee of a rural town hall, but when my grandpa retired as a hunter, he was asked, “Would you like to be a hunter?” And that is how I became a hunter.


Grandpa was an active hunter until last year, carrying a hunting rifle and doing things like exterminating vermin from the mountain.


Even at the government office, the town was suffering from damage such as deer that ruin the fields and foxes that attack livestock, and even at the government office where I work, had to assist farmers by putting up a net to cover the fields with fences. With all the efforts, the damage is considerably reduced by a little.


Grandpa says that most hunters are aging and there are not enough young people in the hunting association.


And that is precisely why after I graduated from a local high school, I became a government employee. At that time I was still young. Now I’m 20 years old, and I’m old enough to get a gun possession permit and a hunting license, I told him to give me the hunting gun that my grandpa always had.


“I want a young guy like you to join the hunting association,” said Grandpa. I couldn’t make that request.


Then, I am a first-year hunter who has cleared the difficult gun possession permit and hunting license.


Since I was an employee of the government office, I was qualified as a vermin extermination worker from the town that year, and at the request of the farmer, I used to catch deer and foxes with an old shotgun that I had received from my grandpa.


Grandpa gave me all sorts of his guns and hunting equipment before he died from pancreatic cancer six months later …


If you think about it, maybe he just wanted me to take over him…


Today was a request to get rid of brown bears.


It is a known strategy to drive up and climb around the back mountain as a member of the hunting association.


I don’t have a rifle yet, so I can only use my shotgun.


So, I didn’t go into the mountains just in case and took on the role of patrol around the school to prevent any accident from happening.


Gunshots echoed in a row in the back mountain, and the voice of the simple digital radio I got it from my grandpa attached to my shoulder saying “It is going to the school now! Careful!” When I took off the gun cover of my favourite Remington M870 and put the Sabot slug in the two-shot magazine, I saw a little girl playing around at the back of the school building. 


“Come back! It’s dangerous! Faster! Go back to the school building!”


I wondered why the children is there.


Shouldn’t the school is temporarily closed!


Before I could think more, something fast moved. 


The groves of the back mountains sway, and black lumps run at a tremendous speed.

It’s a violation of the Firearms and Swords Act to fire behind the school building like this.


Thinking about that, I ran to that kid.


I open up my shotgun magazine and loaded two ammo. The spring then sends the ammunition from the magazine into the chamber.


Then, put another bullet in the magazine and make a total of three shots!


“Get into the school building now!!”


I stood between the kid and the bear, instructing the kid while trying to drive the bear away by hand.

“Guah guah guah!!”


A bloody brown bear that jumps out of the grove roars.




I fired one shot!


Damn it! Why did it come out!




I hurriedly pull the fore end of the pump-action to eject the shells, and push the ammo forward and take another shot!




Great! I got it!


Another shot at the throat of the bear in front of me when I stood up and tried to land a hit me!


*Clicks* Bam!


I shot the brown bear’s arm but it was too late. I was blown away by the brown bear’s arm…


Then, that’s all I could remember.


“Who are you?

“I am a goddess. My name is Nanotes, the goddess who controls the world after your death.”




There is no such beautiful foreigner in the country town where I live.


“Your courage to protect the kid and confront the brown bear, it’s too regrettable to die for you to die as it is … is what I thought so, so I brought you back here.”


“Brought me back here?”


“Yes. You are dead. Although I can’t bring you back to the previous world, but I want to make your life better a little longer.”


“What will happen to me?”


“I will send you to a different world.”


“Different world?”


“May you start a new life. May you live happily there. It is the earth, not the earth. There are humans, and some are not.”


“Like a manga?”


The goddess smiled gently and said.


“Maybe. It may be a mysterious world.”


“I have a job … my family and friends. I can’t just throw them away and go to that world!”


“I’m sorry”


“NO! I not convinced that I’m already dead!”


“You may not be convinced, but it’s still a fact that you died. Either way, can’t you try to accept it?”


My sob leaked. I had no choice but to cry.


I was disappointed that I died. My parents, brother and sister. I cried when I thought about my family.


I was attacked by a brown bear at the age of 21 and died …


It wouldn’t have happened if I had only been a staff member of the government office instead of a hunter.


All I regret came to my mind.


“I wish you happiness in your new life.”


You know I can’t!


“I will help you as much as I can. But first, you have to do everything to survive before then…”


It’s impossible!




When I woke up, I was in the woods.


Is there no question and answer? Is it forced transfer?


What’s going on?


There are so many things I have yet to ask, you know?




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Read only at Travis Translations


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