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    “Is it just killing devils? No big deal.”

    Zuo Ling Er was waving her white and delicate fists, as if she was raring to go for the kill.

    “Ling Er, don’t be reckless. devils are violent and cruel. They’re not easy to deal with, you have to be extra careful.”

    Zuo Yi Yang scolded his daughter. He had no other way to convey the message to his daughter who had a lot of nerves. His energy was all put on her. He’s really concerned for her journey to Nebula Sect. Zuo Ling Er was indeed gifted, but she was too young and ignorant to know about the cruel world outside, additionally, her naïve thoughts wouldn’t help her much. People like her would always be taken advantage of in the world outside. Luckily, Jiang Chen was with her on the journey, which reassured him. Zuo Yi Yang knew that Jiang Chen liked his new sister very much just by looking at their interactions.

    “Patriarch is right, devils aren’t the same as beasts. Devils aren’t beasts that are affected by evil enchantment, even humans can be turned into devils. They are different from Devil Religion cultivators that only focused on the cultivation of devil powers, their natural instincts are still human. Humans and beasts that were enchanted by evil, although their appearance stays the same, their nature turns evil and cruel, it is very inhuman. Their combat strength are enhanced by at least a couple of times, making them a tough enemy to handle.”

    Jiang Chen warned. There were many different types of beings in this world. Devils should be in the category that humans hated and resented the most. When a person was contaminated by evil, his mind would be engulfed by darkness, polluting and cleansing his natural instincts, eventually conquering every cell of his body, which made them even more terrifying than ordinary devils.

    The blood devil which Jiang Chen fought was one of them.

    “What brother Jiang said is true. Currently, a vast number of devils have emerged in Huang Ling Desert. If those devils aren’t taken care of, more of them will gather there. Therefore, your trip to Huang Ling Desert will be dangerous, an ordeal that you two have to face. Nebula Sect is a powerful influence in Mysterious Domain. To be able to succeed in the sect, training and tests that are life threatening are unavoidable. Everyone who succeeded was molded by many types of life and death situations.

    Zuo Yi Yang had just given his daughter a lecture: this daddy seemed to be the most fatherly so far.

    “Since it is so dangerous, the Nebula Sect was supposed to send someone to take us there, right? If it isn’t the case, what about those who do not need to pass through Huang Ling Desert? They can just get two devils souls from someone and present it to Nebula Sect without having to kill any of the devils.”

    Zuo Ling Er asked curiously.

    “You think Nebula Sect can be easily fooled? No one would dare trick that sect unless they don’t want to live anymore. Let me tell you, ‘NEBULA SECT’ these two words have been a deterrent force in Mysterious Domain. Also, you two have to integrate your Divine Sense into the jade plate, so that it will record all your tracks and movements on your way to the sect. You will know at that time.”

    Zuo Yi Yang said.

    Jiang Chen and Zuo Ling Er sent their Divine Sense at the jade plates, instantly building a connection with it. Their Divine Sense made the jade plates move, then it disappeared and moved into the Dantian of its owner.

    “Patriarch, time is of the essence. We have to go now.”

    Jiang Chen stood up and held his fists at Zuo Yi Yang.

    “Excellent, please help me take care of Ling Er.”

    Zuo Yi Yang replied in the same manner, not ignoring Jiang Chen’s gestures.

    “Hey monk, since you will be staying at Ran Feng Monastery to continue your meditation, I will send Big Yellow to find you if there’s anything.”

    Jiang Chen patted Tyrant’s shoulder.

    “Alright, be cautious when you arrive at Nebula Sect.”

    Tyrant said. A stranger couldn’t discern Jiang Chen’s intention but Tyrant could. He second-guessed the purpose of his actions. After understanding Jiang Chen’s personality after being with him all this time, he knew that his friend wouldn’t simply join any sect as he had grown accustomed to a free life, a freedom he was used to. He didn’t even make any considerations before turning Yuan Yang City upside down. His actions were not purposeless. Tyrant remembered that his friend was clueless about where to go before. However, the moment they saw the battle between the master of Nebula Sect and an unknown person, he became determined to pay the sect a visit. Tyrant guessed that Jiang Chen must have set his eyes on the treasured sword of that master.

    Normally, people’s intention in joining Nebula Sect was to bring back glory to their ancestors and also for their future. Thus, they would treat the sect as a sanctuary. As for Jiang Chen, he had an ulterior motive for joining. If he continued his path in the sect, he would certainly cause conflicts sooner or later, turning them into his enemy, and this was what Tyrant was most concerned about.

    Of course, he was just imagining the worst case scenario. Tyrant was very confident in Jiang Chen’s capability and means of killing. Whatever situation he faced, he never had problems in settling them. From his past experiences until now, those who went against Jiang Chen never had a pleasant ending.

    Moreover, Jiang Chen now possessed many trump cards, especially the Combat Power Origin talisman given by Great Monk Ran Feng. Therefore, it was very difficult for anyone to kill him.

    A while later, Jiang Chen led the way out of Yuan Yang City, followed by Zuo Ling Er and Big Yellow, and flew towards Huang Ling Desert. He had no other ideas in bringing Tyrant with him. He could only bring along Big Yellow as there were a lot of people who had the hobby of keeping small beasts, and many of them even own powerful beasts as their mounts.

    “Wakaka, it seems like Nebula Sect is going to be full of hustle and bustle soon. Fantastic! The more exciting it is, the more fun it has!”

    Big Yellow was carrying Zuo Ling Er on his back and laughed hysterically. It seemed like he is the only dog that was scared of a peaceful world. He knew very well that there would be chaos everywhere Jiang Chen went. The proof was all the incidents he faced with him. It started from Tian Xiang Mountains upto the Eastern Continent, to Liang Province then to Yuan Yang City, and now to Mysterious Domain. The places that he passed by were left with his tyrannical marks.

    Big Yellow couldn’t help but recall the overbearing Nan Bei Chao. That dude wanted to be the conqueror and king of the region, unfortunately, Jiang Chen’s appearance disappointed him.

    “Big brother, what kind of place is Huang Ling Desert? I heard that this desert is located far away. It was originally a deserted place, but there are always treasure and many kinds of special and strange rocks that attracted many businessmen over. The desert then became full of sand bandits and robbers, but I have never heard of the emergence of devils.”

    Zuo Ling Er stared at Jiang Chen. As the young miss of the Zuo family, she had the responsibility to know the places in the Divine Continent. As for the experience, she didn’t have them yet as she was merely a twelve year old kid that seldom left her place, making it impossible for her to travel to a far away place like Huang Ling Desert.

    “It is certainly an isolated area. Huang Ling Desert is a big place, it’s not only composed of deserts and sand, there are also mountains. It is as big as the Chaotic Ocean. We don’t have to rush our way there, we will be able to get there in just half a day.”

    Jiang Chen said. He had gone to countless of places in the world, almost every city or places that were in the continent.

    “How did you know that Little Chen? Sounds like you have been there before.”

    Big Yellow glanced at Jiang Chen. The only thing he felt was that Jiang Chen knew every single thing, all this while, he always used his vast experiences. If there was someone who could find things that Jiang Chen didn’t know, Big Yellow would be amazed.

    “Big brother, how many disciples do you think Nebula Sect will recruit for the inner sect disciples?”

    Zuo Ling Er asked.

    “As a powerful influence like Nebula Sect, most of the inner sect recruits will come from external regions. Since the spots for the discipleship from every region are very limited, it will induce intense competition. For instance, there are only two spots of discipleship for Yuan Yang City, this caused the two major powers to fight for it by any means necessary. I think the sect didn’t give out a lot of spots for the discipleship because it is one of the strongest in Mysterious Domain. There are also some regions that were excluded for this kind of discipleship as they are under the influence of another power. Last time, those who were chosen to be the disciples of the sect were all at least in the Ninth Grade Combat King. This time, the the sect only chooses the gifted ones. As long as these newbies perform outstandingly, they will receive more attention and be nurtured further. Therefore, little sister, you have to work hard.”

    Jiang Chen said and patted his little sister’s head gently. In his eyes, Zuo Ling Er’s talent could be compared to the geniuses of an inherited ancient clan in the Pure Land of the Divine Continent. A twelve year old Ninth Grade Combat King was a freak to anyone. She stayed at he palace for so long was because of her father, Zuo Yi Yang, who didn’t publicized his daughter’s talent. Or else, she would’ve been taken already by either one of the five major powers. Her father only allowed her to join one of the major powers after she reached twelve years old and became a Ninth Grade Combat King.

    “No worries, I will outshine every geniuses in Nebula Sect. At that time, I will be the one to protect you. If anyone dares to bully my big brother, I will punch him on the face, breaking all his teeth.”

    Ling Er swirled her fists, sounding like a gangster.

    Jiang Chen was speechless. His little sister’s head and body were small but her mouth was bigger than anyone. Before she even entered the Nebula Sect, she was already confident that she was better than any of the geniuses there.

    On their journey, two humans and a dog were fighting like brothers and sisters cheerfully. It brought many laughs to Jiang Chen after knowing his strange little sister more. Especially the fact that Big Yellow and her were like-minded, having a lot in common. This type of group wouldn’t feel dull or boring, even if they travelled a longer route.


    “These strong Qi must be similar to us. I think they’ve also been chosen by Nebula Sect as a genius. It is similar to my thoughts earlier. All of them are Ninth Grade Combat Kings. Nebula Sect directly accepted them as disciples and would nurture them, which is a lot easier than recruiting disciples of the inner sect.”

    Jiang Chen smiled.

    “Big brother, that person dares to provoke me, do you think I should punch him?”

    Zuo Ling Er moved like a boxer, ready to attack.

    “Ling Er, you are a girl anyhow, you have to learn how to be gentle. Can you not be this barbarous?”

    Big Yellow couldn’t help but ask.

    “What is gentle?”

    Zuo Ling Er asked attentively. It made Jiang Chen and Big Yellow stagger, they almost fell from the sky. It seemed like it was a mistake to talk about gentleness to Zuo Ling Er.


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