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Dragon-Marked War God Chapter 2773

Chi Lian Heavenly Snake

Chi Lian Heavenly Snake

Translated by Soya

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There were some breaths from Divine King Realm experts. Should be human cultivators.

Jiang Chen frowned.

“This volcano crater looks a bit strange.”

Luo Ping nodded and said.

“Brother Luo, if time allows, how about we go to have a look?”

Jiang Chen looked at Luo Ping and said.

“Alright, who knows, maybe there’s treasure.”

Luo Ping said with a smile. They were all Divine Kings, so they were not afraid of any danger. Moreover, Jiang Chen was with them, Luo Ping was quite confident in their group now.

The hot volcano crater was releasing terrifying air waves. The scene was depressing. Burned rocks were rolling around the crater.

Seven young men were staring at the crater without blinking. They did not even dare to inhale while staring.

“When will it come out?”

“Who knows. We have been here for three days. Has it already gone into hibernation?”

“No. the volcano is active now, so the Chi Lian Heavenly Snake would definitely not hibernate. It’s not the right season.”

“It’s hard to say. Hehe. I hope that it won’t be so difficult to handle.”

The seven men conversed while keeping their head low, face to the crater. They did not even dare to speak loud as they were scared of awakening the Chi Lian Heavenly Snake.

“Yang Chengang, aren’t you the people of Heavenly Snake? Tell us what we should do to get the Chi Lian Heavenly Snake to come out.”

A young man said with a deep voice. He was wearing white clothes and his eyes were filled with coldness.

“The Chi Lian Heavenly Snake only became active under the volcano crater. This is what the rumour says. How would I know when I have never even encountered one.”

A young man who was called Yang Chengang said, his face carrying a frown. He seemed to be a bit unsatisfied to that young man who just called him.

“Don’t you guys always interact with snakes? Why haven’t you seen a Chi Lian Heavenly Snake yet? Hahaha.”

The young man said with his curled up mouth. He looked dismissive.

“Wang Ce, is this the culture of your Yun Family? Why do I feel that you’re like an uncultured young boy? Humph.”

Yang Chengang said with a cold smile.

“Just who are you referring to as uncultured?!”

The young man shouted but he still remained rational and did not make too much noise. Otherwise, the Chi Lian Heavenly Snake would definitely be awakened.

“Shut up, Wang Yun. It’s enough.”

Wang Ce’s face looked sorry but he still said,

“But, brother…”

Wang Yun was unresigned but he still backed down on what he wanted to say after Wang Ce stared at him.

“Nevermind. We are all from Long Gu Boundary. Can’t we have some harmony?”

Beside them, a grey-clothed young man heaved a sigh.

“Liu Yunsheng. Don’t try to be a big-tailed wolf. You’re not a good man. Humph.”

Wang Yun shouted at the grey-clothed man. Obviously, he was pissed off.

“Have I offended anyone here? Hehe.”

Liu Yunsheng smiled bitterly and shrugged.

“There must be monsters around as things are unusual. There must be something wrong since the Chi Lian Heavenly Snake has not come out yet.”

Yang Chenling said. He, Yang Chengang and Yang Chenyuan were all brothers of the Heavenly Snake Residence. They were also quite formidable legendary figures from Long Gu Boundary.

There’s only one man who was lying there without moving. He kept observing the crater as he was worried that danger would happen.

“Eldest brother, what do you think?”

Yang Chenling and Yang Chengang looked at Yang Chenyuan at the same time.

“Let’s stay quietly and observe the situation. The snake would probably absorb the energy from the volcano, otherwise it would not settle down here. If we could get its eggs, it would be a great fortune. But, don’t underestimate the Chi Lian Heavenly Snake. Although it is only at the Early Divine King Realm, it’s actually the close to Nine Tranquil Snake. It is considered as a half ancient beast. Even a normal Mid Divine King expert might not be able to overcome him.”

Yang Chenyuan said solemnly. With an aura of a leader, of course many people would listen to him.

“Someone is here.”

Yang Chenyuan raised his head up and saw Jiang Chen and two people coming to them.

“Who are you?”

Wang Yun shouted while staring at the newcomers seriously.

“I am Luo Ping from Lower Qian Hua Boundary. We saw something strange here, that is why we come here to see what’s going on.”

Luo Ping said with his fists held together to each other.


Under the crater, a strong sound put the entire volcano crater in tremble.

“It’s because of you! You have awakened the Chi Lian Heavenly Snake. Who cares if you are from Qian Hua or Qian Bei Boundary. Compensate us.”

Wang Yun said with his gritted teeth, looking arrogant.

Jiang Chen and Luo Ping carried a frown on their forehead as this guy put the blame on them. If he did not make a loud shout, they guessed that the Chi Lian Heavenly Snake would not be awakened. He was the one who made the mistake but now he put the blame on them. A man who was full of lies was indeed so wicked. Jiang Chen could not wait to kill him immediately.

“Wang Yun, mind your manner! It’s Qian Hua Boundary who joined the hundred battles. We are all from Long Gu Boundary. We are ready to head for Ling Jue City, I guess the three of you are on the way too.”

Wang Ce said.

“Exactly. It’s our destiny to meet our counterparts. Please forgive us if we have offended you.”

Luo Ping decided to stay lowkey because they were fewer in number. Their arrival indeed made the crater tremble for a while.

Wang Ce waved his hand to signify that it’s fine. They were all very clear that it was caused by Wang Yun’s shout which also scared them.

“Since you are friends from Qian Hua Boundary. It’s fine. We are now chasing the Chi Lian Heavenly Snake. Not sure if you could give us a helping hand?”

Yang Chenyuan said with a soft voice. Since they were three Early Divine King experts, they could create an alliance of ten people to overcome the Chi Lian Heavenly Snake.

Luo Ping glanced at Jiang Chen who remained silent.

“We are rushing to our destination. It’s better not to disturb each other, hope you understand.”

Luo Ping said. What Jiang Chen did was right because they were not sure about these people’s background. They shouldn’t disturb them.

“Thinking about leaving after you scared the Chi Lian Heavenly Snake? Where do you get such a good offer in this world?”

Wang Yun continued to say. This time no one continued to say much. If they have never appeared here, this might not have happened. Even Wang Yun’s brother Wang Ce and Yang Chenyuan agreed with Wang Yun now.

“So what do you want?”

Luo Ping asked.

Jiang Chen’s eyes immediately shone. If he could get the snake gall from the Chi Lian Heavenly Snake, their effort in coming here would not be wasted.

“We can stay and help, but I have a condition.”

Jiang Chen said.

“What’s that? Just tell us.”

Yang Chenyuan said. As long as they had each other’s back, their plan would definitely go well. He was confident.

“After catching the Chi Lian Heavenly Snake, I want the gall.”

Jiang Chen said faintly.

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