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Dragon-Marked War God

Chapter 2753

So… I’m Gonna Be Taken Advantage?

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So… I’m Gonna Be Taken Advantage?

Translated by Soya

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“Once a Divine Tool advances its soul, the tool would become priceless. Its value would only become higher in the future.”

The White-robbed Goddess  looked at Jiang Chen and said with a deep voice.

“Your sword soul has eaten Denglong’s soul. Denglong had been eating dragons for a living, so its soul was invincible. There are only two divine beasts comparable to Denglong but they are not dragons.”

“Denglong is an ancient beast. Isn’t the sword soul being too particular about its food?”

“This sword was like a human who needed nourishment. When one needs nourishment, it is like a bigger fish eating up the smaller fish. It’s all about the law of the jungle. Nothing is strange about it.”

The Goddess  nodded.

“Thank you very much.”

With a soft voice, the White-robbed Goddess  said. It was Jiang Chen’s luck to receive her gratitude. If there was no such chance for him to save the beauty, they would not encounter each other.

“No worries, I will take action to help regardless who was in the situation.”

Jiang Chen smiled and said.

At the moment, the White-robbed Goddess’s face looked terrible suddenly.

“Are you okay?”

Jiang Chen worriedly said.

“It’s okay. Delong’s Primal Origin Impure Qi has eroded my body. If the Primal Origin Impure Qi  could not be driven out from my body, I am afraid……”

The White-robbed Goddess bit her lips lightly and said with difficulty.

“Let me have a try.”

Jiang Chen said, thinking his Myriad Qi might help her.

“Thank you very much.”

The Goddess said softly.

Jiang Chen held up the lady’s hands and her face blushed immediately, she seemed to be a bit shy.

Jiang Chen did not think about any other things as he only cared about saving a life. The Primal Origin Impure Qi was indeed quite terrifying. Once one’s body was eroded, his or her cultivation realm would continuously be weakened. Even without the threat from the abyss, the Primal Origin Impure Qi had already put the lady into a life threatening situation.

Jiang Chen kept bringing in Divine Origin Qi into the lady’s body but her body was not able to absorb much of it. It was not helpful at all. The Primal Origin Impure Qi was very terrifying, it was like a wild beast making a mess in her body. Jiang Chen had almost used up all of his Divine Origin Qi and Myriad Qi. Since the Myriad Qi couldn’t naturalise the Primal Origin Impure Qi in her body, Jiang Chen had run out of ways to save her.

“It’s still not working……”

Jiang Chen shook his head and heaved a sigh. Meanwhile the Goddess’s face was terribly pale. But she still looked incredibly beautiful like an angel with her elegant aura.

“The Primal Origin Impure Qi is too overbearing and I am not able to naturalise it at all.”

Jiang Chen felt guilty but he really had run out of solutions.

“The Primal Origin Impure Qi from Denglong is almost on the same level with the existence of Myriad Qi, of course it is overbearing.”

The White-robbed Goddess  said with a bitter smile and she shook her head.

“Unless I have a body that is full of Myriad Qi, otherwise, I might not be able to survive. I have used up all of my skills.”

Jiang Chen was stunned because his Myriad Qi had already almost been used up right now. He was not able to cast out more Myriad Qi to help the Goddess.

“I am sorry but to be honest, I am that one who has the body of Myriad Qi. Unfortunately, I have already used up all of Myriad Qi.”

Jiang Chen frowned his forehead as he was a bit upset. He was unwilling to see a beauty passing away like this. Jiang Chen knew that she might have already known that he had the body of Myriad Qi. She just did not want to reveal it.

The White-robbed Goddess  remained silent and kept her head low. Her stunning appearance undeniably had also moved Jiang Chen’s heart.

Eventually, the lady gritted her teeth tightly and said in difficulty:

“There’s one last chance!”

“What’s that?”

Jiang Chen asked immediately.

“If we copulate, it would help to expel the Primal Origin Impure Qi from my body.”

The Goddess’s face blushed while Jiang Chen was dumbstruck. It was really embarrassing for him. He had been keeping himself from any sexual relationship for many years. However, he also knew that the Goddess  had no choice but to do this otherwise it was impossible for him to approach such a formidable lady.

“Then I am going to be taken advantage of?”

Jiang Chen looked at the lady who looked shy now and said playfully.

“What?! What did you say?”

The Goddess gritted her teeth tightly and looked at Jiang Chen. She was clearly pissed off. At this moment, she had already put herself into a deep shame but the bastard still responded to her in this way.  Of course, her fury was ignited.

“I don’t mean that. I just feel isn’t that very abrusd?”

Jiang Chen said innocently and looked at the lady while curling up his lips.

“Look at your face as if you are being taken advantage of. To be honest, I am the one who saved you. It’s not that you’re saving me. Now I can’t help worrying that you might kill me after you regain your strength.”

Jiang Chen noticed that the Goddess’s eyes were filled with killing intent now.

The Goddess lowered down silently. She had lived for a hundred thousand years but she never imagined that such a ridiculous and funny thing would happen to her now. And this happened because of her own request. If she lost her virginity to Jiang Chen, then how was she going to explain about her chastity?

However, if she didn’t do so, she would pass away and only her soul would remain. Even if her soul remained, that would not mean that she could be reborn. There had been so many experts who fell from the world and the chance for them to be reborn was very rare.

In other words,  this was her only chance.

“Sir, would you mind having sexual intercouse with me?”

The White-robbed Goddess  kept her head low and she did not dare to raise her head up at all. She had been overbearing and stunning throughout her life, when had she ever suffered such shame?  This would become a scar left in her life forever.

Sigh. Saving one’s life is more important than anything. Whatever, whatever. That’s the only way.”

Jiang Chen sighed because he was also greatly struggling. However, it’s all about one’s life. Looking at this beauty, could this be considered as fate?

It was impossible to feel nothing in front of such a beauty but Jiang Chen was a person of principle. If the lady did not run hard, Jiang Chen would never do so.

Looking at Jiang Chen’s unwilling facial expression, the lady was even angrier but she had no other choice. After today, they would never stay in touch again in the future.

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