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Dragon-Marked War God

Chapter 2761

Fire Qilin’s Perseverance

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Fire Qilin’s Perseverance

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“Master Fire Qilin, you must leave here now. Although our sect is weak, at least we still hold our dignity high and we will never allow others to trample on it.”

Xuan Qingming solemnly said but he looked really depressed because the life and death of Profound Wind Sect was completely in Fire Qilin’s hand now. If Fire Qilin was not here, they would have been smashed by others much earlier.

Fire Qilin shook his head and said with a deep voice:

“I will not leave here even if I die.”

Xuan Qingming found Fire Qilin’s perseverance really admirable but he could not help feeling guilty too. However, Fire Qilin knew that they were only alive because of him.

For the people besieging the Profound Wind Sect, getting the Fire Qilin would help them to dominate Linhe Boundary. They saw Jiang Chen as their biggest enemy but since Jiang Chen had gone missing and no one knew whether he was still alive, they were going to tortune his father to death to release the hatred.

In their perspective, Jiang Chen was already dead. Who could survive from falling to Luo Feng Valley?

However, Fire Qilin believed that Jiang Chen was still alive. As long as he was still alive, he would not allow others to step into the Profound Wind Sect. He would protect Jiang Chen’s sect and also protect his father. Not to say human, the Divine Beast Clan had always been faithful to the promise they made. Fire Qilin would not mind losing his life as he knew that he would hardly pay the kindness Jiang Chen had shown him. He must keep his promise to protect the sect and his father. Since Jiang Chen had said that he would come back then Fire Qilin would keep waiting.

“Profound Sect Lord, is Luo Feng Valley really that terrifying?”

Jiang Zhenhai looked at Xuan Qingming and asked strugglingly. Jiang Chen was everything to him. He believed that Jiang Chen would not die so easily. However, he still could not help feeling anxious looking at the outsiders trying to invade the sect.

Xuan Qingming smiled bitterly; he did not even know how to answer the question. Jiang Chen had already died and this was an unchangeable truth. Even though  Jiang Chen was invincible, Luo Feng Valley was one of the deadliest places in the Northern Cold Divine Region. Not to mention Linhe Boundary, even a master from Lone Dragon County would not dare to explore the Luo Feng Valley. Those who had entered the valley had never come out. There was no exception, even for Divine Emperor experts.

The Luo Feng Valley was a huge deadly valley to all of them. No one would dare to step into it. The people of Linhe Boundary would rather fight the god of death than going into Luo Feng Valley. Those invincible experts of Clear Stream Sect, Divine Pill Sect and Ghost Eye Sect had already disappeared. Many people who were watching the battle saw Jiang Chen and the Supreme Elders falling into the Luo Feng Valley together. More than a month has already passed and it’s impossible to have any news about them anymore.

“Luo Feng Valley is the place where elites fall. No matter how strong you are, you can’t beat the Luo Feng Valley.”

Xuan Qingming said with a low voice. He felt really sorry for Jiang Chen as he was the most formidable disciple in the Profound Wind Sect. Jiang Chen had always put Profound Wind Sect in his heart and he made the entire Linhe Boundary proud. However, he passed away too early. Xuan Qingming sighed as the hero normally had a relatively shorter life than others. He had not yet raised the Linhe Boundary up, but he had already passed away. If the Supreme Elders did not put him into such a predicament, Jiang Chen would definitely be able to dominate the Lone Dragon County.

Although the Profound Wind Sect was in great danger at the moment, he did not put the blame on Jiang Chen as everything was under heaven’s control. What was the point of controlling everything under heaven?

“Then, my son…….”

Jiang Zhenhai was silent for a while and murmured, his eyes were full of worry. He was in great sorrow. However, he wanted to see Jiang Chen’s corpse if he had indeed died. He knew his son very well that Jiang Chen might not have passed away yet. There had been countless crises Jiang Chen had gone through from Saint Origin World to Nine Regions Immortal World up until this world. Everytime, Jiang Chen managed to turn these storms into nothing and survived through the obstacles.

Although Jiang Zhenhai thought so, he was still very anxious after listening to Xuan Qingming. It’s common for humans to make mistakes. Moreover, not many people could approach Luo Feng Valley easily. Even supreme experts or Divine Emperor masters found it hard to come near the Luo Feng Valley. They would die at Luo Feng Valley too.

“Brother Zhen, even if we die, I will also stay with you. I believe your son would not disappoint you.”

Ling Ruyue comforted him and said. But how would Jiang Zhenhai be relieved so easily?

If Jiang Chen did not return, the Profound Wind Sect would be in great danger and they would become a past too.

“I have a plan, Elder Jiang. Let Fire Qilin bring you two out of this place.”

Xuan Qingmin said.

Jiang Zhenhai shook his head.

“My son is a man who bears everything on his shoulder. How can I, an old man, be a coward? Even if we leave here, how do we know if the Profound Wind Sect won’t be attacked? Let’s all fight the battle with our life on the line. I will never give up.”

Jiang Zhenhai and Fire Qilin were both very stubborn. For Xuan Qingming, it had been a challenge because he did not want Jiang Zhenhai to suffer here. But, fighting together seemed like the only option to both of them now. No wonder he could raise such a responsible son up.

“Haha, Fire Qilin. You’re almost at the end of your life. You’re going to die if you still want to fight. I don’t believe that you could go against the entire Linhe Boundary. Hahaha.

“Yea, just surrender yourself. Fire Qilin, Jiang Chen is dead. If you continue to be this stubborn, don’t blame us for being so ruthless.”

“Jiang Chen has died inside the Luo Feng Valley. What is the point of struggling here? Smart people would make decisions according to the situation. Fire Qilin, don’t you know that you have come to the dead end?”

“Stop bullsh*ting with him. Fire Qilin is a treasure. Since we can’t have him alone, let’s tear him apart and devour his body. Isn’t that faster? We are going to repay the pain Jiang Chen gave us on his beast and his father.”

Six experts from different sects all were here while Ghost Eye Sect and Divine Pill Sect took the leading position. Fire Qilin would not be able to leave easily as the six experts plus twenty Early Divine King Realm experts were all here.

They were all the hiding elders of their respective sects. Although they were incomparable to Xuanyuan Wuqiong, Dan Yingqing and Li Zheyan, they were actually all very experienced masters in their sect. Even though Fire Qilin was talented and skillful, the Mid Divine King Realm masters would still pose a great threat to him and put him in a worse place.

“Let’s fight with my life, What would I, Fire Qilin, be afraid of!”

Fire Qilin took a step forward and spurted out his fire flame with his overbearing aura.

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