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Dragon-Marked War God

Chapter 2751

Dragon Eater

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Dragon Eater

Translated by Soya

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“The king of ancient beasts, Denglong!”

The Goddess  said in a deep voice. She could feel that her strength kept escaping her body and did not recover at all.

Jiang Chen took a cold breath in. The king of ancient beasts, Denglong, did really exist in the world?

Although Jiang Chen did not know how formidable Denglong was, he knew that this beast was very terrifying as it was the only beast who was not afraid of the Dragon Clan during the ancient period. It had been devouring dragons and made many of the Dragon Clan hate it to the core. The Dragons were the supreme creature amongst all, however, they were eaten by Denglong. This was why Denglong was so terrifying.

“He drinks the Divine Spring Water and eats Heavenly Dragons. It’s him.”

Jiang Chen did not believe such a thing existed in the world, but the beast was standing in front of him. The White-robbed Goddess did not seem to be lying to him. This ferocious Denglong indeed looked too terrifying.

“Your strength should be used up now. It’s impossible for you to kill me.”

The Goddess said coldly while staring at Denglong.

“You’re right. I am indeed suffering severe injury but don’t forget whose place is this. Hahaha. As long as the Primal Origin Qi in my body is recovered, you won’t be able to escape from my hands. It’s just a piece of cake to catch you. But, why would I want to kill you? It’s rare to see a Goddess who is more beautiful compared to ordinary goddesses.”

Denglong shrunk his body and he turned himself into a two-metre tall man. His body was covered with bamboo armour and his eyes looked fierce. Although he looked ugly, he still desired the White-robbed Goddess very much.

“There’s a human here? Alright, you’re going to be my appetizer. It has been many years since I last tasted a human.”

Denglon said with a cold laugh.

“I am afraid you would not be able to escape now.”

The Goddess said faintly. Obviously, she was talking to Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen smiled bitterly. Although he knew nothing about this Goddess, she must be very powerful too as she could fight Denglong.

Jiang Chen’s Heavenly Dragon Sword trembled fiercely at the moment. Not to say Jiang Chen, both the White-robbed Goddess and Denglong gazes fell on the sword now.

“Unexpectedly, a small Half-step Divine King expert owned such a powerful Divine Weapon.”

The White-robbed Goddess was startled. Meanwhile, Denglong’s eyes showed ruthlessness because the sword soul in Heavenly Dragon Sword seemed posing a great threat against him.

“It already has its own sword soul. Unfortunately, the sword soul is not mature yet and it’s too weak.”

Denglong gave Jiang Chen a dimissive glance.

“I never planned to leave here actually.”

Jiang Chen looked at the Goddess and said with a smile.

“Are you sure?”

The Goddess  smiled, looking  calm. She did not show slight worry despite the great danger.

“I am sure. Why?”

Jiang Chen replied calmly.

Although Denglon was extremely scary, he had actually been weakened after being injured severely. That was why Jiang Chen would love to give it a try. It’s also not his style to leave a woman to fight alone.

The White-robbed Goddess  was quite shocked, thinking how would a Half-step Divine King young man have such courage? He dared to stand in front of her and helped her to stop an ancient beast while he did not even know the strength of the beast. Was he stupid?

“Aren’t you afraid of death?”

The White-robbed Goddess  did not know where Jiang Chen’s courage came from.

“A man must stand in front of a woman.”

Jiang Chen protected the Goddess  behind him and said with a deep voice.

At the moment, the lady’s heart was slightly moved and her eyes showed her astonishment as she could not believe this. A young guy was this overbearing and not afraid of everything in front of death. He did not choose to retreat himself but stood in front of her. ‘A man must stand in front of a woman’, what Jiang Chen said moved her.

It was impossible for her not to feel touched by the current situation. If she was in the peak of her life, she would definitely not look at Jiang Chen at all. However, she had lost her strength at the moment and was in great danger now. She never expected that Jiang Chen would do this for her and say something like that.

Although Jiang Chen’s androcentrism could be quite annoying, at least the White-robbed Goddess found it a bit comforting at this moment. Jiang Chen was going to fight at the cost of his life.

“You’re crazy.”

The Goddess  murmured. She had lived many years but it has been a long time since she felt emotional in front of a man. Since when a man had the chance to stand in front of her?

“We must at least be crazy for once in our lifetime, especially we should not let women suffer.”

Jiang Chen smiled. He was just like this. You could say that he was mad, however, as long as he found the things worthy, he would not give up.

“A man who doesn’t know what death is. If that is the case, I am going to taste your flesh first. Hahaha.”

Denglong said and laughed out loud. Although he had already turned into a human form, his rough voice was still full of mightiness and still sounded terrifying.

“You have already been weakened.”

Jiang Chen and Delong looked at each other fiercely.

“So what? It’s just a piece of cake for me to kill you. You, a Half-step Divine King, is just rubbish to me.”

Denglong smiled coldly and blew out a heavy strike.

Jiang Chen was high in spirit and counter attacked him with his palm strike. The White-robbed Goddess  did not expect that Jiang Chen would gain the upper hand after crashing twice. She thought that Jiang Chen would have been defeated tragically. No one won or lost yet, but Jiang Chen’s aura was not any weaker than Denglong. Both of them took a few steps backwards, but Denglong looked more troubled at the moment.

“Good guy. I have underestimated you. If I am at my peak, you won’t be able to fight me at all.”

Denglong roared and his eyes were full of flame.

“Unfortunately, you’re weak right now!”

Jiang Chen used up all of his strength and the two of them struck each other. Jiang Chen was not afraid at all in the face of the beast. However, he must defeat Denglong as fast as possible because he was not sure what kind of tricks the opponent held.

“Twelve Fire God Guards, form up! Five Elemental Trigram Fire Formation!

*Denglong: A Chinese legendary creature, which is believed to be one of the sons of the dragon king.

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