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Dragon-Marked War God Chapter 2771

A Legend Forever

A Legend Forever

Translated by Soya

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At that time, many young men showed their great admiration to Jiang Chen while many young women were intrigued by his peerless figure. He had used his own strength to confront those broken souls of Divine Tomb. He had shown an invincible demeanor.

However, Luo Ping was still quite nervous right now because the situation was different from before. Jiang Chen managed to attract the public’s attention that time due to a previous specific situation.

Right now, Jiang Chen’s cultivation realm was not superior to his. He seemed to have just reached Divine King Realm. When he and the elders came to Linhe Boundary to save Jiang Chen in the past, Jiang Chen’s cultivation realm was even weaker. Although he had improved a lot and reached the Divine King Realm, so what?

The two guys in front of him were both at the Mid Divine King Realm. Moreover, they were in other people’s territory now. This was what made things become difficult.

“Jiang Chen always remembers the kindness you showed by saving me.”

Jiang Chen showed a faint smile and looked at Luo Ping. In the Divine Tomb, Jiang Chen only did what he was supposed to do. He never really counted how many lives he had saved because it was just a piece of cake for him that time. When he was in danger, Luo Ping showed him kindness. Jiang Chen was a man who would repay people’s kindness. He would never just stand aside without giving a helping hand as he encountered Luo Ping.

Black Eagle and Fatty showed their fury as this guy did not show any fear or respect at all.

“Newborn calves are not afraid of tigers. Unfortunately, it’s your time to die now.”

Black Eagle said angrily.

“Let me kill two of these brutes first.”

Jiang Chen said.

“Brother Jiang. It’s not that simple. You might not be their match. Leave this place now. I don’t want you to be involved.”

Luo Ping shook his head and said while gritting his teeth tightly.

“It’s okay. They are just two brutes. Two restless brutes. If no one could beat them up and give them a lesson, I am afraid they are going to create more mess. Hahaha.”

Jiang Chen said and laughed out loud. Black Eagle and Fatty were full of fury. They glanced at each other and their killing intent was fully expressed. They crashed towards Jiang Chen immediately.

“Brother Ping, who is he? Can he really save us? His cultivation realm is not so much different from us.”

Luo Ninger looked at Luo Ping anxiously and said with a soft tone.

“Do you remember the day when I angered the elders and headed for Linhe Boundary?”

Luo Ping said.

“Yes? Is it because of him?”

Luo Ninger said, shocked.

“You’re right. He used to rule everything with the Heavenly Lightning in his hand. All of the monstrous geniuses who came from the Immortal World have been respectful to him and worshipped him. We had been in a great life crisis before and he saved us. He has always been a legend in my heart and a legend whom I will respect forever.”

Luo Ping looked at Jiang Chen and murmured. What he said was from the bottom of his heart.

Startled, Luo Ninger just stared at Luo Ping. Brother Ping was seen as the strongest and the most talented cultivator in Qianhua Boundary in these ten thousand years. He was even appreciated by the Sect Lord and was kept as one of his disciples. He was full of talent and potential. However, when he looked at Jiang Chen, Luo Ninger could sense that he was full of admiration and respect towards Jiang Chen.

That green-clothed man, how strong was he? Otherwise, how would he be respected by a genius.

“But I don’t know whether he could withstand their attacks. Since he has the confidence to overcome them, I guess everything will be fine. That time in Divine Tomb, his cultivation realm wasn’t very high too but he still managed to eliminate  many talented experts there.”

Luo Ping was very worried and doubted Jiang Chen’s strength now. Could he overcome the two of them? If the others could not do it, Jiang Chen probably had such capability.

“Ignorant! You’re an idiot. If I devour you, will I become an idiot too?”

Fatty despised Jiang Chen and said dismissively.

“Whether you will be an idiot or not, I am not sure. But I won’t be able to eat you, pig.”

Jiang chen shook his head and said.

“You have a sharp tongue. I think you have overestimated your own capability. Take action now. This would be the last fight in your life. Show me all you got. I really want to see why you are so arrogant. Idiot! Humph.”

Black Eagle snorted coldly and said,

“You don’t even deserve for me to take out my sword.”

Jiang Chen smiled faintly.

Jiang Chen remained relaxed. Fatty and Black Eagle were pissed off. This guy was so arrogant. They had seen many arrogant people before but they never saw an arrogant guy with a weak cultivation realm. Even if he did not die in their hands, he wouldn’t be able to live very long.

“He looks down upon us. Let’s take action, Fatty. I won’t devour him, he is yours.”

Black Eagle said with a sigh. Obviously he was teasing Jiang Chen.

“Alright. Kid, I am going to take you as my appetiser now.”

Fatty soared up and crashed into Jiang Chen with his gigantic body. Jiang Chen remained steady and looked at Fatty calmly. Jiang Chen struck Fatty. Fatty ignored the strike but then he suddenly realised that he was severely injured from that strike. It was too late for him to realise.

“This guy seems strange. Take action now, Black Eagle!”

Fatty roared with a deep voice but his face looked pale. If he did not have terrifying defence, he would have been repulsed badly by Jiang Chen’s strike.

Fei Maoying saw Fatty’s eyes turn cold and serious, he immediately took action instead of watching them.They left no chance for Jiang Chen to counterattack.

However, would Jiang Chen be afraid of them? He just broke through Divine King Realm. With the strength of his body, he could withstand Mid Divine King experts. Why would Jiang Chen be afraid of them? As soon as Jiang Chen launched a palm strike, thunder rolled and wind howled. Both Black Eagle and Fei Zhai were incredibly solemn. In contrast, their strikes did not cause much impact on Jiang Chen as if they were all tickles to him.

“What a sturdy body.”

Luo Ping took a cold breath. Jiang Chen managed to have such a terrifying body despite being at the Early Divine King Realm. Each of his palm strikes was incredibly powerful.

“Our Sect Lord might not even have such a sturdy body, even though the Sect Lord is already at the Late Divine King Ream.”

Luo Ninger was shocked and she found it unbelievable.

“Jiang Chen is still Jiang Chen!”

Luo Ping’s eyes were filled with tears of excitement. Jiang Chen managed to withstand the two Middle Divine King experts with only his body. How strong was he? How could Luo Ping not be excited?

Luo Ping was not any weaker than anyone here and he had gone through a lot of challenges in the journey of cultivating. However, he knew that he would never be able to surpass Jiang Chen.

But he was not fed up. Jiang Chen was his idol. Even though he might not be able to surpass Jiang Chen, he would follow Jiang Chen’s step slowly and that would definitely bring him to greater heights.

When he joined hands many other sect experts headed for Linhe Boundary, Jiang Chen was only still in growth and he was in great danger. However, Luo Ping was once again deeply impressed by Jiang Chen. He was very respectful to Jiang Chen as if he was the peerless Jiang Chen who was in the Divine Tomb.

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