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    Li Tian Yang’s body was shaking, proof that his body was exhausted. When he saw the Great Elder was killed, his was disheartened. The last hope he had was destroyed: The hope that he would survive today.

    Tan Zhi Hao showed a certain fear for Jiang Chen in his eyes. At first, he ought to help Jiang Chen to counter the Great Elder’s attack, but he never thought that Jiang Chen could be so intense. He killed the Great Elder straight away. At the same time, shame overrode his consciousness for the fact that his opponent was still alive while Jiang Chen, who was only a Seventh Grade Combat King, had already killed his opponent.

    “Li Tian Yang, your time to die has arrived!”

    Tan Zhi Chen raised his murderous aura to another level. A golden spear appeared in both of his hands. The talisman marks on the surface of the golden spear seemed to be agitated, emitting a strong Emperor’s aura. Anyone knew that this was a formidable Emperor Weapon by just looking at it, and it was more powerful than Li Tian Yang’s.

    *Weng* *Weng*

    The vibration in the air caused by the long spear could be heard. As it appeared in front of Li Tian Yang in an instant, fear was the only emotion in his eyes. He knew very well that this was Tan Zhi Hao’s ultimate attack. He was sure that he couldn’t survive this attack even if he’s not injured.

    He tried to flee anyway as that was human instinct. But, he realised that he couldn’t. He could sense the shadow of the grim reaper coming in his location to claim his life. So, he attempted nothing given that fact, and waited for his death.


    The long spear pierced through Li Tian Yang’s head. The master of Asura Palace had fallen. His body fell from the sky after Tan Zhi Hao pulled his spear from his head. Big Yellow, who had been waiting for this moment, turned into a golden light, moving in a rapid speed to Li Tian Yang’s body. He broke Li Tian Yang’s abdomen using his sharp claws to retrieve his broken sword and immediately slip the broken sword into his dantian without anyone noticing it. What they just saw was that Big Yellow made a dash to the dead body and clawed open the stomach, which everyone thought that this dog was very brutal and merciless even to a dead man.

    Of course, Big Yellow didn’t care about how the others would think of him. His main concern was his treasure. The broken sword would somehow gain extra attention, so he kept it secretly. But, even if the broken sword was revealed, it wouldn’t attract too much attention as it was no different than scrap metal. When a person died, his dantian would be destroyed as well and whatever things that were hidden or kept in it would be damaged badly. Fortunately, Big Yellow’s quick reaction had saved his sword; it was as good as last time. Big Yellow might be as foolish as he looked, but he was intelligent enough to not get himself into trouble. He knew clearly the special abilities of the broken sword.

    The site of the battle was messy. All the mountains below were cracked and fractured; the broken pieces of the summit toppled down one by one. This was the destructive power of a Combat Emperor. The battle was over and was followed by silence. Everyone found themselves gasping for air. Asura Palace, one of the four major powers, had fallen just like that. Its master, Great Elder and First Tycoon were all dead. This large sect would find it very difficult to continue existing in Liang Province.

    The great elders of Invincible Sect and Peerless Sword Faction witnessed what had just happened. Their faces turned very pale. They were horrified when they saw Tan Zhi Hao and Jiang Chen, as though they had seen two ghosts. Now they could comprehend deeply the decision made by Invincible Nie and Shadowless Taoist. If they made the wrong decision, which was going against Jiang Chen, they would face the same conclusion as the master of Asura Palace. Although Heaven Rank Restoration pills were precious, these pills wouldn’t be useful anymore when one had lost his life.

    Two powerful Qi approached the battle site, they were the two masters who had returned. They looked very miserable, feeling a sense of endless oppression crawling within their hearts. However, all of these feelings disappeared once they saw the battlefield.

    The moment these two people arrived, they were informed instantly about what had just happened by their Great Elders using divine sense. Then they turned their gazes to the two killers, what they felt wasn’t something that could be described by words. They anticipated Li Tian Yang would die under Tan Zhi Hao’s hands since the Tan family wasn’t a power that could be offended. Jiang Chen’s actions, on the other hand, was totally out of their expectation, being able to eliminate a First Grade Combat Emperor.

    They could have killed Jiang Chen, eliminating the chances for him to grow further. As the saying went ‘get rid of the roots if you want to stop the plant from ever growing’. However, looking at the current situation it wouldn’t be possible even without the interruption of Tan Zhi Hao or even if they had jointly fought Jiang Chen. In other words, it meant Jiang Chen could easily escape from the battle when he didn’t feel like gaining the upper hand, which would bring the end to their lives when he reappeared.

    “The two of you are punctual. So, are the ten million Heaven Rank Restoration pills ready?”

    Jiang Chen stared at Invincible Nie and Shadowless Taoist.

    The two took a deep breath when they removed the Heavenly Earth Ring from their fingers and threw it to Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen caught the rings and chanted towards it, he then nodded in delight when he saw the mountains of pills in it, pills that were pure and refined.

    “Very well, from now on, my conflicts and resentments with Invincible Sect and Peerless Sword Faction are settled. But, I warn you all to never attempt to provoke me, if not, humph…”

    Jiang Chen humphed. His tone was clear. Many had seen his means of killing: a cold-blooded killer who killed without hesitation. It seemed that it was worth for Invincible Nie and Shadowless Taoist to exchange their lives with ten million pills each. They wouldn’t dare to offend Jiang Chen anymore unless their brains had gone stupid.

    Most of them thought that Jiang Chen wouldn’t stay in Liang Province after the battle. Why would a genius stay in a small state like Liang Province? He should be venturing into the Mysterious Domain.


    Invincible Nie and Shadowless Taoist turned and left after showing their fists in front of their chests. The two Great Elders didn’t dare to stay any longer and followed the two masters quickly. Everyone was speechless about how much damage Jiang Chen had brought to the two sects. There wasn’t a chance to avenge themselves given his current strength and ability.

    Tan Zhi Hao kept his long sword and came to Jiang Chen’s side, “Brother Jiang, if it wasn’t of your kind rescue that time, I’m afraid that I would have ceased to exist long ago.”

    “I also have to thank you for today’s help.” Jiang Chen said smilingly.

    He wasn’t patronizing. If Tan Zhi Hao didn’t appear today, which had scared Invincible Nie and the rest, the situation would be totally different and uncontrollable even with the help of Heavenly Devil Palace. He wasn’t an opponent at all for the six Combat Emperors. His Nine Solar Finger might be powerful, but it hadn’t reached its maximum potential power and the activation of the skill drained most of his energy. The consumption of Yuan Force in his body was already significant just after he killed the Great Elder. This was deemed common when he was in the stages of cultivating the Dragon Transformation Art.

    So, unleashing the power of Saint Bone was his trump card that couldn’t be simply used.

    If it wasn’t for Tan Zhi Hao who came before the battle had begun, Jiang Chen could only sustain at most a few rounds before he fled. He would then return to fight them after becoming an Eighth Grade Combat King. So, Tan Zhi Hao’s appearance had helped him solve all his problems and conflicts.

    “I am bound to kill him. I am a person who likes to do things myself, quenching my desire for vengeance, only then could I feel the sense of pleasure after that.” Tan Zhi Hao said.

    His words were outrageous to a lot of people. With his ability and identity, his will to kill Asura Palace could just be fulfilled by his orders. If he gave the order to take down Asura Palace, they could be easily wiped out by a few times even if they could revive from the dead. So no one dared to comment on his arrogant words.

    At this time, Dark Min Zi moved toward them then held his fists and addressed himself, “It’s my pleasure, Heavenly Devil Palace Dark Min Zi, to meet you, young master Tan.”

    Tan Zhi Hao simply nodded and didn’t attempt to speak to him. As a genius of Tan family, he considered himself the righteous one that wouldn’t come in contact with any Devil Religion. If Dark Min Zi wasn’t a friend of Jiang Chen, he wouldn’t even try to respond.

    Dark Min Zi just smiled plainly at his arrogance, thinking that he had the right to do so because he was a genius of Tan family. He buried his emotions and put it aside, and turned to Jiang Chen, “Brother Jiang is truly a good friend of young master who is a superb genius that I have never met before in my life, are you free to pay a visit to my Heavenly Devil Palace, young master Tan?”

    “I am very grateful for your help today. I have some matters to attend to, I promise I will pay you a visit after the matter is resolved.” Jiang Chen answered in place of Tan Zhi Hao with a smile.

    He knew in his heart that Dark Min Zi’s main intention was to establish a relationship with Han Yan. Anyway, he certainly had helped Jiang Chen a lot, he should go to his palace.

    “Alright, I will be waiting for you in Heavenly Devil Palace.”

    Dark Min Zi was delighted and left the site along with the Great Elder.

    “Any future plans Brother Jiang? You possessed great talent inside of you. I believe Liang Province isn’t a place you should stay in, why not follow me back to Tan family?”

    Tan Zhi Hao invited Jiang Chen to his sect. A genius like Jiang Chen would be of great help in the Tan family in the future.

    “I understand your intention Brother Tan, but I have been accustomed to my unrestrained life, living alone. I am afraid that I would find it difficult to adjust in your Tan family.”

    Jiang Chen declined his offer politely. He was sure that he didn’t like to join any sect. Although the matter in Liang Province was settled, he hadn’t obtained any information about the things he was seeking for after he arrived in the Divine Continent a few months ago.

    There were other four parts of the Heavenly Saint Sword that were not found. This was his goal. He had to find all parts of the Heavenly Saint Sword to restore its true power as it was a peerless Saint Weapon. However, the whereabouts of its parts were still unknown. Jiang Chen was determined in his search. His blood was connected to the Heavenly Saint Sword; every part of the sword that he found would increase his combat grade by a notch.

    Of course, the biggest reward for the time he spent in Divine Continent was the forefinger Saint Bone.

    The next important thing for him to do would be to proceed to the Freezing Hell Jail of Asura Palace to find the hidden treasure of Li Tian Yang, a treasure that Big Yellow sensed. That was a chance that couldn’t be missed.


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