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Dragon-Marked War God

Chapter 2756

Are You Trying to Devour Me?

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Are You Trying to Devour Me?

Translated by Desmond

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None of them could gain the upper hand. Jiang Chen’s horizon has broadened once again after that strike. He had gained tremendously in their battle, he felt something different from their clashes, it was the Dao!

The Dao of an Emperor expert, it was not something that was out of his current level. However, his Dao of Heavenly Domination was also another form of Dao, it’s just that he did not know what it truly was.

There are millions and billions of Dao in this three thousand great worlds, the birth of the No Beginning Formation was also a cumulation of Dao, it’s just that the current Jiang Chen was not able to perfectly exhibit what it was.

“You’re pretty good too, you have not tarnished the name of the three ancient great beast kings. It’s a pity that I am not at my peak, otherwise, I would’ve easily killed you,” the goddess said coldly.

“Hahaha, aren’t I the same? I do not need to fear anyone when I’m at my peak! I have eliminated all the pursuers from the Dragon Clan’s Nine Great Emperors after chasing me through two great continents. The dragons that I have devoured have reached a hundred. Everyone would fear me whenever I cross a certain place.” Xiong Hou howled, her piercing voice shook the sky.

“The king of the three great ferocious beasts, you’re just a bottom-feeder, are you really a match against the Great Mahāmāyūrī?” The White-robbed goddess said in disdain.

“There’s only one Great Mahāmāyūrī!” Xiong Hou squinted her eyes and said.

Obviously, she’s not the Great Mahāmāyūrī’s match.

“I have fought against the Great Mahāmāyūrī and have not lost. So, do you think you can defeat me?” She said with confidence. It was absolute confidence.

Not even Xiong Hou was worthy of her being serious.

“There are countless experts in this world. A mere beast like me could never defeat them all. Plus, I haven’t  reached the Emperor Realm yet, what gives me the right to be a true expert? Haha, you’re the same too. You’re still the same after millions of years of cultivation. Is there anyone in this world that could live and die along with the universe? I think both of us could not do it too.” Xiong Hou said coldly.

The goddess fell into a deep silence after hearing those words, the beast was actually right but she hadn’t put too much thought into it.

Jiang Chen silently sighed after hearing it. His journey was still far too short, where’s the correct path and the end of the journey? Only by taking one step at a time could one walk towards its brilliant life.

“Therefore, I am willing to bet on my life to obtain the Ice Origin Lake Water Bead” The White-robbed goddess and Xiong Hou stared at each other.

“Ice Origin Lake Water Bead, you’re too naive, not even I could get it, lest, you?” Xiong Hou said in disdain.

“Then, you will tell me about it!”

The white-robbed goddess’s slender fingers moved once again and a powerful technique had already formed.

“Three thousand Prajna, the Great Dao converge!”

The terrifying energy of the seal filled the air and sky, the whole place underwent a great change. Converging three thousand Daos!

“To think your Dao has reached such completeness.” Xiong Hou roared and also unleashed her full strength.

Xiong Hou knew that there’s not much choice left as she was sealed in this bottomless pit for many many years, suffering countless hardships, yet still couldn’t break through that seal. Her strength and spiritual strength dwindled, her strength barely reaching the Emperor Realm now.

In an instant, Jiang Chen felt the powerful energy pushing Xiong Hou back. The whole cave was shaken by that energy. Xiong Hou’s spirit and physical body were severely injured as she fell to the ground, losing her former glory.

However, Xiong Hou still continued to fight on. Two powerful spirit energies clashed. Jiang Chen cursed as he gasped for air, enduring this powerful clash.

Jiang Chen looked towards the White-robbed goddess, her expression became heavy, she was obviously also weakened after unleashing that attack. Looks like it would end as a loss for both sides.

Xiong Hou was extremely angry but there was nothing she could do. Because both of them were expending energy, it’s a contest of endurance now.

Ten days passed in a blink of an eye, Xiong Hou and the White-robbed goddess had almost spent every ounce of energy they had.

“Are you that ruthless? I am the last Xiong Hou.”

Looks like the Xiong Hou was becoming somewhat fearful, because she knew that both of them would be in a dire state as their spiritual energy continues to be expended. She had endured this suppression for such a long time, she must not fall as she was the last survivor of the Xiong Hou Clan.

“Handover the Ice Origin Lake Water Bead and I will let you live.”

The White-robbed goddess was extremely fatigued too, however she was still much better off than Xiong Hou. The latter did not know how long she’d last but her reserve was almost spent.

“I have never obtained the Ice Origin Lake Water Bead, otherwise, would I remain in this bottomless pit for so long? I do not have it and I was confined in this place by someone. Perhaps the Ice Origin Lake Water Bead is just a myth, I’ve scoured through the land to search for it, for the sake of reviving my mother.” Xiong Hou muttered.

The White-robbed goddess squinted her eyes. Her words may not be true but there could also be some truth in it.

“Who confined you here? There are less than ten ancient experts in the world that could confine you in this place for many years.” The White-robbed goddess said coldly as she stared at Xiong Hou.

“If you wanna know… enter and you shall know everything.” Xiong Hou whispered, her breathing was getting shallow.

At this moment, Jiang Chen came out from the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda.

“You haven’t left?” The White-robbed goddess stared at Jiang Chen and said coldly.

To think he survived such a devastating battle, not even a Hierarch is capable of doing that.

Xiong Hou also gazed at Jiang Chen with covetous eyes. Because, if she could devour Jiang Chen, her strength could possibly recover quickly. Jiang Chen’s body was too tempting to ignore.

“Myriad Qi Body!” Xiong Hou stared at Jiang Chen intently, without blinking.

“Are you trying to devour me?” Jiang Chen sneered.

At this moment, Xiong Hou was extremely injured and would have a hard time defending herself.

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