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Dragon-Marked War God

Chapter 2750

White-Robed Goddess

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White-Robed Goddess

Translated by Desmond

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Jiang Chen finally felt a trace of the living, a powerful one.

“It’s here!”

Jiang Chen found the source.

Jiang Chen found the source of the disturbance through that gloomy air. A white figure with long hair reaching her knees. Just from her back alone, she felt so angelic, beautiful, like a goddess from a painting, unreal, pure, one that cannot be touched by mortal men.

“Gorgeous!” Jiang Chen said in a heartfelt manner.

Although only her back was shown, she gave off a truly majestic feel, she was truly a goddess!

Jiang Chen was not one to succumb to beauties. Yet that white-robbed figure was truly enticing and intoxicating. Like one that could never be reached.

A green air surrounded her body, like a thin thread, shiny, her breathing were erratic, sometimes slow, sometimes fast.

Jiang Chen moved closer to her, not trying to do anything evil, he wanted to know who she was. When he saw her face, he was blown away, how could such an angelic woman exist in this world, she’s a goddess.

The word ‘gorgeous’ could not describe how beautiful and elegant she was, Wu Ningzhu might be on-par against her. However, she looked extremely natural, any woman would feel small against her, men would kneel before her.

A genuine goddess that has descended upon the world.

Her eyes were staring intensely towards the front, emitting a cold and dominating aura. However, she was also nervous and was hesitating, like she was being held by something. She did not even blink when Jiang Chen appeared right beside her.

“Who is this woman?” Jiang Chen murmured. However no one’s able to give him an answer here.

“Out of body!” Jiang Chen gasped.

One couldn’t make their spirit come out from their body without reaching the Hierarch Realm. Even he couldn’t do it although he possessed the spirit energy of a Hierarch. The white-robed goddess must be fighting somebody with her spirit with that eyes of hers.

Not anyone could do it, this white-robed goddess looks like she still retains her strength.


The goddess coughed out a mouthful of blood, her expression became slightly pale and her gaze darkened a little. She then proceeded to fall into Jiang Chen’s arms,

“Let go!” The goddess said coldly as she stared at Jiang Chen, the latter felt a chill as if everything was seen through.

She quickly jumped out of Jiang Chen’s arms and emitted a killing intent. However, her eyes were filled with worry and anxiousness.

“Such a scary gaze.” Jiang Chen said as she was certainly more powerful than him.

“You’re the one who fell into my arms.” Jiang Chen unhappily added.

“To think she’s such a cold lady.”

“Who are you? Why are you here?” She asked coldly.

“I came down here to have a walk because I was free. Is that wrong?” Jiang Chen said

I’ll just leave, are all beauties with a temper?

“Leave, quick, this is not a place where you should be.” The white-robed goddess shouted and pushed Jiang Chen away.

He was stunned, it does not like she’s trying to harm him.


A piercing, ear-ringing roar was heard. Jiang Chen’s 7 holes on his head started to bleed. This is not a joke. This was his first time bleeding after hearing just a roar, severely injured.

“Bestow Prajna and I shall save the masses!” The white-robed goddess muttered.

She emitted a powerful qi. Jiang Chen saw she formed a swift and graceful hand seal. The long sanskrit seal then let out a golden light and clashed against that roar, and dispersed after the clash.

“F*cking sh*t, I finally know what it means being an innocent bystander caught in the crossfire.” Jiang Chen cussed.

He had just barely recovered some of his strength and almost died from defending against a soundwave.

Strong! Too Strong! Jiang Chen only had one thought. The owner of that roar gave such an impression.


The white-robed goddess once again coughed out a mouthful of blood. This time, she finally collapsed and Jiang Chen quickly caught her before she fell to the ground. Although she did not want it, there was nothing she could do as she did not have any energy left. Most importantly, the pressure of the Luo Feng Valley further weakened her body.

“My time is almost up,” she muttered as her eyes were filled with despair and obsession.

“Hahaha, since you knew that your time is almost up, why don’t you obey me? Do you think you can defeat me in this place? Your strength will be slowly sapped away by the Primal Origin Impure Qi if you do not have my Primal Origin True Qi. Then, you’ll become a mortal and you’ll face a terrible fate.” A cold voice reverberated through the valley.

Then, a giant figure appeared before Jiang Chen and the white-robed goddess.

“This is?” Jiang Chen’s expression changed.

The giant figure was at least a hundred zhang tall, a horn on its head, bronze eyes, scary looking, sharp claws, possessing a thirty nine-feet long beard, it’s skin was of dragon scales. A mighty figure.

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