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Dragon-Marked War God

Chapter 2760

Really? Do We Owe Nothing to Each Other? 

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Really? Do We Owe Nothing to Each Other?

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The goddess’ eyes shone brightly the instant Jiang Chen took the Ice Origin Lake Water Bead. She was filled with disappointment, but she would’ve been trapped in this place if it wasn’t for Jiang Chen. This Ice Origin Lake Water Bead was Jiang Chen to take, she did not have any qualms about it.

“When you reach the Emperor Realm in the future, come back here and I shall grant you a gift.” The old man smiled and looked at Jiang Chen.

“Alright.” Jiang Chen said no more.

To reach the Emperor Realm, that would require him god knows how many years, he did not mind much of the old man’s words. However, the white-robbed goddess was pretty shocked as this thin-old man could be one of the few most powerful individuals in the world! Have you ever thought of someone that could give a gift to an Emperor Expert, how powerful could he be?!

The thin-old man turned and left, disappearing into nothingness before muttering:

“Meeting the three Greater Gods of the world in the dream as they sanctify the Heavenly Courtyard, cutting off the past, not letting down the heavens and others!”

The old man disappeared into the depths of the void and the surrounding pressure disappeared.

At the same time, a silent quake happened throughout the Divine World.

Western-pole Divine Land, under the Great Spiritual Mountain, a ruined motionless idol cracked and shook violently.

Eastern Victorious Divine Land, on the eastern sea, millions of Zhang tall tsunami waves crashed. An ancient historical site came up from the sea, shaking the world. The whole Eastern Victorious Divine Land was in an uproar.

Desolate Divine Land, countless ancient demonic beasts wrecked havoc as they roared, their roars reached millions of li away.

Central Region Divine Land, an old man was standing on top of a pagoda, with a rickety body, squinted his eyes and looked towards the north. He slightly coughed twice. His fingers started to make a certain seal and made a forecast, his eyes suddenly opened wide and shot out a bright ray of light and silently said:

“Is the world changing?”

Zhou Mountain Ridge, on top of the Luo Feng Valley.

Jiang Chen finally breathed a sigh of relief and looked at the steep pit silently. Xiong Hou was already gone, leaving only a spirit and it was trapped within the Great Yu Soul Forming Light. Whereas the white-robbed goddess looked like she was preparing to leave.

“May I trade the Ice Origin Lake Water Bead? I will grant you anything.” The White-robbed goddess looked towards Jiang Chen with anticipation.

“I want you, would that be a problem? Hahaha.” Jiang Chen said with a laugh.

The white-robbed goddess’ blade appeared right before his neck before he could react. He knew that he couldn’t evade the moment she closed-in on him.

“It’s just a joke, spare the agitation.” Jiang Chen said quietly as he curled his lips.

“It’s fine if you’re not willing but don’t force me to kill you. ” The goddess said coldly and proudly.

“Then, is the Ice Origin Lake Water Bead that important to you? Is there anything more valuable than this if you want to trade it with me?” Jiang Chen said.

She was caught off-guard. Yeah I only want the Ice Origin Lake Water Bead. It was a matter of life-and-death for her. However… did she possess something that was more valuable than the Ice Origin Lake Water Bead? No.

The white-robbed goddess turned and left, her eyes filled with grief and sadness.

“What’s your name?”

Jiang Chen suddenly stopped her.

The goddess was slightly stunned.

“We’re from different worlds, who I am is of no importance to you. Likewise, I do not care who you are either.”

“Alright then, catch!”

Jiang Chen threw the Ice Origin Lake Water Bead to her.  She looked at him with disbelief and was clearly stunned, the latter then turned and left without a word.

“Just like what you said, you don’t care who I am. However, remember, my name is Jiang Chen. From now on, we owe nothing to each other.” Jiang Chen disappeared into the clouds.

The white-robbed goddess just stood there, completely dumbfounded.

“Really? Do we owe nothing to each other?” The White-robbed goddess silently caressed the Ice Origin Lake Water Bead and sighed with a mixed feeling.

“Fire Qilin, this is great stuff. That Jiang Chen fell into the Luo Feng Valley, it’s our time to reign supreme upon the entire Linhe Boundary! Haha.” A Mid-Divine King expert said.

“Yeah, Jiang Chen is dead, the Supreme Elder of the Clear Stream Sect and the other two old monsters are already dead too. What is there for us to fear? Haha, the Linhe Boundary is ours in the future.” Another Mid-Divine King said with a smile.

Six Mid Divine King experts gathered, delightfully discussing as they surrounded the Profound Wind Sect.

“This Fire Qilin is an ancient divine beast, we’ll certainly shine if we can tame it. We can rule the whole Linhe Boundary for sure.”

“Pity, this Fire Qilin is hard to tame, not even our combined effort could subdue it. Looks like we’ll have to call some Early Divine Kings to support us.”

“The Profound Wind Sect is nothing. In contrast, that Fire Qilin is something we must obtain.”

Countless experts surrounded the Profound Wind Sect. Fire Qilin had stood his ground for ten whole days. The Profound Wind Sect would’ve been destroyed if it wasn’t for him being strong.

Jiang Chen’s death was a great shock, the devil was finally dead and the Linhe Boundary would finally be peaceful, therefore nobody could stop them.

Jiang Chen was important for the Linhe Boundary. The Luo Feng Valley was a deadly place, recognised by everyone in the Northern Cold Divine Region. It would be impossible for him to be alive after falling into that very valley! Therefore, the people were elated, they did not fear the Profound Wind Sect and had their eyes set on the Fire Qilin.

That person would surely become a ruler once he obtained the Fire QIlin, how could they not be excited?

Although the Fire Qilin was not owned by the Profound Wind Sect, it still protected the Profound Wind Sect. Therefore they were focusing their force upon the sect.

They knew about the relationship between Jiang Chen and the Fire Qilin, but who’s going to save them now that he’s gone? A new ruler shall emerge in the Linhe Boundary with Jiang Chen’s death.

Jiang Chen’s death was just the start, a start towards a great change.

“Jiang Chen? When are you coming back?” The Fire Qilin looked towards the direction Jiang Chen was.

He could not last any longer as many more Divine Kings joined in. He could not save himself, lest Profound Wind Sect, the Profound Wind Sect would be destroyed after he’s gone.

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