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Dragon-Marked War God

Chapter 2789

Donghuang Tai’a Will Always Be Unrestrained, Wild!

Translated by Desmond
Edited by Lifer, Fingerfox


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Gui Gu and Xing Feng knew that they had lost their opportunity. However, they would have their chance when the day of the Battle Royale of the Nine Counties comes.

“Since he’s the esteemed guest of the City Lord mansion, who dares cause trouble upon Mister Jiang Chen? Hehe, it’s a misunderstanding.” Xing Feng smiled.

Being a disciple from the Qi Tian Boundary’s Heavenly Xing Sect, he didn’t have much power in another’s territory no matter how much backing he had, not to mention, the opponent was backed by the Reverend of the Nine Boundaries. One needs to understand his own situation.

“Just as the mountains lush and rivers flow, we are bound to meet again someday in future, Eastern Emperor Sect, we shall meet again.” Gui Gu then left.

“Thank you.” Jiang Chen looked towards Zi Xi, the latter breath out a sigh of relief.

“You being alive is the greatest reward for all of us.” Zi Xi smiled.

“This is Senior Brother Donghuang Tai’a.” Murong Yun’er looked towards Jiang Chen.

“Jiang Chen thanks Senior Brother.” Jiang Chen was not a stubborn person, plus, although they were both one that stood upon the limelight, they did not have enmity against one another and they came from the same sect.

“Not bad, I hope you will not disappoint me during the Battle Royale of the Nine Counties.” Donghuang Tai’a said and left.

“That’s just how he is, there’s only cultivation in his eyes. However, he immediately came when he knew that you, a disciple of Eastern Emperor Sect, was in danger. Donghuang Tai’a will always be unrestrained, wild.” Donghuang Taiji said.

“I shall accept this goodwill.” Jiang Chen smiled.

Jiang Chen knew what Zi Xi meant, it was the City Lord’s opinion. Jiang Chen was truly blessed to be valued by the City Lord.

Without a doubt, the City Lord is certainly trying to curry my favour. How could he not be moved? I managed to repair the formation before, and concocted an Immortal Grade Pill.

Zi Xi had conveyed everything that had happened in the Thunder Rush Sea to Zi Qingtian. Therefore, the lord would most definitely look highly upon Jiang Chen. A battle where a Hierarch expert appeared, yet, the expert unexpectedly died, which shocked even Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen was never one to be stupidly cocky. However, the lord of the city, the lord of the Qilian Boundary, Reverend of the Nine Boundaries, Zi Qingtian exhibited his favour to him. Zi Qingtian knew how dangerous the Thunder Rush Sea was. Zi Xi who had experienced it once thought that he would never want to return for a second time.

Those who had ulterior motives towards Jiang Chen had scattered and his name would surely spread across the whole city soon.

Jiang Chen said hello to Zi Xi and left with Donghuang Taiji as he was also part of Eastern Emperor Sect.

“Brother Jiang, we shall meet again during the Battle Royale of the Nine Counties.”

The appearance of the Young City Lord, Zi Xi reminded others that Jiang Chen was the guest of the City Lord Mansion, who would dare to touch him?! Gui Gu and Xing Feng even left. Plus, he also had the Eastern Emperor Sect backing him. Those who dared to touch him would be truly foolish. The City Lord will surely not let it slide if one really has the balls to touch Jiang Chen, he won’t be able to leave  Spirit Jade City!

“I really thought you were dead… to think… sigh, nothing is certain. However, since you’re here, our Eastern Emperor Sect will surely receive a good result this time. My master, Donghuang Zhuoqing will lead the team this time too, he’ll certainly be happy when he sees you.” Donghuang Taiji smiled.

Jiang Chen helped him reach the Divine King Realm. For a person like Donghuang Taiji, who was unsociable, only Jiang Chen could make him smile aside from Murong Yun’er.

“Donghuang Tai’a, pretty strong.” Jiang Chen smiled.

“That’s just how he is, there’s only cultivation and more training in his mind, he did not even pay much respect to my master. He only gave some respect to the Sect Lord, not even the elders. However, he has the strength to back it up, hehe… the top three kings of the younger generation in the Qilian Boundary. Only the other two could stand up against him. However, it looks like that fella from Heavenly Xing Sect is also not weak either. The Battle Royale of the Nine Counties this time will have many prodigies joining the competition, it will surely be a tough battle.” Donghuang Taiji said with a serious expression, the flames of battle have not yet begun, but the smell of gunpowder could already be felt.

“You too had reached the Divine King Realm. Looks like Donghuang Tai’a may not even best you now.” Murong Yun’er chuckled.

“You flatter me, what can an Early Divine King do? Jiang Chen shrugged,

Donghuang Taiji would’ve just laughed it off if someone else said it. However, Jiang Chen could calmly say it and not even flinch when he’s faced by Gui Gu and Xing Feng. At least, he believed that Jiang Chen was not your average Early Divine King. He’s already strong when he was not yet a Divine King and came out from the Thunder Rush Sea.

“I thought you died at the Thunder Rush Sea. Therefore, Yun’er is the third participant, but since you’re back, she can back down now.” Donghuang Taiji said.

“Yun’er what do you think?”  Murong Yun’er gave a forced smile and nodded, her eyes were somewhat down.

Jiang Chen saw through Donghuang Taiji’s plan. He did not want Murong Yun’er to join as it was a fierce competition, where one’s life was put on the line. No one would feel sorry if you died there. The Profound Connection Divine Palace was a dream of many, however, one must go through a bloody path to obtain it.

However, Murong Yun’er and Donghuang Taiji was still as lovey-dovey as before, she was just sad that she had to let her loved-one tread on the path alone.

“I’ll go and meet Zi Xi, the City Lord will surely grant me, their guest, I should be able to participate in the Battle Royale of the Nine Counties as the disciple of the Linhe Boundary.” Jiang Chen smiled, as if he was joking.

“But…”  Donghuang Taiji’s expression changed and sighed as he looked towards Jiang Chen.

Edited by: Lifer, Fingerfox

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