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    Dragon-Marked War God

    Chapter 2802

    Who Can Laugh Until the End?

    Translated by Soya
    Edited by Lifer, Fingerfox


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    A’Mo Kehan’s face turned serious suddenly and his battling intent became intense. He knew that he was almost similar to Mo Fangzhou in terms of strength. If he had to take action, of course he could not underestimate the opponent. Otherwise, they would be even more embarrassed.

    “Of course, if you want to fight, I will not be the one going to fight with you. It is ridiculous for you guys to take turns to fight me.”

    Wu Yu shrugged and said.

    He waved his hand and ten Divine King Realm experts appeared behind him. At the moment, even Moling Dongcheng’s countenance fell. A normal person would not be able to handle ten Divine King Realm experts. More importantly, Mo Fangzhou was injured right now. It would be extremely difficult for the three of them to handle eleven opponents at the same time. They would risk their life if they fought. Moling Dongcheng was confident to handle two opponents at the same time, but how about A’Mo Kehan and Mo Fangzhou? They would definitely be trapped.

    At the moment, after losing to Wu Yue, Mo Fangzhou also realised that the battle was only a way for Wu Yue to let them know his true colours. Mo Fangzhous’ defeat had made Wu Yue more confident. Eleven Divine Kings were capable of sweeping across many cultivators. Even if there were Mid Divine King Realm experts present, it would still be hard for them to overturn a battle against eleven Divine Kings.

    Although they were only Early Divine Kings, who knew if they actually had the strength of Middle Divine Kings? What Moling Dongcheng’s group worried about was not groundless. There were many monstrous experts who possessed extraordinary strength.

    “Leave the Thunderbolt Agarwood here. Then you can leave safely.”

    Wu Yue said faintly with his unparalleled demeanor. A’Mo Kehan felt the pressure. They’re obviously much weaker than their opponent. It would not take long for the opponent to defeat them.

    Moling Dongcheng wasn’t liking the situation too but what could he do? Although Thunderbolt Agarwood was very precious, what could be more valuable than their life? If they lost their life, how were they going to enjoy the Thunderbolt Agarwood? In this situation, their only choice was retreating to be safe.

    The opponent had eleven Divine Kings with them—not everyone was able to go against such a big team of experts. Moling Dongcheng’s group  might not be able to afford the price of going against them.

    Moling Dongcheng gritted his teeth. They were the first people who discovered these treasures. But now they had to give the treasure up to their enemy. Who would not be upset by this situation?

    “Are we really going to give them the Thunderbolt Agarwood?”

    Mo Fangzhou gritted his teeth and said in fury.

    “Unless you have a better solution.”

    Amo Kehan said.

    “At first I thought that I should keep the Mo Technique of Attack at the end of the Battle Royale of the Nine Boundaries. But it seems like we have to use it now.”

    After thinking twice, Moling Dongcheng made such a decision in his mind. It would be really a waste if he did not fight until the end this time and give up Thunderbolt Agarwood. Even the so-called Great Bright Lord’s Relic was not as precious as the Thunderbolt Agarwood. Why should they give up what they already had and look up to something far? It was very significant for them to get this Thunderbolt Agarwood.

    “Let’s fight for it. If we can’t defeat them, we’ll retreat immediately.”

    Moling Dongcheng said with a deep voice.


    A’Mo Kehan and Mo Fangzhou nodded at them because they were also not willing to give up what they had gotten. If they let go of the treasure, it would leave an unglamorous psychological shadow in their journey of cultivation.

    They had to deal with the battle this time. A’Mo Kehan thought the same. Although he was not a member of Mo Family, he had been receiving Mo Family’s resources. Anyhow, he was still considered as part of the Mo Family now. How could he ignore the dignity of Mo Family? Moreover, his own interest was also involved in this matter, of course A’Mo Kehan would not just give up like this.

    “So, how are you still going to go against us?”

    Wu Yue frowned his forehead. These ignorant guys, are they really going to court death? They had no advantage and he had absolute confidence to eliminate three of them!

    Wu Yue took action to constrain Mo Fangzhou by his absolutely oppressive aura. He thought that he could save strength in this life-and-death battle. It would be beneficial to all of them to have a life-and-death battle in this time. If they were unlucky, there might be others looking to take advantage from behind. Then they would lose some of their advantage.

    Wu Yue made this plan and thought of achieving the best result by the simplest way. Unfortunately, Moling Dongcheng and the others did not want to just stop here because the Thunderbolt Agarwood was indeed too attractive. It’s worthy for them to fight with their life.

    “How are we going to know who would laugh until the end if we don’t try? This was what you said before.”

    A’Mo Kehan said with a smile. Since they had decided to fight, they would fight with all of their strength and show no mercy.

    Mo Family was full of experts and strong cultivators. Since A’Mo Kehan was chosen to join the Battle Royale of the Nine Boundaries, that meant that he had shown his potential and strength that Mo Family was looking for.

    He even reached the Divine King Realm in such a short time. He was a genius who ascended to the Divine World from the Immortal World and his future was full of potential and possibility. Among the ordinary Divine King Realm experts, A’Mo Kehan could be considered as the one who actually had the battle strength to fight three opponents simultaneously.

    “Refusing a toast only to drink a forfeit. Alright, I am going to show you how strong our Fang Shan boundary is. Guys, we are going to fight with our weapons since they don’t appreciate our offer. Never cease until they die!”

    Wu  Yue’s words were filled with killing intent. The ten cultivators who stood behind him were all very solemn. A life-and-death battle was going to break out soon. These people of Fang Shan Boundary stood in solidarity.

    “It’s useless to speak so much. If you want to get the Thunderbolt Agarwood, you must go through us first.”

    Moling Dongchen said faintly, he was ready to fight.

    “As you wish.”

    Wu Yue’s eyes turned cold and filled with killing intent. He held his sword tightly again and pointed it to Moling Dongchen. He knew that this guy was the strongest among three of them. Before shooting people should get to shoot the horse first, before capturing the thief should capture the King first. Only after defeating Moling Dongchen, he would be able to conquer the rest.

    Moling Dongchen stepped on the void while wielding the fan in his hands. Winds and clouds kept rolling when they started the fight. Wu Yue’s Nine-feet Icy Sword was quite powerful and kept launching dreadful strikes. The colour of heaven and earth changed at the moment.

    Although Mo Fangzhou was injured, he still had to deal with three Early Divine King Realm experts. A’Mo Kehan handled four of them while Moling Dongchen handled another four as well. Wu Yue took the initiative first to fight with them. The pressure released by the three Early Divine King experts was quite strong against Moling Dongchen too as he had to deal with four opponents. Moling Dongchen’s face looked solemn as Wu Yue was the hardest opponent to withstand among them.

    Edited by: Lifer, Fingerfox

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