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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 884

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This was a punch with heavenly power that could crush everything. Everyone’s face changed dramatically. They were sure that not even a First Grade Great Saint would be able to withstand this Heavenly Tyrant Stone Fist. Gu Mu’s facial expression became nervous. He had no idea how Jiang Chen would deal this punch.

Despite that, Jiang Chen’s expression remained unchanged. His eyes were as still as the water in a well, as though they were always unperturbed. That was his self-confidence, an unshakable self-confidence that originated from his  heart and bones.

Jiang Chen moved. He adjusted all the dragon marks in his Qi Sea. Then, seventy two thousand  dragon marks rippled and rushed out of his body, surrounding him. Numerous deep dragon roars were heard. These dragons provided the perfect foil for Jiang Chen’s divinity.


Jiang Chen flew and circled towards the incoming fist. Someone noticed that the dragons marks were all under his legs. It contained a tremendous energy wave, creating a terrifying whirlwind that could kill everything.

Azure Dragon Five Steps.

That’s right. It was the great Azure Dragon Five Steps that could deal unimaginable amount of damage. It was certainly greater than the Heavenly Tyrant Stone Fist. Jiang Chen’s speed was very fast. He was already on his  fifth step when he met the punch. It heavily stamped the stone fist.

*Ka Cha*

*Hong Long*

Jiang Chen’s body was like a light pillar. Even if the stone fist was undeniably strong, it was unable to push Jiang Chen away. Instead, the large stone fist cracked as Jiang Chen made the final stamp. Then, it exploded and turned into countless of pieces.

*Deng* *Deng* *Deng*

Under the backlash of the impact, Shi Han wasn’t able to control his body from moving more than ten steps backwards. Jiang Chen on the other hand was fine. This round of battle obviously wasn’t in Shi Han’s favour.

“How is that possible? Why am I being rebounded?”

Shi Han couldn’t believe what happened. He was a half-step Great Saint, the second genius of the Sky Ranking, but now he was defeated by a Seventh Grade Minor Saint. This must be a joke. It was unacceptable to him.

“My god, isn’t Jiang Chen exceedingly terrifying? His current strength is a lot stronger back when he killed Desolate Liang. I remember that he was merely a Sixth Grade Minor Saint at that time. His speed of improvement is really heaven defying.”

“Have you all noticed that both of their strength were on par? When they were fighting using their physique, no one was the clear winner. It only indicates that there isn’t any significant difference between the two of them. But when they were fighting using their combat techniques, Shi Han lost. It only means that his combat technique isn’t as great as Jiang Chen.”

“That’s right. The Heavenly Tyrant Stone Fist is a very powerful technique of the Shi Family, but Jiang Chen’s technique seems scarier. It exuded the feeling of might. If we are comparing the strength of their combat techniques, Jiang Chen’s combat technique is certainly higher than Shi Han. And because of that, Shi Han was defeated in this round.”

“We’ll see. Shi Han isn’t easy to deal with. He must have some greater techniques. No one knows what the outcome of this battle will be. But I have to admit that this battle is more exciting than the battle between Jiang Chen and Desolate Liang who died in just a single strike.”


Many bystanders were amazed. There was no way to hide their astonishment. Jiang Chen had left an unforgettable impression in their heads. One should know that Shi Han was the number two genius of the Sky Ranking and majority of them were betting on him to win, but the current scenario proved them otherwise. The battle has just started not long ago, but Jiang Chen was already in control of the battle.

“You aren’t my opponent. So this is all the rock form of the Shi Family is about. Is this the strength of the number two genius of the Sky Ranking.”

Jiang Chen’s tone was flat, but the sneer really provoked Shi Han. Due to him losing this round of exchange, he didn’t have the right to rebut Jiang Chen’s word.

“Jiang Chen, I won’t lose.”

Shi Han was enraged. His nine meter tall body looked like a stone god. The chipseal on the surface of his body fluctuated, creating a stronger energy wave than before.

“Mountain Splitting Seal.”

Shi Han bellowed. Both of his palm faced upwards. A huge mountain was being condensed above his palms. It was condensed fully by the energy but it looked exactly like a real mountain.

It was unknown how much weight this mountain carried. It might be billions of kilograms as the pressure from this mountain made Shi Han’s body produce cracking sounds.


Shi Han hurled it. As the huge mountain moved, a thunderous sound was heard. It charged at Jiang Chen after locking on his Qi.

“Good, Mountain Splitting Seal…it’s a pity that it is still not going to harm me. Shi Han, don’t waste your time. Nine Solar Profound Finger.”

Jiang Chen put his hands together. Billions of light rays illuminated from his finger tip and runes were speedily condensed around it. Jiang Chen was using the power of the Saint Bone. He pointed his finger forward and nine large golden finger rushed forth. Every void that it passed by were ripped into shreds. The nine large golden fingers were like nine heavenly rivers that hung in the sky. No one knew how much damage it would do.

This time, the nine fingers didn’t combine into one. It only charged forward.

*Hong Long*

The heaven was falling, the earth was shattering and mountains were shaking. When the Nine Solar Profound Finger smashed against Mountain Splitting Seal, the sky above was ruined. A hole that was hundred of miles large appeared in the sky. It looked black and gruesome.

Due to the additional power coming from the Saint Bone, the damage that was unleashed from the Nine Solar Profound Finger was doubled. The Mountain Splitting Seal couldn’t take it and was penetrated through by the fingers before it exploded into boundless of energy and vanished in the void.


This time, Shi Han spurted out a mouthful of blood, but this injury couldn’t be compared to the psychological impact that he suffered. He thought that today’s battle would be effortless, but since the very beginning of the battle until now, he had always been suppressed by Jiang Chen. Now he was being beaten until he spurted out blood. He have never imagined that Jiang Chen had reached such a terrifying stage.

On the other side, Jiang Chen knitted his brows. Shi Han’s power was beyond his imagination as well. One should know that he was now a Seventh Grade Minor Saint. Although he defeated Shi Han in almost every round, his opponent didn’t receive any severe injuries. It would certainly not  be easy to kill Shi Han. Shi Han could just flee away from him easily if he couldn’t defeat Jiang Chen.

However, Jiang Chen would never let Shi Han escape. Such a powerful opponent would certainly be a great threat in the future. Given Shi Han’s talent, he must have gained tremendous amount knowledge and experience from this battle. If he escaped, he probably would have a break through in a short period of time, and reach the Great Saint realm. At that time, it would be more than difficult to defeat him.

Jiang Chen slowly drew out his Heavenly Saint Sword. The next thing that he would do was to try whatever he could to kill Shi Han. He wouldn’t give him a chance.

Shi Han didn’t have any thoughts of running away as he hadn’t shown his true strength yet. If he left now, his heroic reputation would be destroyed and he would become the biggest laughing stock in the Pure Land. It would be hard for him to raise his head in public. This was the outcome that he wouldn’t accept.

Shi Han waved his arm and a long spear materialized. That was a stone spear. It looked dull and lackluster but don’t be fooled by it.

“Jiang Chen, you have totally enraged me. Receive my attack, Ten Thousand Spears.”

Shi Han went ballistic. The long spear in his hand was rippling intensely. Countless of club length spear was formed. The land was covered by the shades of the spears. The ground was shaking as if it was transforming into a world of spears.

“Truly awesome. This is Shi Han’s ultimate technique. Every spear was lethally destructive. It has formed a power sphere of spear, like an inner world. Did you all see that? Even if those long spears are broken, they will automatically be condensed again without limits. I can’t tell how terrifying this technique is.”

“Yeah. There is no skill that can break this attack. Any powerful cultivator who goes into the world of spear will be impaled alive.”

“Let’s see how would Jiang Chen deal this.”


The intense battle was too exciting, it had stirred the countless of bystanders’ emotion. Currently, the battle was approaching its end, Shi Han had already used his greatest attack. If Jiang Chen was able to break this attack, the loser would be Shi Han. If he couldn’t, he would die in the rain of spears.


A howl was heard from the Heavenly Saint Sword. Jiang Chen didn’t have a single sign of fear. He rushed into the ocean of stone spears. These stone spears could probably stop other experts but not Jiang Chen. He had already found the weak spot of this technique, which was the original stone spear – the one that Shi Han was holding now. If he could find the original stone spear and destroy it, the other spears would also be destroyed. 

It was without a doubt a very difficult task, the original stone spear looked exactly like the other stone spears in the ocean of spears, not to mention, that these stone spears were moving in high speed to attack him. It would still be impossible even if one had a very sharp perceptive ability.

However, the Great Soul Derivation Technique was exceedingly terrifying. It allowed his soul’s perception to reach an unimaginable level. Adding the Illusion Heart Sutra which he had also cultivated, he would be able to accurately distinguish the original weapon from the condensed weapons. As such, Shi Han was destined to face his defeat when he used this skill against Jiang Chen.

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