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    Jiang Chen’s eyes reflected two beams of sparkling light, he had no doubts with regards to Big Yellow’s sharp senses. Since Big Yellow had claimed that there’s a hidden treasure in the palace, there must be one there. The properties of the treasure was of coldness and frost, it resembled Jiang Chen’s journey in the Cold Hell Prison. That time, he entered into the prison to save Han Yan, he didn’t notice the temperature of the surroundings. Thinking back now, he thought that the prison was extraordinary, the frosty air in it was fascinating, it seemed like this type of air can only be produced under special condition.

    Jiang Chen reasoned with the facts and histories. Big Yellow could sense the treasure, it was likely related to the Cold Hell Prison, but it’s not the current problem now. These enemies with Ninth Grade Combat King strength weren’t beginners, they must be handled with caution.

    “Act now, take them down, and be careful not to let him run away this time.”

    Elder Liu issued a command. He did not have any concerns regarding the two lads, in his eyes, Jiang Chen was only a Fifth Grade Combat King, he only possessed the ability to escape even if he had the power of the devil. Today, he should not escape again, if he did so, it would put Asura Palace to shame in front of everybody. In fact, the dog wasn’t even his concern at all, he was just a Seventh Grade Demon King beast, it’s not worth considering him.


    They started to release their Qi. A while later, waves of energy were flying straight up to the sky, creating a terrifying effect.

    “Let’s attack!” Jiang Chen shouted.

    The mark of the Fire Dragon was formed immediately, thrusting to the direction of an enemy. At the same time, Big Yellow was roaring madly with his Soul Crunching Tune at another enemy, his god’s gift was more terrifying than before because the level of his Grade was at the peak of Seventh Grade Demon King now, it was hard to measure how powerful he had become.


    Endless waves of sound lashed in the enemies’ direction, forming spiral layers. This wasn’t the same attack he made before, but an attack made specifically to deal with Ninth Grade Combat Kings. If Big Yellow focused attacking a single enemy, his Soul Crunching Tune could deal a lot of damage, but attacking multiple targets wouldn’t make any impact on them as his opponents could stop and break his spell with their shared strengths.

    “Humph, he is just a Fifth Grade soldier and dare to be this presumptuous?”

    A Ninth Grade Combat King made a proud and cold humph. With a wave of one of his hands, he unleashed another Dharma Seal, colliding with Jiang Chen’s mark of the Fire Dragon. Mighty impacts directly tore and broke the space. The mark of the Fire Dragon was destroyed instantly, Jiang Chen’s body was shaken but he did not recieve any damage.


    The elder’s face was full of surprise, he changed his way of thinking towards Jiang Chen. He did not expect that a Fifth Grade Warrior, who could just die by the pinch of his fingers, could endure one of his attacks and still live. No… there wasn’t any wound on his body.

    However, the elder who was truly shocked was the one who confronted Big Yellow. The Soul Crunching Tune was too powerful, this was because he underestimated Big Yellow, and he was defenseless. He was attacked from the front, the feeling of rupture could be felt from his spirit, turning his face pale.

    “This dog is scary, and can never be underestimated.”

    That elder gave his comments quickly, affecting the rest of the elders and focusing on Big Yellow.


    Big Yellow laughed. A pair of golden wings appeared on his back, going past the barrier they set in a blink of an eye, breaking away from their encirclement. At the same time, Jiang Chen built an escape route in the spatial shift, and managed to break free from the elders.


    Elder Liu shouted with force. He had never thought that these two lads in front of him could be so cunning, and movem in such a great speed. They changed how they viewed Jiang Chen and Big Yellow and began to chase after them at full speed.

    “Big Yellow, don’t fight them head-on, but earn more time for Tyrant and Tan Lang.” Jiang Chen said.

    The Heavenly Saint Sword was in his hand, making a slash at a Ninth Grade Combat King. Although Jiang Chen was not a Ninth Grade Combat King, he was clever in his tricks and strategies to fight a battle, plus the wonderful skill of spatial shift, he could drive his opponent to confusion.

    “If that’s the case, I will surround the entire air of Asura Palace with my fart that could induce ecstasy.” Big Yellow said.

    He twisted his body around, showing his fatty buttocks to the attackers coming in his direction.

    “Elders, be careful!”

    Seeing Big Yellow pull out the same stunt again, those disciples who suffered painfully before took their first move and shouted to warn them. But those warnings did not stay rooted in their heart, it had to be a joke to handle a young man and an animal with unnecessary care. Plus, the question was ‘How can the elders with  Ninth Grade Combat King strength be unable to deal with these two individuals whose level was way lower than theirs?’

    Big Yellow’s buttocks had grown larger in size, deliberately twisting it in front of his attacker.

    “Go to hell FOOLISH DOG! I will SKIN you to stew a pot of meat!”

    An elder opened his mouth and cursed. In his perspective, Big Yellow’s deliberate act was an insult to them. Being a high ranked elder in Asura Palace and a Ninth Grade Combat King senior, it was more than a disgrace to be humiliated by a dog.    


    The Invincible Whirlwind Spirit Fart was released again, the earth and sky were shaken. His action wasn’t just to humiliate his enemies.

    Green waves of gases drifted across the sky. Without any precautions taken, these elders would never escape this attack even with their level. When they were hit by it, they might be able to blow the gases away but they would still puke.

    *Blargh…* *Blargh…* *Blargh…*

    They ended up in a tragedy. They were heading in Big Yellow’s direction to make their first kill, but the intense smell ran in their nostrils, making them empty inside out. It was worse than eating a housefly, the puking was not under their control as if the remains in their stomach were struggling to get out from their mouth when the tongue tasted the particles of the Invincible Whirlwind Spirit Fart.

    “Big Yellow. Do not stop!”

    Jiang Chen had flown to a farther location while carrying his sword, and shouted at his friend.


    The restraint that Big Yellow felt when he was incapacitated still bothered him. Now was the best time to release all of the stifling feeling once and for all as he was now a Seventh Grade Demon King, and possessed a fart skill that he was very good at.

    The incident that followed was bad news to Asura Palace, it was a real tragedy. A pair of wings grew out from Big Yellow’s back, he was flying around the palace in a 360 degree rotation. His backs was like a spraying can with continuous ejection of green gases.


    The sound created in the sky was endless, those were the fart of Big Yellow. Instantly, green air particles flowed in the entire Asura Palace. The gas was no longer a gas that could only make people vomit, it became a hurricane that was travelling at great speed, covering the whole area.


    “F***! Kill the dog now!”

    “FOR GOD SAKE!… BLARGH… It will suffocate me to death.”


    Everyone in the palace went insane, including the disciples on the ground, they too could not escape from the intensity of the stinky smell. They tried to grab something before puking.


    The mad laughter of Big Yellow joined the flow of the green gas, it was heard by many of them.

    Elder Liu was on fire, putting out all of his effort to incinerate all the unpleasant gases, but it did not make any effect as the gas was way too thick, plus Big Yellow was still releasing them without a pause. So, making the air fresh again wasn’t a feasible option at this moment.

    “Kill him, Quickly! STOP HIM!”

    Elder Liu screamed using all the breath in his lungs. His hand was holding a combat blade, charging at Big Yellow. His body was surrounded by fire, he was not affected by any of the green gases. As for the rest of the Ninth Grade Combat King, they had to bear the smell while continuously attacking Big Yellow, giving up on their target which was Jiang Chen.

    There was no choice, this dog was a hateful being for covering the entire palace with the foul gas. If this dog was not killed today, Asura Palace will be an eternal laughing stock in Liang Province, there would be endless shame.

    “Haha! You all want to kill me? I don’t think you all are capable to! Come and follow my back, wait to taste my fart, it is freshly made!”

    Big Yellow laughed wildly, not even having the  slightest fear for his enemies. The lightning speed of his pair of wings increased his speed further, matching the speed of Jiang Chen in the spatial shift. It was not possible anymore for the Ninth Grade Combat Kings to chase him.

    What followed was that Big Yellow’s Invincible Whirlwind Spirit Fart was unlimited, it couldn’t be stopped. As he did not have the intention to stop attacking, the gases spread all over of Asura Palace Mountains as if creating a layer of dark colored fog.

    The elders cried out with rage, but none of them were able to even catch Big Yellow’s tail. It was very disappointing for them.

    Below them, Tyrant and Tan Lang were in cold sweat. The impression they have for Big Yellow had changed drastically. When they were about to collide with a big wave of green gases, perhaps those gases had received some kind of instructions from Big Yellow, and dispersed and move to different directions. Despite the fact, they couldn’t escape from the unpleasant smell which made them frown.

    “This dog is a gift from the god, he is invincible.”

    Tyrant shook his head and was speechless.

    “We better get going to save them, I do not want to stay here any longer.”

    Tan Lang thought that if anyone who stayed in this situation for a certain period of time, the smell would be embedded in the person’s and would be impossible to wash away.

    “You were once the disciple of Asura Palace, you should know the place where they are imprisoned.” Tyrant asked.

    “The Hall of Law has an underground prison. If I am not mistaken, they should be there. Since the Cold Hell Prison was destroyed by Little Chen, the prison underground is the only left to be used.” Tan Lang said.

    Two men sped towards the Hall of Law. The whole Asura Palace was currently in confusion, many of them were busy vomiting. No one noticed the two uninvited guests intruding into their palace.

    In front of them was a First Grade Combat King meditating with his legs crossed, using his Yuan Force to resist the outer green gases but Tan Lang awoke him by slapping him.

    That disciple opened his eyes. His face changed when he saw Tan Lang. Tan Lang wasn’t the same as before. He, who was his comrade before, had now become his enemy. If Tan Lang were to kill him, he wouldn’t have a chance.

    “Bro—Brother Tan Lang.”

    The disciple was struck with intense nervousness.

    “I’ve come to ask you, where are Chang Qing and the others imprisoned?”

    Tan Lang asked.


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