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Dragon-Marked War God

Chapter 2752

Have a Good Sleep After a Good Meal

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Have a Good Sleep After a Good Meal

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The Twelve Fire God Guards attacked all of a sudden. Having reached Early Divine King Ream under Jiang Chen’s cultivation, they had experienced great transformation and were not what they used to be. It was not a big deal for them to constraint a Late Divine King expert now. In addition to the Five Elemental Trigram Fire Formation’s assistance, Jiang Chen launched the main attack while the twelve Fire God Guards helped out from the side. He suddenly held the upper hand in the battle and put Denglong into an absolute suppression.

“What an interesting guy to have such strong puppets. He seemed not that simple.”

The White-robbed Goddess  murmured and her eyes shone as Jiang Chen’s twelve Fire God Guard were all Divine King experts. One should know that an Early  Divine King was like an old ancestor who was able to set up their own sect. Although a battle like this seemed undelightful, she knew that it was not easy to defeat Denglong.

She would not be this surprised if Jiang Chen was a Hierarch. However, Jiang Chen was only a Half-step Divine King and he even owned such powerful treasures in his hands. If those Late Divine Kings or stronger found this out, Jiang Chen might encounter a great crisis.

While the White-robbed Goddess  was still hesitating, Jiang Chen had already defeated Denglong with overbearingness. Denglong had used too much strength in the battle against the White-robbed Goddess, that was why he was exhausted now. Jiang Chen managed to display his overbearing mightiness and got the chance to save the beauty.

Denglong was continuously repulsed by Jiang Chen and he looked terribly embarrassed.


“You have completely provoked my anger.”

Denglong said fiercely despite his terrible condition. How would he feel good by being defeated by a Half-step Divine King. If he was in his best condition, he would be able to kill Jiang Chen effortlessly.

“Be careful!”

The White-robbed Goddess  said with a low voice. Jiang Chen dodged the attack perfectly while Denglong had pushed himself into a dead end.

Jiang Chen did not delay his action at the moment as he had already blended the heavenly lightning in his hands. Even an ordinary  Hierarch would cry under his heavenly lightning. Even though his heavenly lightning did not display its full mightiness in front of the alliance of the three Hierarch, Jiang Chen believed  that this time it would work on this beast.

“Twelve Fire God Guards, stop his way!”

Jiang Chen started withdrawing himself and he looked solemn as the heavenly lightning started forming up in his hands.

“Is this heavenly lightning?”

The White-robbed Goddess’s countenance fell as she looked at the heavenly lightning. She was stunned as she never imagined that Jiang Chen would have such skill.

“You should die! Devour heaven and earth!”

Denglong turned back to his huge body and opened his mouth widely, trying to devour Jiang Chen into his stomach. The twelve Fire God Guards would not want to leave him such a chance. Unfortunately, they were all devoured into the beast’s stomach in front of his enormous devouring strength.

When Denglong opened his mouth, an enormous devouring strength started absorbing all of Jiang Chen’s strength and Jiang Chen was almost being devoured.

“You are the one who is supposed to die! I am going to see if you could withstand my heavenly lightning!”

When Jiang Chen was being absorbed into Denglong, the heavenly lightning was already perfectly combined in Jiang Chen’’s hand. Without any hesitation, the brilliant heavenly lightning had filled up the entire void. Denglong ate up the lightning and then he was bursted into ashes.

“He is really impressive. He managed to combine the heavenly lightning. So talented.”

The White-robbed Goddess  said, praising Jiang Chen. The crisis was finally resolved.

Although Denglong’s body had been shattered and his flesh were smashed, the twelve Fire God Guards had not been digested by him.

Denglong’s soul turned into a white ray, trying to escape the place. Jiang Chen found out and how would he allow the soul to run away?

“I want…… I want……”

The young voice of the sword soul of the Heavenly Dragon Sword sounded in Jiang Chen’s mind.

“Denglong’s soul might be very nourishing to you!”

Jiang Chen finally realised that the soul had been yearning for Denglong’s soul.

“It’s not easy to leave! Great Yu Soul Forming Light, suppress it!”

Jiang Chen took out his Great Yu Soul Forming Light. Denglong’s soul was suppressed immediately. Unexpectedly, it was an emperor realm soul! Jiang Chen was startled. However, given that Denglong was currently too weak to defend himself, he was caught in the Great Yu Soul Forming Light.

“It has been many years since I last saw the Great Yu Soul Forming Light. Unfortunately, it has lost its previous glorious light.”

The White-robbed Goddess  blinked her eyes and murmured. Although the Great Yu Soul Forming Light had lost its previous glory, a divine tool like this would never perish. Even if it had gone through great wars, it would still remain in the world.

She became ever more curious about Jiang Chen’s identity now. What he had in his hands was very astonishing.

An ordinary Half-step Divine King had more than ten Divine King puppets? And he had the Heavenly Dragon Sword which was such a formidable Divine Tool? And also the Great Yu Soul Forming Light?  He even managed to combine the heavenly lightning?

“Bastard! Damn you human, release me, it’s impossible for you to leave here.”

Denglong’s soul roared. Even though he was already in the Great Yu Soul Forming Light, he was still that ferocious and not afraid of anything.

“Really? Then I really want to see how much strength you have. So what if your soul is at the emperor realm? You are already defeated by me. Now my Heavenly Dragon Sword is going to devour your soul. Come to take your judgement now! Hahah.”

Jiang Chen said while laughing out loud. He did not care about Denglong’s threat at all.

“Eat him! Eat him up!”

The sword soul said with a soft voice and it sounded excited.


Jiang Chen did not hesitate at all. He constrained Denglong completely and the Heavenly Dragon Sword soul turned into a purple shadow crashing into the Great Yu Soul Forming Light.

Jiang Chen was also shocked because it was the first time he saw the sword soul’s actual form. However, he did not see it clearly because the sword soul moved too fast.

“No, you can’t. You can’t eat me up!”

Denglong’s soul begged but the purple sword soul did not care so much and it ate Denglong immediately. Jiang Chen could see that the purple sword soul was like a dragon shadow. As soon as the purple sword soul devoured Denglong’s soul, it moved back to Heavenly Dragon Sword immediately.

“Buzz…… buzz.”

Heavenly Dragon Sword was buzzing and it seemed really excited.


Jiang Chen heard a burp coming out from the sword soul, didn’t he?

“It’s time to have a good sleep after a good meal……”

Jiang Chen heard a cute young voice from the sword soul. He was dumbstruck, an emperor realm soul was devoured?

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