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    It was the third day of Jiang Chen’s refinement. His body had now fully absorbed the effects of the entire pill. Dragon marks were condensing in his body one by one. A layer of golden light wrapped his entire body with its radiance, making him look absolutely mystical.

    “Now is the right time to advance into the Combat Emperor realm.”

    Jiang Chen opened his eyes wide, then released two streams of brilliant light, the spatial zone around him trembled. A vast amount of Heaven Rank Restoration Pills were consumed like being burned. The purest energy was absorbed by Jiang Chen. Advancing from Ninth Grade Combat King to the First Grade Combat Emperor required a huge amount of Heaven Rank Restoration Pills to replenish his lost energy. Only Jiang Chen could bear such a huge rate of consumption. Anyone who witnessed this would surely be shocked.

    Very quickly, forty thousand dragon marks were fully condensed. The effect of the Emperor Pill was enough to let Jiang Chen advance from the Combat King realm to the Combat Emperor realm. At this moment, his body was covered with a blood red dragon scale that seemed frightening and godly.

    At the same time, a disastrous Qi descended from nowhere. That was the Qi of tribulation. Jiang Chen had already expected it. When he was still in the combat soul level, the tribulation Qi had already accompanied him. It advanced from a Three Minor tribulations to Six Minor tribulations. This tribulation Qi for the Emperor realm would probably be a Nine Major tribulation.

    Jiang Chen muttered his excitement, seeing such great a circumstance. His Dragon Transformation skill was just too scary, he was destined to exist as a being who defies the heavens. On his future path, he would only encounter more tribulation than the previous, but it was enormously beneficial to him.

    If he didn’t die in the tribulation, he would undergo transformation. Every tribulation brought him great transformation, it was like being rinsed by the thunderbolt, making his body become stronger, and more powerful,

    After the advancement, Jiang Chen still didn’t leave his place and continued his cultivation in seclusion. It was like he had touched onto something, giving him the reason to keep on pushing himself to continue. He continued to cast the Dragon Transformation skill. After a few times of circulation, its speed became so fast that no ordinary skill could match it.


    Accompanied with the continuous Dragon Transformation skill, Jiang Chen heard an ancient dragon roar in the deepest part of his soul again. That was the roar of an ancient dragon that could shook people’s soul.

    Jiang Chen was attracted by the roar. He could feel an explicable familiarity from the sound. At this point, he could feel that the Dragon Transformation skill was circulating as fast as the blood in his veins, and was completely combined as one unit. Gradually, he saw a silhouette in his soul, it was a man, no, it was a dragon, not really, but it should be a man and a dragon.

    The image became clearer but not yet perfect. The head was a man and the body was that of a dragon. Jiang Chen could see it clearly. It was his face, it had blood red dragon scales with blood red eyes, very terrifying. His entire body was full of blood red dragon scales. He was three meters long, both of his hands became dragon claws which was razor-sharp.

    Jiang Chen tried to solidify the image. It wasn’t an easy task, but he still tried very hard. He was very clear in his heart that if he could completely congeal this image, it would bring him so much benefits, and it might start another transformation.

    At this moment, three silhouettes appeared outside of Jiang Chen’s compound. These three men had a cold smile. The two of them were Hu Song and Hu Lai, the other one was sturdy and strong, the uniform of the Nebula Sect that he wore seemed very tight, his muscles could clearly be seen from his shirt. He had the eyes of a fierce leopard, and his beard was thicker than Hu Lai’s, judging from his look, he wasn’t someone to pick a fight with.

    “Brother Man, this is it. We’ll go in after you. You can say that you are here to see the great genius of Nebula Sect, which doesn’t sound very offensive. When he sees us coming in, he will certainly be infuriated, and will charged at you. When an inner disciple hits a core disciple, it is considered a disrespect towards the core disciple. At that time, won’t that mean that he is seeking death? Brother Man will have a perfect excuse to to fight him then. If you can break one of his arm, humph…”

    Hu Song’s tone was violent and cold. He felt incredibly angry whenever he saw his sleeve rippling in the air. If this revenge was not taken, he wouldn’t have a good sleep.

    “Humph! Even if he is a genius, in my eyes, he is merely an unimportant figure. Cong Zhong Sheng is really a garbage, he couldn’t even handle a disciple. I think that he should forfiet his position as chief steward.”

    Man Hong made a cold humph, definitely looking down on Jiang Chen. He was a tyrannical and cruel man who was determined to eliminate the domineering aura of a new disciple.

    “Go and knock the door.”

    Hu Song said to Hu Lai.

    Hu Lai noisily walked to the big door of the compound and raised his leg to kick it. Was this even called knocking? This unintelligent brawny man was obviously using Man Hong to help him take revenge.


    The big wooden door was broken into smaller pieces after the strong kick. Jiang Chen was not supposed to be interrupted when he’s cultivating, but the sudden disturbance caused the image to disappear completely. It would be impossible to find it again.


    Jiang Chen opened his eyes which released a strong murderous aura, even the spatial zone discharged a spark. Boundless fury rushed out of his body, the force pushed everything around it, even the pillars of the compound was lifted.

    Jiang Chen was enraged, he had never been so enraged before. He knew how precious and invaluable the state he was in just now, it was the same as Tyrant’s enlightenment, it could only be met by chance. Moreover, this chance was probably for his Dragon Transformation skill to undergo another transformation that would bring him countless advantages. After his skill evolved, he would become a half human and half dragon. His combat strength would increase by ten times, while his physique would be as hard as steel in that state.

    He was totally immersed in that state. He only needed half an hour more to complete the congealment, but because of Hu Lai, he had been deliberately awakened from his enlightenment.

    “I don’t care who it is, but I will make you pay a very high price for that.”

    Jiang Chen’s eyes turned crimson, totally filled with fury. There was no way for him remain calm about it as enlightenment could only be met by chance. Once he snapped out of the enlightenment, he was not sure if he could enter it again next time. He didn’t know how long it would take for the next transformation of the Dragon Transformation skill.

    The house had collapsed. It was a big movement that slightly shook the entire inner sect compound, it had caught many disciples’ attention and they all looked in this direction.

    “What happened? Why did the house collapse?”

    “That is the compound of brother Jiang. I have no idea what had happened. Let’s go and find out.”

    “Mother of god, are they fighting again? Seems like the sect will never be peaceful after his arrival.”


    At this moment, the inner disciples were walking to Jiang Chen’s compound one by one. There had to be a big trouble for the compound to crumble so badly. He had already created a messy trouble the very first day he came. First, it was the shattering of the Brilliant Mirror, and second, he had beaten up the chief steward, and after three days of silence, something big happened again.

    The chief steward shifted his gaze to Jiang Chen’s direction, and his mouth revealed a cold smile.

    “The fight begins.”

    The very arrogant Hu Lai who was standing in the compound got muddled when the building collapsed all of a sudden. Even Man Hong and Hu Song got muddled by the sudden event, not knowing what that dude inside was doing. Didn’t he just kick and broke the big door? How could that cause the collapse of the whole building?


    While they were still in a stunned state, a silhouette raced out like lightning, and stopped in front of Hu Lai.

    Hu Lai saw Jiang Chen’s cold and bloodthirsty eyes which frightened him badly. He felt like he had entered into hell and was surrounded by frost.

    “Was it you who kicked the door?”

    Jiang Chen’s tone was rough.

    Hu Lai nodded consciously.


    Jiang Chen’s palm landed on Hu Lai’s face, all of the teeth in his mouth was slapped out. He fainted instantly. Jiang Chen knew well that the loss that Hu Lai’s kick caused was irreparable.

    “Jiang Chen, stop!”

    Hu Song shouted. He had planned to bring Man Hong and tried to trigger him to fight him but he hadn’t thought that Jiang Chen would turn into a state of frenzy, and slapped Hu Lai hard at the beginning.


    Jiang Chen completely ignored Hu Song and Man Hong’s existence. He raised Hu Lai from the ground and threw him up. He then punched strongly on Hu Lai’s Qi Sea while he was in mid-air.

    *Ka Cha* *Argh…*

    Hu Lai wailed in agony that it made people’s hair stand on end. He flew away as if he was bombarded by a big missile. Hu Song’s facial expression changed. He could see what happened clearly. That punch instantly shattered Hu Lai’s Qi Sea. From now on, Hu Lai had become a cripple.

    “Jiang Chen, you…”

    Hu Song’s body shivered. This was a complete mad man. He crippled a person because someone had broken his door. This was too cruel, it was merely a wooden door. How could he be raging because of a door?

    He didn’t know the fact that if they were an hour later, Jiang Chen wouldn’t be as furious as he was now, even if they burned his whole compound. They should blame themselves for coming at such a wrong time. The one who kicked the door was Hu Lai, if it was Hu Song, he would face the same consequence. Of course, it wouldn’t make any difference even if it was Hu Lai’s brother who made the interruption because Jiang Chen’s fury was now unstoppable.



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