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Dragon-Marked War God

Chapter 2755

Everything Was Emptiness

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Everything Was Emptiness

Translated by Soya

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“So what? Just hand over the Ice Origin Lake Water Bead and I will consider sparing your life. Otherwise, please don’t blame me for not pulling my punches.”

The Goddess said coldly, she did not draw back but faced the beast aggressively and bravely.

“Why can’t I feel my son’s breath anymore? Why! I want my son back!”

Xiong Hou’s terrifying and deafening roar had made the White-robbed Goddess  step back. Meanwhile, Jiang Chen was watching all of these in the distance; he dared not to approach them.

“Your son was blocking my way so he deserved to die.”

The White-robbed Goddess said in a deep voice, and soared in the sky ferociously. Jiang Chen was impressed and amazed. Was she the same person who experienced the trials and hardships with him previously?

“You killed my son and I swear to tear you to pieces and make your soul writhe in the torment of hell. Ughhh……”

Xiong Hou roared ferociously but then moaned miserably. It was conceivable that she could not get over her son’s death, the beast was full of anger at the moment.

“I am afraid that you are not capable of doing so. Humph.”

The White-robbed Goddess  said with a snort.

“Are you a god or a devil? No matter who you are, I will make you regret doing that.”

Xiong Hou showed her sharp fangs, glaring at the White-robbed Goddess  furiously.

“I think you’re totally out of your mind by talking such nonsense. Humph. All of your aggressiveness and glory no long exist.”

The White-robbed Goddess  said.

“My life will not be a mess if I was not trapped here by those old codgers. Human beings are all mean, cunning and despicable.”

“Oh? I wonder who trapped you here.”

The White-robbed Goddess looked at the ferocious Xiong Hou calmly. She was certain that the one who locked her up was not an ordinary expert, even herself could hardly do that.

“You are not entitled to know that.”

“That person is probably from the Dragon Clan. Otherwise, you won’t be trapped here forever. Besides, the Dragon Clan used to have a deadly abhorrence of sin and you have killed countless of them. However, you will never be able to catch Chao Feng and Suan Ni if that person is really from the Dragon Clan. But I think it is possible too, since the nine sons of the Dragon Emperor are always left out in the cold by the Dragon Clan.

The White-robbed Goddess said after thinking for a moment.

“Stop making some wild guesses, you will never guess who the person was. As for the Ice Origin Lake Water Bead, you will never get it. I will kill you and find out who you truly are, a god or a devil.”

The fierce Xiong Hou roared furiously and her shadow disappeared in the void. She launched an irresistible and stunning blow which reached thousands of miles.

“It doesn’t matter who I am. Just be aware that I will definitely get the Ice Origin Lake Water Bead today.”

The White-robbed Goddess  drew a few steps backward and stopped. She looked dignified and powerful. She seemed light and ethereal while her aura was ascending rapidly like mountains and seas.

“She’s amazingly strong!”

Jiang Chen knew that he had no idea how strong the White-robbed Goddess  was, even the furious Xiong Hou was the same. Even though her son was killed, its father came around and messed with their pride.

However, Jiang Chen would never set against them since he was not insane. Both of them were considered as one of the most terrible and ruthless people. Even though the White-robbed Goddess  was just a woman, her strength convinced Jiang Chen completely. He had no intention of competing against them at all.

Although power did not mean everything but someone could change the world and become the master of their own destiny when their strength and capability reached a certain level. The most terrifying power in the world was holding everyone’s life and death.

Jiang Chen had kept himself aloof from them as he might have suffered if he was unaware and careless. It would be no use crying over spilt milk at that time.

The furious Xiong Hou’s spirit was awe-inspiring and she’s powerful enough to conquer the mountains and rivers. The moan of the wind was overwhelming and the universe was trembling violently. Even the thousand feet canyon might possibly collapse at the moment.

The White-robbed Goddess  struck out at the same time. An aqua-blue long sword that shone brightly soared in the void and swept to all directions. Its shadow was falling from heaven, and cut off Xiong Hou’s spirit constantly. The fight between them was extremely intense, there was no overflow of aura as both of them were trying to make the offensive efficient and exerted their strength perfectly to the full. Each move and technique were cast perfectly without waste of power.

“Breaking Water Spiritual Light Sword!”

The sword’s shadow of the White-robbed Goddess  was moving freely and struck out a mighty strong blow. Even though her sword technique was perfect and its aura was exceedingly formidable, it still fell short. Jiang Chen thought she would be more powerful if she could cast the sword techniques with all of her strength. Apparently, she did not exert it to the full and the sword technique was not her ultimate trump card.

“Is that all you’ve got? Just go to hell now!”

The furious Xiong Hou was not quick and agile as the Goddess. The beast was trying to make a stunning turnaround with her mighty body and unbeatable aura. A series of unnoticeable sound waves surged forward and hundreds of feet of mountains was shattered to pieces. The Goddess’ face turned gloomy as she stepped back constantly. The offensive of the furious Xiong Hou was still irresistible and unbeatable.

“Surprisingly, you’re such a tough opponent.”

The Goddess said coldly. She heard that Xiong Hou was one of the three most terrifying and ferocious ancient beasts back in those days. It had killed countless Emperor experts and devoured numerous ancient Divine Beasts. But the Goddess still slightly underestimated the beast’s strength. Even though she had made preparations against the beast, her strength was still constrained by this furious Xiong Hou.

“Everything turns empty!”

The White-robbed Goddess  looked calm and dignified. She kept her sword immediately and crossed her fingers. An invisible art technique was cast and she struck it out continuously.

Hundreds of feet of heaven was shrouded by the art technique completely. The art technique was merging together like the clouds and changing rapidly in more than thousands of forms. The White-robbed Goddess  struck out instantly with one hand. The art technique pierced through the sky. The wind and storms howled wildly while the whole world was constantly changing colour.

“You’re truly a saint, so impressive.”

The furious Xiong Hou roared in a deep voice and stepped back constantly. It looked serious but it still struck back without standstill. It had eventually realized that the Goddess  was definitely not an ordinary person by looking at her strength.

An art technique that’s ever-changing, breaking through the sky and rushing at the furious Xiong Hou. Everything turned empty. It seemed like the furious Xiong Hou was utterly trapped and there was no retreat. At the moment, the furious Xiong Hou opened her bloody mouth and intended to swallow the art technique. She was still trying to fight back with her domineering and overwhelming aura.

However, the Goddess  was unmoved. She turned and launched the art technique once again. Thousand feet of art technique was surging forward like rivers and seas, changing unpredictably. The furious Xiong Hou’s efforts were of no avail.

“Heavenly Sound Wave!”

The furious Xiong Hou roared wildly once again, a terrifying wind arose around them. Jiang Chen escaped into the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda swiftly. He might have lost his life if he did not find a shelter immediately at that moment.

“It is just too terrifying. Is she an Emperor Realm expert?”

Jiang Chen murmured under his breath. The art technique and the sound waves collided with an ear-splitting noise. It turned into a fearsome shockwave and swept over three thousand miles. Even the bottom of the abyss was experiencing the enormous and unpredictable changes.

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