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Dragon-Marked War God

Chapter 2787

Who’s the One That’s Being Childish?

Translated by Desmond
Edited by Lifer, Fingerfox


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“Heaven Seizing Fortune Pill! As the name implies, one that could seize the fortune of the heavens, break through one’s shackle and limits, causing one’s body to transform.” Jiang Chen said.

“What? It’s the Heaven Seizing Fortune Pill? Legend has it that the Heaven Seizing Fortune Pill is tremendously powerful, even a Divine King could gain a small improvement in realm if they took it, without zero effort and pressure. Like an uncut jade, merging its qi with heaven and earth, assisting one’s cultivation.” Wu Jingyun said, his voice quivering.

Even he was also looking at the Heaven Seizing Fortune Pill with a fiery gaze. As he had long been stagnated in the Peak of Divine King Realm for a few thousand years. It would be near impossible to reach the doorstep of the Hierarch Realm without a fateful encounter.

However, this Heaven Seizing Fortune Pill could allow him to reach the Half-Step Hierarch Realm. No wonder the top alchemist of the Wu’s Workshop was so shocked about it. Because not even Wu Jingyun was able to concoct such a terrifying pill.

He did manage to concoct an Immortal High Grade Pill before in the past. However, it could not go past the 50% mark. Yet, Jiang Chen’s pill reached the 90% mark. If he knew that Jiang Chen was still unsatisfied with the result and could concoct a complete 100% pill if he had the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart, how would Wu Jingyun feel about it?

Gui Gu and Xing San did not comment further. Because Jiang Chen’s Heaven Seizing Fortune Pill had far surpassed both of their pills. There was no competition.

“May as well call it perfect, I lost.” Gui Gu said quietly.

He had never expected that someone within his generation could defeat him. Someone like Jiang Chen suddenly appeared out of nowhere, truly hateful. Although Jiang Chen was but an Early Divine King, his skills in alchemy was truly unique and great, not even Gui Gu’s Sect Lord could replicate such a feat.

Perhaps even the Sect Lord would have difficulty in concocting a High Grade Immortal Pill. However, he could still do it, but to reach further than 50%, that’s near impossible.

Gui Gu took a deep breath, Jiang Chen hadn’t just surpassed him, but also the Lord of the Killing Luo Sect.

“I have thoroughly lost. Hehehe, this fella’s skill in alchemy is probably as great as Wu Jingyun.” Xing San said with a bitter laugh.

Xing Feng. Gui Gu, Xing San and Wu Jingyun’s eyes were burning as they stared at the Heaven Seizing Fortune Pill. Only those above the Divine King Realm understood how mighty the pill was.

Some on-looking Divine King experts were drooling as they stared at the Heaven Seizing Fortune Pill.

Because the process of concoction had caused quite a commotion, attracting the attention of those Divine Kings. If it wasn’t for Elder Wu Jingyun, countless men would’ve  duked it out right there and then.

Jiang Chen, who was an Early Divine King, had caught the attention of countless men, putting him into a dangerous position.

“Little friend’s knowledge in alchemy is immense, perfect. This time, Gui Gu of the Killing Luo Sect and Elder Xing San of the Heavenly Xing Sect are slightly worse than yours.” Wu Jingyun said, giving them some respect by saying that they had only lost by a small margin,

Jiang Chen’s feat was so great that countless super-powers would compete to have him.

He too admits that he could not recreate such a feat.

The pill recipe and the Broken Bone Grass was handed to Jiang Chen.

“Thanks Elder Wu.” Jiang Chen took the pill recipe, the Broken Bone Grass and thanked with a smile.

“No need to be so courteous, there’s no seniority in terms of learning, little friend, I do not feel proud being called a senior when compared to you.” Wu Jingyun said.

Although he may be greater than Jiang Chen in cultivation. He dare not say that he could concoct such a pill in terms of skill.

“This old one has a request, I wonder if my little friend is willing to sell the Heaven Seizing Fortune Pill to me? No matter the price, I, Wu Jingyun will not reject any request you make.” Wu Jingyun took a deep breath and looked towards Jiang Chen with a fiery gaze.

Jiang Chen shook his head.

“I’m terribly sorry, Elder Wu, this pill is useful for me, I cannot let it go, I hope you’ll forgive me,”

“You’re right, one could not even get this kind of pill even if one were to search  the heavens and earth. Little friend, do not be arrogant, beware of evil men although you’re innocent. A gentleman will not rob off one’s beloved, this old one has acted out of line.” Wu Jingyun sighed, feeling regretful.

“I thank Elder Wu’s understanding and warnings.” Jiang Chen slightly nodded.

This Wu Jingyun may be yearning for the Heaven Seizing Fortune Pill but he did not act immaturely, acting like a true senior, truly commendable.

Wu JIngyun turned and disappeared into the sky.

However, at this moment, countless people have locked-on on Jiang Chen, due to the Heaven Seizing Fortune Pill.

“Honestly, your pill concoction skills are one of a kind. You’ve won, however, it may be hard for you to leave this place.” Gui Gu said.

“I am willing to purchase your pill, otherwise, you’ll never get off from this mountain.”

Jiang Chen sneered, This Gui Gu is eyeing my pill and is blatantly asking me to sell it.

“You can choose not to sell it, however, you’ll never get the chance to sell it after this. Do you think there are only less than a few hundred people eyeing your Heaven Seizing Fortune Pill? That pill will not be in your possession for too long. I will buy it from you but the others will just rob it.”

Gui Gu’s words were true. Jiang Chen could feel their gaze of avarice, countless Divine King experts had locked-on him. There’ll be a hot pursuit in this city once he stepped out of the mountain.

“You words are true, however, I am just stubborn, I will not follow the demands of others, they are eyeing me, so what? No one can take away the things that are mine.” Jiang Chen said calmly.

“Childish, I wonder how many jokes have you spoken, do you think you can beat everyone here? Take on all of them? I am just saving you, don’t be delusional.”

“That’s a pretty way of saying it, but you’re pretty blatant on trying to force me to sell it to you, truly childish.” Jiang Chen spoke back in sarcasm.

Gui Gu’s expression became cold.

“You think you can reign supreme in this city after winning against me? I can easily kill you with a snap of a finger.” Gui Gu shook his head with a sarcastic smile.

“Brother, I can ensure your safety if you join my Heavenly Xing Sect, what do you think?” Xing Feng said.

Although he too was eyeing the Heaven Seizing Fortune Pill, his strength was greater than that, the Heavenly Xing Sect’s might will rise if an alchemist like Jiang Chen joined their sect.

“I thank you for your good intention, howere, it’s a pity that I am not interested.” Jiang Chen, still shook his head.

Edited by: Lifer, Fingerfox

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