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    As the chief steward, Cong Zhong Sheng also handled all the matters in the inner sect. Anyone who needed to claim their reward would need to find him as it was obvious when he gave Zuo Ling Er the Emperor Pill. If there were no mistakes, there should be three Emperor Pills in his possession, which were all prepared for those who completed the quest.

    Yu Wei was a little impatient with regards to the Emperor Pill. He was now at the peak of the Combat King realm, very close to the Combat Emperor realm. Once he got it, he could push his grade to the new realm. Then, he would become one of the core disciples and climb up one more step to the status ladder.

    Cong Zhong Sheng took the demon soul from Yu Wei’s hand and said. “Alright, Yu Wei, your performance is great today. It seems like this Emperor Pill will allow you to step into the Combat Emperor realm soon, and you’ll become one of the core disciples. You will have an endlessly bright future given your talent as the second ranked genius of the Earth ranking.”

    Cong Zhong Sheng spoke highly of him before he took out an Emperor Pill and passed it to Yu Wei.

    Yu Wei felt extremely satisfied after sensing the thick Qi coming from the pill. He bowed before the chief steward and then looked at Jiang Chen who wasn’t far away with gratitude. The demon soul was gifted by Jiang Chen. If it wasn’t for Big Yellow’s help, they wouldn’t have killed it and would even face their death.

    “Brother Jiang, you are now one of the inner sect disciples. Quickly exchange the demon soul for an Emperor Pill. Given your great talent, I believe that you can directly advance to the Combat Emperor realm just by using the pill.”

    Yu Wei told Jiang Chen.

    Jiang Chen nodded. He strode to Cong Zhong Sheng who stood on the battle platform above him and showed his demon soul before hurling it to the chief steward and said, “Chief Steward, I’m here to exchange this for an Emperor Pill.”

    To everyone’s surprise, Cong Zhong Sheng’s face turned ugly as soon as Jiang Chen’s voice faded. “Emperor Pill? You still have the nerve to exchange this for a pill?”

    These tensed words change the atmosphere of the Martial Arts Arena. Many looked to the chief steward. It seemed like he was going to use his power to bully his enemy. Many knew of the connection between him and Hu Song. As Hu Song failed miserably because of Jiang Chen, he wouldn’t miss this chance to retaliate on his enemy. Since Jiang Chen had also become one of the inner sect disciples under his command, he can easily retaliate by abusing his power.

    “Can you enlighten me with your words?”

    Jiang Chen’s face turned cold. He had already expected this the first time he saw Cong Zhong Sheng, he could already feel his malicious aura.

    “Enlighten? Jiang Chen, didn’t you know that you have committed a serious crime? You harmed your own brother before you even become one of the official disciples. You chopped off one of Hu Song’s arm. Luckily, Hu Song is powerful, if not, he would’ve already died. Such a cruel act warrants a heavy  punishment, but since you have completed the trial and brought back this demon soul. I’ll use this to offset your crime. The Emperor Pill will be given to Hu Song as compensation.”

    Cong Zhong Sheng said.


    “What he said isn’t true. Hu Song is powerful? It is plainly because brother Jiang showed him mercy. He could have killed him if he wanted to. At that time, Hu Song would certainly not be able to return here. Using the Emperor Pill as compensation for Hu Song without brother Jiang’s consent is a classic way of abusing one’s power.”

    “The chief steward is a smart person. He won’t offend brother Jiang openly. Although brother Jiang is not yet accepted as one of the personal disciples of the seven Feng Yun Brothers, his relationship with senior sister Zuo is extraordinarily good. If he offends Jiang Chen, he will also offend senior sister Zuo and that will mean making Elder Hua Gu Yi unhappy. He knew how to control the situation here.”

    “What do you know? Chief Steward is indeed smart. What class is Elder Hua Gu Yi? For what reason will she care about the inner sect’s matters? wouldn’t it be absurb if she intervened in these small matters? He redeemed brother Jiang’s crime by taking the Emperor Pill and he has given a reasonable explanation for that. I feel pity for him, he gave us so many demon souls, but in the end, he got nothing.”


    Everyone in the arena heaved a heavy sigh, they all felt that Cong Zhong Sheng abused his power. However, they had already expected it even before returning to the sect.. Thus, it was only natural for him to demand compensation for Hu Song’s defeat. If there were no accidents during the checking of the the brilliant mirror, Jiang Chen would have been recognized as a personal disciple of one of the seven Feng Yun Brothers and that would prevent Cong Zhong Sheng to act this way. Now that the seven Feng Yun Brothers had given up on accepting Jiang Chen as their personal disciple, he was now merely an ordinary inner sect disciple. The most he could do was to obtain the first place in the Earth Ranking.

    Everyone in the inner sect was under the control of the chief steward. Many knew that Jiang Chen’s Emperor pill was already gone.

    “Go and f*ck yourself.”

    Jiang Chen smirked and cursed softly.

    “What did you just say?”

    Cong Zhong Sheng was infuriated. He couldn’t believe his ears, there was someone in the inner sect who dared to swear at him in a super bold way.

    “I said, GO AND F*CK YOURSELF.”

    Jiang Chen shouted while pointing his finger at Cong Zhong Sheng. His words shocked the entire crowd and they turned silent for a moment. Then….


    Everyone exclaimed. They all thought that their ears had problems, but Jiang Chen has just cursed the chief steward a couple of times, it was unmistakable.

    “My God. He cursed the chief steward openly. This, this…”

    “Lawless, absolutely lawless. He didn’t mind scolding the chief steward. This is the first time that such a thing happened in the inner sect, he is truly bold.”

    “Dang! That’s cool! Brother Jiang is certainly my idol. In the inner sect, you can’t find a single person who would dare disrespect the chief steward. He has just scolded the chief steward on his very first day, which is extremely cool!”

    “Goodness! This man is lawless. He just plucked the old tiger’s whisker. The chief steward is absolutely angry. Jiang Chen is finished…”


    Everybody was shocked. The whole crowd erupted into chaos. Everyone has just witnessed the true meaning of being ‘lawless’, ‘coolness’, and ‘madness’. They all began to hoot at the chief steward, no it should be directly cursing at him.

    “You…Jiang Chen. You showed no respect to your superior. You actually dared to curse me in public?.This is absolutely going against the law. I will punish you today, paralyzing you entirely!”

    Cong Zhong Sheng was enraged. A terrifying wave of Qi rushed out of his body. He felt the urgent need to eliminate this lawless person. In the inner sect, no one would ever disobey his commands, which made it impossible for anyone to curse him.

    Cong Zhong Sheng extended his hand and grabbed in Jiang Chen’s direction. The power of a Third Grade Combat Emperor had been released, most of the disciples felt the suffocating pressure.

    “Humph! Dare to defy my commands? Die now!”

    Jiang Chen also made a cold humph. He stood firmly on the ground and waved his hand to cast the True Dragon Palm that collided directly with Cong Zhong Sheng’s attack.


    The spatial zone nearby was blasted open. The result of the collision widened people’s eyes. A Ninth Grade Combat King was still standing firmly on the ground, but the Third Grade Combat Emperor made a step back, his body was trembling woefully.


    Cong Zhong Sheng was shocked. His eyes were filled with terror as if he had seen a deadly ghost. The collision just now proved that he hadn’t gotten the upper hand.

    “God. Did you all see that? The chief steward didn’t get any advantages despite his cultivation being higher than Jiang Chen.”

    “What happened? How could he deflect the chief steward’s attack and made him tremble? The chief steward is a Third Grade Combat Emperor, while Jiang Chen is only a Ninth Grade Combat King, but he was able to get the upper hand in the exchange just now. My eyes won’t lie to me even though it’s hard to believe.”

    “Heaven defying…genius…He has to be. That’s why people called him the Combat King who can initiate a catastrophe. Did you all notice that brother Jiang is much more powerful now compared to the time before he entered the sect? His power has improved a lot. I think he is now at the peak of the Ninth Grade Combat King.”


    Everyone felt thrilled without a doubt. Those who thought that Jiang Chen was finished widened their eyes. They couldn’t believe what they had just seen. At first, they thought that Jiang Chen was just being arrogant, crazy, and lawless, but now they knew that it’s not just dog shit.

    Jiang Chen’s Qi was bursting. He didn’t consider Cong Zhong Heng worthy of his attention. For someone as lowly as him to use compensation as an excuse to take away the reward was a blasphemy to the Greatest Saint. He wouldn’t allow it. He raised his head and pointed at Cong Zhong Sheng.

    “Old man, let me warn you. You better not infuriate me. No one can touch what is mine, not even you. Hand over the Emperor Pill. Next time you see me, walk farther away. If Hu Song wants revenge, ask him to find me himself. Consider your own power first before you help him take his revenge.”

    Jiang Chen’s voice was so loud that everyone could hear it clearly. The people’s facial expression changed. Jiang Chen sounded extremely arrogant to them. A new disciple had offended the chief steward on his very first day. This was madness!

    Jiang Chen didn’t have the slightest fear for the old man. If it was before, he would certainly not be able to fight the old man. However, now that he was only a step away from the Combat Emperor realm, it was enough for him to handle a Third Grade Combat Emperor. If he exerted his full power, not even the old man could defend.

    Today was the first day he entered Nebula Sect, in other words, his new beginning. Jiang Chen wouldn’t allow anyone to step on his head regardless of who the person might be, even if he was a chief steward.

    “Jiang Chen, don’t cross the line. You are a newcomer to the sect. Disrespecting a chief steward is completely outrageous!”

    An elder beside Cong Zhong Sheng yelled at Jiang Chen. He was the vice chief steward, a Second Grade Combat Emperor.

    “Old man, this matter doesn’t concern you. I suggest you stand there and keep quiet.”

    Jiang Chen didn’t care about his threat. His eyes stared back at Cong Zhong Sheng, “I will never give up until I get the Emperor Pill today.”

    Jiang Chen’s Qi was powerful as well as his attitude and tone. He knew very well the reality of this world. If you’re weak, anyone could bully you with their nose pointing upward. Men like Cong Zhong Sheng would be one of those kinds if Jiang Chen made a compromise. He would certainly find trouble, and make Jiang Chen suffer the second time. The only way to handle them is to beat them up and make them afraid of you.



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