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Dragon-Marked War God

Chapter 2754

The Guardians, Ancestral Emperor Dragon’s Sons

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The Guardians, Ancestral Emperor Dragon’s Sons

Translated by Soya

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White clothes and green scarfs surrounded the two bodies with a romantic atmosphere. There seemed to be music accompanying the two people who had completely lost themselves in the act. Everything was like a dream.

When the lady’s jade-like back disappeared in Jiang Chen’s gaze, he was shocked as if he just woke up from a dream. He felt like he was in a dream and the dream was full of beautiful scenes. What had happened had sealed Jiang Chen’s mind and he could not forget the experience.

The White-robbed Goddess got up and stood up immediately. She retained her cold behaviour and she became even colder than before. She looked even more unattainable than before and her eyes seemed to be filled with frost.

She knew that this would be an obstacle in her life that she would never be able to pass through.

Although she has been a peerless beauty throughout her lifetime and it was impossible for anyone to enjoy her body, she had just gone through an unforgettable experience with Jiang Chen and it was like a dream.

Life is full of surprises and unpredictable things. However, the White-robbed Goddess had lost the chastity that she had kept for hundreds of thousands of years. The journey to the Northern Cold Divine Region this time was like a journey to hell for her.

Initially, Jiang Chen only thought about saving someone’s life but her incredible beauty had really moved his heart. It was not because of the experience but because of his sincerity.

However, he knew that it was impossible for the both of them to have any relationship in the future. She stayed at a high and unattainable position and Jiang Chen was comparatively too weak to her. The only way for Jiang Chen to approach her was to become more and more powerful in the future, becoming even more superior than her.

Jiang Chen felt very complicated. He was a sentimental person compared to the White-robbed Goddess. After having sex with her, Jiang Chen really could not forget her in his heart. However, he was very clear that even if he wanted to be responsible to her, she might not even care about it at all.

“I always make things clear, especially between grudges and kindness. I am very grateful for the kindness you showed me and for saving me. However, we will not have any relationship in the future anymore!”

The White-robbed Goddess  said faintly, but her words were filled with shame and fury.  Her elegant aura and holy identity would not allow others to invade her.

Jiang Chen smiled bitterly as he had already expected that she would be like this. However, that was still an unforgettable experience to him. He just looked at the White-robbed Goddess silently and remained quiet because he knew his cultivation realm was limited. What was the point of speaking so much? If you could not protect a woman you’re supposed to protect, then it’s better for you to remain silent.

At this moment, the abyss suddenly trembled intensely and the surrounding mountains were shaking.

“It’s her.”

The White-robbed Goddess said in a low voice while her eyes were giving off radiance as if she was looking forward to something.

“Give me back my son…… give me back my son….”

Jiang Chen’s countenance fell and he immediately covered up his ears tightly. Even though he did so, the deafening voice and strong aura still shocked him.

“Leave this place, hurry up. You’re not supposed to be here.”

The White-robbed Goddess said in a deep voice, not even giving Jiang Chen a glance because she did not want to have any relation with this guy anymore.

Jiang Chen frowned his forehead. He initially planned to leave the place, but he didn’t expect that this woman would look down upon him in this way. How would you stay alive without my help? However, Jiang Chen was also not a narrow-minded man as he knew that other people might act just like this lady in this situation. Jiang Chen did not blame her.

As soon as the white-clothed goddess finished her words, she became extremely solemn. After doing that with Jiang Chen, her strength had actually already recovered fully. Half of the Divine Origin Qi in Jiang Chen’s body was almost fully absorbed by the lady. Jiang Chen could not help but grumble in his heart.

“Is she Denglong’s mother?”

Jiang Chen thought in his heart. Soon, he saw a gigantic shadow coming out from the cave in front of them slowly.


A shocking scene happened. The cave in front of them was divided and there were two ferocious beasts kneeling on the two sides of the cave. These beasts were comparably fierce just like Denglong who was just killed by Jiang Chen. Their mightiness seemed to be even more superior than Denglong. Terrifying breath spread across the entire place.

The two strange beasts carried the devouring breath that made Jiang Chen shiver for a second. Are these beasts only here to guard the cave?

In the next second, Jiang Chen realised that the two beasts were still actually alive but they were no different from a corpse as their Qi had already been compressed. They had no Qi within them anymore and they were just dead bodies.

“Chao Feng? Suan Ni?”

The White-robbed Goddess’ countenance fell, constantly retreating backwards. She was full of astonishment. Jiang Chen was also stunned. Two of the sons of the Ancestral Dragon Emperor appeared here, aren’t they? Is this real? Ancestral Dragon Emperor would definitely be pissed off if he did not fall into a deep sleep. From how he treated Qiu Niu last time, Jiang Chen had already known that the Ancestral Dragon Emperor cared about his sons even if he did not say much.

Jiang Chen frowned. Thanks to the Ancestral Dragon Emperor, he was also part of the people of the Dragon Clan. Although the nine sons of the Ancestral Dragon Emperor weren’t members of the Dragon Clan, the Dragon Clan would still be very angry if they were bullied. Except for Qiu Niu, all the other eight sons were evildoers and many of the human cultivators were killed by them.

“Are they really Chao Feng and Suan Ni?”

Jiang Chen doubted, but the two ferocious beasts’ aura and mightiness were not any weaker than Denglong at all. Although there were many experts in the ancient times, there were actually only a few capable of competing with Denglong. Jiang Chen had never seen Chao Feng and Suan Ni before, but the White-robbed Goddess would definitely not recognise them wrongly.

“Indeed, the King of the ancient beast. You really have overbearing mightiness. You even caught Chao Feng and Suan Ni to guard the gate. Hehehe, I have underestimated you.”

The White-robbed Goddess said coldly as she gazed at the void. Above the void, a huge white curtain slowly closed up, turning into a ten-feet bloody Xiong Hou emitting an  overbearing pressure. Jiang Chen felt the great pressure as the Xiong Hou was staring at him. This beast was too terrifying. Jiang Chen had the confidence to fight Denglong earlier, but now he had no confidence to fight against this Xiong Hou.

“You have killed my son!”

Xiong Hou said in a deep voice. Her breath made Jiang Chen feel slightly suffocated. This was not caused by her aura but by her true strength. Even though Jiang Chen had never been afraid of anything, this time he really ran out of ways to fight with the beast.

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