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Dragon-Marked War God

Chapter 2791

Gentlemen Need Not Say Much

Translated by Soya
Edited by Lifer, Fingerfox


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“Have you waited for a long time, brother? Haha.”

Zi Qingtian waved his sleeve, sat on the throne and said with a smile. He didn’t show the overbearingness of a City Lord. Instead, he looked very approachable.

This was the respect he showed to Jiang Chen, otherwise, it was not a demeanor a City Lord would show. Zi Qingtian thought very highly of Jiang Chen and Jiang Chen held a respectful place in his eyes.

“You’re welcome.”

Jiang Chen smiled faintly. As long as people respected him, he would also show them respect. It was mutual respect. Jiang Chen also knew that he had to stay slightly humble in front of the Reverend of the Nine Boundaries.

At this moment, Zi Xi had been asked to leave by Zi Qingtian.

Jiang Chen’s heart shivered a bit because he already expected what Zi Qingtian was thinking. Jiang Chen knew that Zi Qingtian did not intend to challenge him. If he intended to do so, it would not be too difficult for a Hierarch expert to overcome an Early Divine King expert.

“Brother, you should know what I am going to tell you.”

Zi Qingtian looked very serious.

“I still have no confidence to solve the Nether Cold Poison in your body. But I could help you suppress it temporarily. How much poison can you eradicate will depend on your own strength and luck. Unless I reach the late divine king realm, otherwise, I couldn’t help clear out the Nether Cold Poison completely.”

Jiang Chen said in a deep voice. He had already tried his best. How much he could help now really depended on destiny.

Zi Qingtian smiled faintly as he was relieved to hear what Jiang Chen had said. At least, it was not completely hopeless for him yet.

“There have been countless experts gathering in Ling Jue City for the Battle Royale of the Nine Counties. As the City Lord, I could not be more inferior than others. Otherwise, if something unexpected happens and the Nether Cold Poison attacks, everything would become very difficult.”

Since Zi Qingtian chose to let Jiang Chen help him, there’s nothing he should hide from Jiang Chen.

“Let me have a look at the Nether Cold Poison in your body.”

Jiang Chen said.


Zi Qingtian looked solemn and waited for Jiang Chen to suppress the poison. He had already run out of ways to deal with the Nether Cold Poison. Although it couldn’t kill him yet, it was still very lethal to Zi Qingtian if left alone. Not only would it be extremely difficult for him to break through his cultivation realm, his strength would also be deteriorated. Then one day, he would not be able to withstand the Nether Cold Poison anymore and that would be the day of his death.

Jiang Chen took a few steps forwards, holding Zi Qingtian’s arm. He could not help frowning his forehead.

“If the City Lord’s strength was not this strong and below the Hierarch Realm, you would have already been killed by this Nether Cold Poison.”

Jiang Chen shook his head and sighed.

“I could only do my best.”

Jiang Chen wasn’t very confident. He would try with his Five Elemental True Fire first since it became more powerful now that he reached the Divine King Realm. Moreover, the Myriad Qi could resolve all kinds of poison, but he was not sure how effective the Myriad Qi could be in expelling the Nether Cold Poison.

Jiang Chen used his Five Elemental True Fire in his hands, stunning Zi Qingtian for a while. He knew that it was not easy to handle five kinds of fire at the same time. The Five Elemental True Fire blended together and became a terrifying flame. It was pushed into Zi Qingtian’s body by Jiang Chen. Zi Qingtian shivered as the Five Elemental True Fire kept burning in his body. The Nether Cold Poison was being burnt out slowly by the Five Elemental True Fire. Even though it was not a very fast process, Zi Qingtian was still thrilled. The Five Elemental True Fire was indeed able to suppress the Nether Cold Poison. True Fire could cure and burn the poison out.

Jiang Chen’s Five Elemental True Fire became like a brutal fire dragon that kept pushing against Zi Qingtian’s body. The fire dragon went all over his body and spurted out fire inside Zi Qingtian’s body. The Nether Cold Poison was being devoured by the fire flames slowly. Zi Qingtian looked excited as the poison had already troubled him for more than thousands of years. Finally, he saw a hope of breaking it.

With time, Jiang Chen controlled the Five Elemental True Fire and inserted some Myriad Qi into the Five Elemental True Fire. This sped up the process of devouring the Nether Cold Poison.

Jiang Chen remained calm and composed while expelling the poison from Zi Qingtian who looked a bit exhausted now. This man was indeed unpredictable. Zi Qingtian’s view of Jiang Chen rose even higher now.

More than half of the Nether Cold Poison had been cleared out from Zi Qingtian’s body but one third of the poison still remained. Even the Five Elemental True Fire and Myriad Qi could not completely suppress the poison because it had diffused into his bone and meridians. It was impossible to clear out all the poison in one day.

“I guess you might need to expel some of the poison by your own effort as external help would not do much. It might take more than a hundred years.”

Jiang Chen said in a deep voice as he had already tried his best. Zi Qingtian was quite satisfied with the result. At least, he could give his all if he was in a battle. He did not need to worry too much about the suppression brought by the Nether Cold Poison. Otherwise, he certainly wouldn’t dare fight much in any battle because he was scared that the Nether Cold Poison might be triggered. At that time, he would surely lose his combat strength.

“Jiang Chen, I don’t want to say too much but you know how thankful I am. As the Reverend of the Nine Boundaries, although I can’t do much outside of the nine boundaries, you just let me know if you need anything. I will not disappoint you.”

Zi Qingtian said. The promise from the Reverend of the Nine Boundaries was valuable. Jiang Chen nodded. It felt quite good to have such promise from a Hierarch expert. Being the Reverend of the Nine Boundaries, Zi Qingtian’s strength was definitely out of Jiang Chen’s imagination.

“Even though you could not help eradicate the Nether Cold Poison completely, you have helped me get rid of the trouble of being constrained by it. Not to say a hundred years, I’ll be fine even in a thousand years. Hahaha. This thing had been torturing me for more than ten thousand years. Sigh.”

Zi Qingtian laughed and said with excitement. However, he was also quite emotional. He would have advanced his cultivation level if the Nether Cold Poison did not exist in his body.

“Jiang Chen wishes that you could ensure my safety in Linhe Boundary. That would be enough.”

Jiang Chen smiled and said. It was just a small matter to Zi Qingtian as Linhe Boundary was within his control. Of course, Zi Qingtian  would help Jiang chen out. Jiang Chen’s strength was formidable and he was talented. He would not be bound in Lone Dragon County in the future. He would step on the stage of the Northern Cold Divine Region and head to the Central Region Divine Land. That would be the demeanor of a true expert.

“It’s just a small matter and my duty. Jiang Chen, I have very high expectations of you. Don’t worry about anything in Qilian Boundary and Lone Dragon County. I will ensure your safety in Linhe Boundary and also the safety of Profound Wind Sect.”

Zi Qingtian and Jiang Chen exchanged a glance. Gentlemen needed not to say much.

Edited by: Lifer, Fingerfox

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