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    What are diamonds?

    >> Diamonds are used to unlock advanced chapters.


     What are advanced chapters? 

    >> Advanced chapters are premium locked chapters that you can access for a certain amount of diamonds. Think of it like a fast pass!


    How many diamonds does it cost for a chapter?

    >> It usually costs 6 diamonds for a single chapter, some might be higher.


    How do I pay for diamonds?

    >> You can get them at here.


    Can I get diamonds for free?

    >> As for now it’s only a premium feature. 


    What currency will the money be processed in?

    >> We only accept USD ($).


    Is my personal information safe?

    >> Yes. We use hashing passwords, to keep all your passwords and information safe. On the very unlikely chance our site is breached, we’ll be sure to inform you. To ensure your utmost security, never enclose your personal information here.


    Why my account is deleted?

    >> If your email isn’t verified, your account will be deleted after a period of time.


    About Travis Translations:

    Who are you and what do you do?

    >> We’re a fan-based group of translators, editors, and scanlators that do our best to provide you (the readers) with quality translations! 


    Do you have a Discord?

    >> Yes we do! You can join us here 


    Are you hiring?

    >> Yes, feel free to apply at our Discord. You can find more information in our #recruitment channel! 


    Site Issues:

    I have found an issue/typo with the site, what do I do? 

    >> You can join our Discord Server and report it.


    I don’t see my email verification in my mailbox, what do I do?

    >> Please give some time for the verification email to arrive. In the meantime, you can check your junk or trash folder. 


    General Inquiries:

    Do I need to make an account to read?

    >> No, you don’t need to make an account. But with an account you’ll be able to bookmark all your favourite novels and have the ability to comment! 


    Will the locked chapters eventually be free to read?

    >> Yes! They will be free eventually.


    How do I edit my profile?

    >> You can access your profile setting by clicking on your profile icon.


    Can I bookmark the last chapter I read? 

    >> Unfortunately no. You can only bookmark the series. 


    How can I bookmark them?

    >> You can create a Bookmark Folder and store them. 


    Where can I get notifications for when you update?

    >> We provide real time updates only in our Discord Channel.


    Regarding our Translations:


    Is this an official version?

    >> Unfortunately no, this is a fan-translated version. We do our best to provide quality translations to our readers, in hopes that they make an official version! 



    >> If we have not answered one of your questions, feel free to join our server and ask one of our moderators! 


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