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    Jiang Chen’s movements were too fast for a Third Grade Combat Emperor to react in time. When Cong Zhong Sheng realised that his own weapon was flung away from his hand, Jiang Chen’s sword already appeared near his neck. Cong Zhong Sheng was defenceless, and his sword was already in Jiang Chen’s possession.

    The Heavenly Saint Sword was shimmering with an icy cold light and released traces of murderous aura, shivering Cong Zhong Sheng’s soul. Very frightening, this young man is too terrifying. Cong Zhong Sheng, a Third Grade Combat Emperor, wasn’t his opponent at all. He was defeated easily. If this battle didn’t happen in Nebula Sect, he would be dead by now.

    “No, not possible, not possible.”

    Cong Zhong Sheng stammered with fright. He had million of excuses, he could not believe what was happening, nonetheless, it was the truth. He, the chief steward and a Third Grade Combat Emperor, but he had been defeated by Jiang Chen.

    In a moment of silence, everyone couldn’t express what they had just seen with words. Their eyes were wide, staring at the two people standing in the sky. Not only the inner sect disciples who hadn’t gone to Huang Ling Desert’s expedition and the core disciples were shaken, but also the inner sect disciples who had already seen Jiang Chen’s prowess during the expedition. None of them had seen a person as strong as him.

    The one armed Hu Song and his brother, Hu Lai, had been on the scene without anyone realising. The fact that Cong Zhong Sheng was defeated by Jiang Chen made the depressed Hu Song to cough out a mouthful of blood. After he returned from the battle, he and Cong Zhong Sheng planned to teach Jiang Chen a lesson by snatching his Emperor Pill. However, the circumstance turned into an unfavourable situation in which Cong Zhong Sheng who was supposed to bully Jiang Chen was unexpectedly bullied by Jiang Chen instead.

    “Brother, this man is too strong, even the chief steward isn’t his opponent, I think taking our revenge is not possible anymore.”

    Hu Lai’s facial expression was disappointed and ugly, he was just thinking about his Emperor Pill just now. It seemed like the pill would slip from his grasp again for sure.

    Hu Song didn’t say anything. He gritted his teeth with dissatisfaction and reluctance.

    Above the sky, Jiang Chen kept Cong Zhong Sheng’s long sword and grabbed his shirt and got down to the battle platform. The elders who stood there quickly moved away.

    “Jiang Chen, you dare to disrespect the chief steward? You’re immoral!”

    The Vice Chief Steward was enraged and stormed.

    “Get lost!”

    Jiang Chen turned and gave him a glance, then clamoured coldly. The vice chief steward’s anger was stifled, and didn’t dare to swear anymore. This new disciple in front of him was a mad man that dared to beat up even the chief steward. He was only the vice, if he offended Jiang Chen himself, he would ultimately end up being seriously injured.

    “Jiang Chen, return me my weapon. You have disrespected me today, you’ve violated the law of morality. You will surely receive punishment from the sect.”

    The chief steward said while staring at him.


    As soon as his voice dropped, Jiang Chen slapped his face, and sent him wheeling in situ for three rounds.

    “Jiang Chen, YOU!”

    Cong Zhong Sheng was extremely mad. As the chief steward, being slapped by a disciple was the most disgraceful thing to happen.

    Unfortunately, after he finished spelling the three words, Jiang Chen slapped him again with another palm. Then, Jiang Chen decided to lift him off the ground with one hand, while his other hand continued to slap his wrinkled face unceasingly. After tens of slapping, Cong Zhong Sheng’s face turned into a bulging pig head with traces of blood.

    “Another word will cause me to continue.”

    Jiang Chen smiled mildly while looking at Cong Zhong Sheng’s furious eyes. He had never showed any quarters to any of his opponents before. The reason why Cong Zhong Sheng was still alive was because he’s one of Nebula Sect, otherwise, he would have been killed already.

    Cong Zhong Sheng felt really ashamed, spurting a mouthful of blood, but he didn’t open his mouth to threaten Jiang Chen again. He wasn’t stupid enough not to see how difficult, cruel, and aggressive this young man was. If he was cruel enough, he would continue to torture him for a day and night, and at that time, his shame would be unimaginable. Even in his current situation, it was enough to put the image of the inner sect to shame and become a big laughing stock in Nebula Sect.

    “Chief Steward, if I were you, I will immediately hand over the Emperor Pill to me.”

    Jiang Chen said it solemnly before passing Cong Zhong Sheng’s weapon back to him. He wasn’t interested in Cong Zhong Sheng’s weapon at all. His Heavenly Saint Sword was incomparable to any ordinary Emperor Weapon.

    Unwillingness welled in Cong Zhong Sheng’s heart, but he knew that if he didn’t take the Emperor Pill out, Jiang Chen wouldn’t let him go.

    Cong Zhong Shen turned his palm, and took out the last Emperor Pill, then threw it to Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen’s face was full of delight as he released his grip off of Cong Zhong Sheng’s shirt.

    “Cong Zhong Sheng, as a lesson for you today, I’ll advised you not to offend me again. Of course, if you want to find someone that will avenge you, I’ll accept the challenge.”

    After speaking, his body swayed, leaving the platform, ignoring the eyes of the disciples, and striding out of the Martial Art Arena. Today, he had beaten up the chief steward, but he wasn’t afraid of him taking revenge next time. The most important thing he needed to do now was to advance his cultivation, whoever stood in his way in the future would be eliminated for sure.

    Cong Zhong Sheng stood on the platform while looking at the sky and groaned before vanishing.

    The disciples on the arena exchanged glances with one another, none of them thought that a new disciple would create such a mess in his very first day. The name ‘Jiang Chen’ would be a historical legend.

    “Too domineering, if I have half of his domineering aura, I will have no regrets even if I die.”

    “Stop dreaming, use your pee to see the true image of yourself. Wanting to compare yourself with brother Jiang? He can defeat a Third Grade Combat Emperor even if he is still a Ninth Grade Combat King, can you do that?”

    “A newcomer has beaten up the chief steward so badly on the day of his arrival. It was a shocking scene, but this violated the laws of morality, brother Jiang may be punished by the sect.”

    “Damn the punishment! The sect won’t give a damn about it. Try to imagine how shameful it is for the chief steward, a Third Grade Combat Emperor, can’t even handle a Ninth Grade Combat King. Moreover, Jiang Chen didn’t even act impulsively at that time, it was the chief steward who denied his rewards. Also, there is no one that can defeat a Third Grade Combat Emperor while still a Ninth Grade Combat King like him. Do you think the sect will offend a monstrous genius because of a stupid chief steward?”


    Arguments were everywhere. Many of them felt that it was just right for Jiang Chen to beat up the old man. Not only would the sect allow him to do so, they would also pay more attention and respect to this young man. The sect knew very well the importance of a peerless genius, especially someone like Jiang Chen and Zuo Ling Er. The sect’s future would be placed on their hands in the time to come.

    When Jiang Chen returned to his allocated place, Big Yellow jumped out and came beside him impatiently, he asked, “Tell me quickly, how were you able to cover up your identity before the sect master?”

    This was Big Yellow’s biggest question. The moment he was brought away by Nebula Kidd, he knew that Jiang Chen was finished. Since the Brilliant Mirror broke while checking him, his ulterior motive had been revealed. Nonetheless, Jiang Chen turned the situation around. He wasn’t hurt or anything. Instead, he was brought back by Nebula Kidd, and became an inner sect disciple. Big Yellow was eager to know what method did Jiang Chen use to get out of the situation.

    “Didn’t Nebula Kidd say just now? It was an accidental problem of the Brilliant Mirror.”

    Jiang Chen shrugged.


    Big Yellow rolled his eyes in disbelief. Only fools would believe Jiang Chen’s statement. Only the disciples who didn’t know the truth would believe his excuse. If he expected that such a terrible excuse could erase Big Yellow’s doubts, he was certainly mistaken.

    “Fine, I have my own ways okay? Big Yellow, do you still remember Nan Bei Chao?”

    Jiang Chen switched the topic, and knitted his brow when he recalled Nan Bei Chao.

    “Nan Bei Chao? Was he the one you shredded into half, he didn’t die? Why? Don’t tell me that the man appeared again?”

    Big Yellow also had a deep impression of Nan Bei Chao as he was the most arrogant man in Qi Province.

    “That’s right, Nan Bei Chao has come to Mysterious Domain. That man possessed the body of a Celestial Soul, and thus very difficult to handle. He also cultivates the Heavenly Monarch Art, the path of a Monarch, a conqueror’s path. His existence will stir up a massive bloody wave in place that he is in. Mysterious Domain won’t be peaceful anymore. Can you  imagine what he’ll do when he finds out that I’m also in Mysterious Domain?”

    Jiang Chen asked.

    “You already have the answer, he will kill you for sure. I think he must be so angry that he wants to peel your skin off.”

    Big Yellow blurted his comments. He knew very well how much hatred Nan Bei Chao had for Jiang Chen. If it wasn’t for Jiang Chen’s interference, he would have dominated the entire Qi Province, even the whole Eastern Continent. Therefore, at that time, meeting Jiang Chen was like meeting his bad fortune.

    “The speed of growth of a Celestial Soul body is out of our imagination. Nan Bei Chao is now a First Grade Combat Emperor, or probably a Second Grade Combat Emperor, or he has already advance to the peak of the Second Grade. He also has a White Tiger Divine Beast by his side, a Third Grade Minor Saint. We can already see how powerful he has become. I must rapidly advance my increase my cultivation now, so that he and I, can engage in a fierce fight in Mysterious Domain. I want to let him know that meeting me is his worst luck ever. Even if he is now in Mysterious Domain, his fate will still be the same in Qi Province.”

    Jiang Chen’s eyes were sparkling with light. He had never underestimated Nan Bei Chao, and because of this, fighting him was really adrenaline rushing and always filled with excitement. He understood that his conflict with Nan Bei Chao didn’t include only two of them, it would be the entire Mysterious Domain.



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